Wednesday, February 22, 2012


There is not much in life we can control.

Like when the Starbucks barista accidentally puts too much peppermint and mocha in my drink, or someone decides to indirectly try to hurt you with something they post on Facebook. We have a choice. We can flip out and demand a 'do over' or we can put on our 'big girl' panties and deal with it.

I am going to worry about me. If someone doesn't like what I post, or write that is THEIR problem. They can voice THEIR opinion. Fine. That is all I am going to say....

In other news, I am now working 56 hours a week to make ends meet. I am lucky that I love my jobs. Both of them.

Thanks to the extra hours, in training, I was able to join a local gym. Super excited!! It has a hot tub and a pool!! I want to do another triathlon this summer but not sure which one. I will have to see what I can afford. The Door County Tri is over $100 to sign up, but the High Cliff Tri is half that but is during a weekend I am supposed to work all weekend. I don't know if I will have enough paid time off by then...

I have a bed. Color me excited! Now, after sleeping on the floor for 4 months, I was a little uncomfortable the first few nights but now I am loving that I don't have to get my butt off the floor in the morning! Makes my 5 am wake ups a little easier to happen.

My oldest, B. , turned 17 recently. We celebrated this past weekend with dinner at Golden Corral. He loves that place... mainly for the carbs. Pizza, French Fries and mac-n-cheese.

The middle child, R. , is heading the Washington DC this week with school. I am so jealous. I never got to do anything so fun when I was in school. They will be there 4 days and it is JAM PACKED with tours and food. He will probably suffer some PS3 withdrawl, hopefully the ipod will maintain his electronic fix.

Z., loves to come visit on the weekends, but now I will be working a 3 weekend rotation and only be off every 3rd Saturday and Sunday. Otherwise I will be working 12 hour shifts.

Doesn't leave much free time on the days that I work. I am trying to work 12 hour shifts at both jobs so I can have 2 days off at various points each week. This week I am off Thursday and Monday. Then I work for a week straight. Luckily the days fly by and no time to spend money!

I am trying to walk on the days I don't run, bike or swim. It seems when I train, I eat more... defeating the purpose of the exercises. I justify my chocolate and peanut butter ice cream cone by the fact I had just ran a few miles. I have a harder time justifying the walking. Plus walking burns more fat. Any yes, I have plenty of it left. I am still boardline 'overweight' according to the BMI calculators. Grrrr.

I am going to control what I can... I am what I am love me or hate me...


Angie said...

Chin up!


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