Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Long time, Long Write! (Sorry!)

Soooo, I am 'training' for this upcoming olympic distance triathlon. It is ONLY one quarter of what the Ironman race is.
1/2 mile swim (Ironman is 2.4 mile swim) ok, so LESS THAN an Ironman...
28mile bike (Ironman is 112 mile bike) did I mention how hilly my course is???
6.2 mile run (Ironman is 26.2 mile run) ok, so Less than on the run too...

But, I am torn in about 5 different directions.
  • Mommy time
  • Kids
  • Housework
  • Computer/Email/Blog/Facebook
  • Work
MOMMY TIME: I have been in a book study. I have to read one chapter a week... um, I have had 6 days and I still have not done this weeks chapter. I haveALSO started to read the Bible. Once you get past the lineage, it is actually really interesting. I figure the Good Lord is giving me 24 hrs in the day I should give him one (ish) and even that is getting tough. One hour. I do not know how people with kids, full time jobs, and all the other responsibilities do it. It has got to be like 2 full time jobs doing all the training FOR A RACE THAT IS A QUARTER OF A IRON MAN PEOPLE!!!
How come it took me 9 hrs to drive 2 hrs on Sunday to ride my bike for 2 hrs and run for 20 minutes. Wow!
KIDS: 2 kids in woodworking 4 days a week, one in 1st grade readiness 4 x week, 2 x of soccer, 1 x cello practice... THEN try to instill values and morals while they whine about cleaning up the pigsty of a house we live in during the summer months. Which leads us to....
HOUSEWORK: I have created a list in the house, posted in various locations, called the 'Bored List'. If a child comes to me telling me how BORED he is I direct his attention to the list filled with all kinds of helpful suggestions for them... Some how they don't appreciate it much, but they do not ever tell me how bored the are... ~ : )
COMPUTER: Ok, so I am becoming a slacker in the computer dept. I may or may not reply quickly to email if at all... I have little to NO TIME. I do make time for one person and she is my far away Triathlon friend who is do the Oly with me, so we train together. Not to mention makes my cheeks hurt from laughing so much.
WORK: I need money. I must work. I do try to pick up extra hours where I can. Really. 35 (lately) hours at one job 8 hrs every other week at the other is enough. I am TRYING TO WEIGHT TRAIN 2 x week, plus a boot camp every Friday. Well I managed the Boot Camp but getting to the gym was a challange, it is getting better.

Sadly, I must have lost some muscle that I earned when I did the half mari in May. I went for a run that was supposed to be 70 minutes and ended up being a run/walk that went on for 85 minutes!!! Needless to say I was late for my job at the Y on Saturday, and hobbled around til Sunday night. (OK, so the 2 hr HILLS FROM HELL did not help it, BUT they did not hurt it either). It actually felt good. Just as we finished the ride a guy came up from behind us and we chatted for a bit. He lost 180 lbs in the last 2 years!!! YES AN ENTIRE PERSON. All by diet and exercise alone. No surgery, No pills, JUST suckie painful diet and exercise. WOW! Any hoo, he will be doing this Oly distance tri for his FIRST EVER triathlon. How cool is that!!

Just last week, I was biking out by High Cliff and another guy came up from behind me and wanted to talk because he saw my jersey! (Fox Tri Club) He joined me at mile 9 or so and stayed with me til High Cliff. It helped my time FLY!

Ok times up!!! Hopefully I will have time to tell ya about our fun trip to WisconsinDells this weekend! Yes, I am bringing my bike and planning to run and bike while on vacation!!! How sad is that!!
: )