Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blog more later.

I just wanted to quick post SOMEThING! I know it has been a while, I have been busy getting my house 'ready to sell' but there is so much to tell and do! I will hopefully today.

Monday, August 22, 2005

All of this for only $124,900!

We met with a couple of realtors today who told us various things. One of them said that she suggested that we ask $124,900 for our house. YEEEE HAAAHHH! Our work has paid off! We didn't even finish the basement yet or the kitchen countertop. I must say I absolutely love my kitchen now. I wish I would have done this years ago.
One of the realtors said that we need to sell before the big 'September Rush'. My opinion, it is a bunch of hogwash. September???? I don't believe that one bit. She also told us not to carpet the steps or replace the countertops. Hog wash. I think she was just looking for something to sell. We did meet with a very nice one also today. She suggested the price. Her company also had some great Ideas for marketing and a cash purchase option if it does not sell in 120 days.

We are now going to be very busy house cleaning and emptying. They both told us the more we get out of here the better. I will most likely be shipping some stuff to Goodwill or My mom's basement. We will be putting on the market October 1st.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Your Pie was Zebbed.

I finally got some time to post something! Tonight after I left work, I took apart the railing on the top portion of our front porch trim and went over to my parents house to cut some parts I will need to put it together. When my parents read this they will realize why there pie has some prints in it. It was Zebbed.

Just like my wall in the kitchen with the neat drawing in permenant black marker of what the older boys call an angel flying. He even felt the need to draw on my cabinets. Luckily I knew a trick to get it off of those right away. So that too was my other assignment this evening. I primed the wall that I just painted 3 weeks ago so I can repaint my wall again tomorrow.

Just as I was trying to quickly mop the kitchen floor tonight he was loading up my washing machine and putting biz bleach in the fabric softner part. Brock came and told me about that and after I told him that was naughty he went up stairs and left a nice puddle with the mop I was using, after he tried to help with that. I know he was just trying to help me, but I wish he wouldn't try so hard.

Yes I just love the two year old stage.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Let's get outta Here!

I just put new hardware on the kitchen cabinets and better locks on the front and side doors, to keep Zeb in. Today I am going to organize the freezer room. I bought 4 HUGE totes to hide and organize our stuff in there. We are kind of hoping maybe to be out by Christmas. It is sooner then we had been hoping but we need a more kid friendly neighborhood. On our block alone we get along very well with one neighbor. An older couple that had 3 boys of their own. Three that we don't talk to except "Hi'. And now 2 that we dont even say that to. I am not going to say anything more or I will just get worked up.
These are some of the things we are going to do before we sell...
1. Paint/ touch up some areas
2. Add moldings in the Kitchen
3. Finish off the front of the Tub in the upstairs Bathroom.
4. Carpet the stairs and hallway upstairs.
5. Install new windows in the basement.
6. Install false ceiling in the toy room in the basement.
7. Finish moldings in the Basement.

I did want to install a microwave above the stove in the kitchen but have scrapped that idea since I just want to get out as soon as possible.
Well, Breaks over I must get back to work.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Beware of Cooking Spray

2 year olds and cooking spray is never a good thing. I was in the kitchen tonight with Brock helping him with Broiled Italian Meatballs, when I could hear a spraying sound in the dining room. I yelled 'Zeb?' and it stopped I ran one way and the footprints the other, when I finally got close to him I slipped on the new non stick surface called our floor and missed him.
Needless to say he is enjoying the 4 walls of his room. So I could try to wipe the cooking spray off my dining room chairs and floor.

Friday, August 05, 2005

REAL Punishment

ATTENTION ALL BLOG READERS, WHEN IT COMES TO PUNISHMENT, REECE IS YOUR MAN. Today Reece 'stole shotgun' from Bock. Brock clearly was the winner but while we drove I noticed they had somehow switched places. When I asked about it Brock said "Reece 'stole' the front seat from me." I told Reece he should never be complaining about how he 'NEVER' gets the front seat since I see him in the front seat more often then not.
Just before we got home I noticed a bag of some garbage on the floor by the front seat that my adorable spouse can't seem to remember to remove EVER. I told Reece since he got the front seat then he needs to remove the garbage when exiting the vehicle, to which he responed "Mom, that isn't a real punishment."
I told him the next time I need to punish him I will ask him for the proper punishment before I do it.
In other news, I was suppose to go to a wedding reception this weekend but Duner wanted to spend time up at the cabin, we are heading up there with the kids and puppies for one night. It will be interesting. I don't know how this is going to work, but we are leaving bright and early tomorrow.
Also in more wonderful news, Zeb has either a semi confirmed case of Chicken Pox or Herpes. ??? He has had the 'Chicken Pox Shot' when he was one. But now he has an an interesting arrangement of red blisters under his arm and chest. I had brought him to the clinic I work at and the Dr, who is the one to see for unexplained rashes, was slightly stumped. She said it is extremely rare to get whatever Zeb has and she has only seen one other case of it in seven years. Hmmm. Leave it to Zeb.
I must go and get things ready.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Before and After...

Ok now we refinished our wood floors back in April, but I just now realized how bad they were before. I think we have to have a house party to show off how nice they are now, compared to before. Holy Cow! Ya know, actually the photo of the new floor would be a very cool photo for the background of your computer. ; ] Feel free to use.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Woo Hoo, They can swim!!

Today Duner went for a Boat ride with Reece and Cody. (his nephew) While Brock, Zeb and the puppies went to the Vet. It was their first visit to the vet. They are now 15 and 17 lbs. I bet you can tell who is the 17 pounder if you saw them. They were given pretty much a clean bill of health. They do have some round worms that we were given medicine for. But a lot of puppies get them they said, so it is nothing serious. We have to bring them back in 2 wks for a booster shot for the Lyme's vacinnation that we got them. We also have to come back in 40 days for another ck up and to make sure the worms are gone.

After that we met Duner and the Boys at the pier to join the ride. When we got there he was so mad at the Boat he and the boys were done. They had gotten it running, but it took forever!!! Duner said we'll give it one more try on Saturday, and if it still is acting up, he wants to go back to the place we got it from and either get a new boat or motor. He is also wondering if he has to do it differently when he starts the boat. We will figure it out on Saturday.

Duner decided to take the boat up to the cabin, and let the boys go swimming at slippery Rock. While we were there we coaxed the puppies into the water, Thunder was more willing then Lightning. Thunder's first trip in the water was by the top of slippery rock, it was a little slippery and it has a nice current, so he learned real quick not to keep his nose in the water. That seem to scare him for a little bit, then we went to the bottom of the rock where the water is about calf high for us. He didn't mind that one bit, but Lightning didn't have the courage to just jump on in. After putting Lightning in the water we walked down with them to where it gets a little bit deeper. Thunder took off toward Duner when he called him and soon after Lightning just had to go follow his brother. They were doing very well. They got tired out pretty quick, but they had a very busy day.