Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Next Year

So, I have been planning, wait, I should say WE (as a family) have been trying to plan out our travel plans for next year.
I would love to do at least two far away races. Namely, High Cliff sprint Tri (cheap entry fees this year YAY!) and Outer Banks, North Carolina Flying Pirate Half Marathon in April, but ...

I played with the idea last year of running a FULL marathon.
It is an extremely intimidating thought for me. The last time I ran a half I had a side ache that would not quit for the last mile. Is it possible to finish double that? For me? Do I have the energy or time to train? Urgh, all those miles...Sigh.

I have to try right? I will need new shoes. Nice and big ones. They say your feet swell up. So my big feet will get really big. I am going to need to research nutrition and training.
A neighbor, J, is going to be doing her first full marathon, appropriately for the 'flying pig' in Cincinnati. I want to help a local friend here, A, finish the flying pig half for that one, so I want to get my FULL in before that, which is May 1.

The kids have spring break April 9 to 17 this year, so maybe we could work it in on vacation. I would like somewhere FLAT and warm. : ) I would like to be able to drive there, Duner wants to fly, but we still have to pick a race/place and Duner doesn't want to do Florida...

So our travel breakdown MAYbe... (okay, okay... so much of it revolves around races)...
January 1.... Louisville Hangover Classic (10 mile run)
Feb. or March.... Sister's Baby Shower Wisconsin
April ... Outer Banks Flying Pirate Half Marathon or maybe a FULL somewhere?
May 1 .... Flying Pig half Marathon, Cincinnati OH
May (sometime)... my sisters wedding Wisconsin
May 28 ... Coney Island Cincinnati, Tri for Joe
June 18... High Cliff Triathlon. Wisconsin
July 17.. Fit To Fight Tri in Mason,OH
August 13.... Cincinnati Mudathon!!! (Duner wants to do this one too!)
November.... Thanks/mas or Chris/giving... since we won't be home for Christmas in 2011 we are planning to stay from opening of gun season thru Thanksgiving and create Christgiving. (combine Christmas and Thanksgiving). Maybe the Turkey Trot, if I can stand the temps. lol.

I would like to do some more for fall, but maybe just some local 5k or 10k's with the family... We will see.