Saturday, November 25, 2006

Friends and Family

The best week of the year came so slow and went so fast!

I had to send along deli turkey and buns for the Thanksgiving feast at Zeb's School. I had also volunteered to host thanksgiving this year at my house. I bought the unlucky bird Monday and began to thaw out per directions in the fridge. We decided to add some ham to the menu as well. Which was a hit so I am glad we did. Tuesday was filled with appt after appt for some reason, so I was glad when Reece's Boy Scouts ended up getting cancelled.

I had to work only one day this week. Wednesday was it. Yippppeee! That day couldn't go by fast enough. The last 5 minutes my co-workers and I sat and literally counted the minutes. After work I came home and made sure the turkey was defrosting. I ended up throwing it in water just to on the safe side.

I woke up on Thanksgiving morning to Zeb at my bedside, quiet except for the swallowing noise he was making. I quickly hopped up and than the heaves started. I grabbed my garbage can, the closest thing to me and held it up the his throat. After some spitting he said he was ok.

Ok Great, I am supposed to have 5 other people here, make dinner and help a sick child? Yikes!

I quickly when in to rush mode. I made sure Zeb was comfy and thought immediately of my sister, who commonly would fall ill on a hoilday. I then figured I better call my mom and give her an update if to let her know the new saga. I was perfectly fine with throwing it in high gear and having it, but I didn't know how others would feel. She said they didn't mind and he actually seemed to perk up. I found myself having to almost disipline Dad and Zeb for running around chasing each other before the people got there.

After the meal it was on the the planning for our trip. See sisters great blog for that story here...

When she headed off for home, I wasn't as tired as I thought I would be. I lost Reece to a friends house, Brock too. Zeb went hunting with Duner and I was by myself. I quickly ran downstairs, found the toys that I had hid and wrapped them. Yipppeee! Done with that! I then changed the 'theme' of the front of the house to Christmas, and put away some of the thanksgiving/fall decor.

Reece came home about 5 and asked if he could have a friend sleep over. I said sure. He is a adorable quiet little kid. He has the cutest dimples and from what Brock tells me his sister is pretty cute too. (I think that is why he went over there)

We got 3 movies last night.
You, Me and Dupree was very cute.
Monster House, the boys loved it! Zeb got scared, it was so cute. He was hiding in various places. At one point he stood in front of the TV almost paralyzed and said "Scared!", then managed to dart off to his bedroom.
I also rented Match point, I didn't like this. I should know better. I didn't realize it but it was a woody allen film. I have not ever seen one of them I like. They are boring.

Well I had to finish You, Me and Dupree this am since I fell asleep last night, I was more tired then I realized since waking up at 3am for the shopping.

This am I woke up to Reece telling me his friend David had just vomited. Bummer. It was 7.30am. I was still tired, since the kids were still up late and I could here them playing around, once I went to bed. So I called his mom and she picked him up.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

All about me and Zebbie...

I am a widow this weekend. A hunters widow.
My oldest 2 kids and husband are up at the cabin, enjoying the cold, fending for themselves, badly misbehaving... I am sure. I am glad I am not there. I dropped off Brock today, while I was there I was enjoying the mess and thinking... I am so glad I don't have to pick that up! I really had to fight off the urge to put a paper plate in the garbage. I even caught myself telling the kids to pick up a bowl, that was probably not theirs! Old habits die hard.

Brock baby sat last night for me so I could go for a night out with the girls. Julie and Ang, to be exact. I RARELY get to do this, even though if you ask my mother, I shouldn't have any fun in my life. The mention of me going out with the girls ALWAYS brings a sour look to her face and she becomes quiet and short. I really don't remember the last time I went out with my friends, it was that long ago. They are a riot. They have great comebacks for any one that might approach us. I do not do well, but Julie is always there to save me. I just am so afraid to say the wrong thing, but not Julie, she is such a good friend. Her sister too! She works at the last beverage stand we stopped at. By then it was very late and the Losers were looser than ever. One gentleman came up to me and said "I had been fantizing about you all night". Hmmmm... If I would have been thinking I would have said "Gee, since I don't know you and just walked in the door 5 minutes ago I find that hard to believe, so get lost." But all I had to do was give Julie this Yikes look and she was right there with a comment for him. Apparently it didn't phase him because he then said the exact same thing to her.... We decided to find a different place to sit and he followed us and then Julies sister said " Please leave my friends alone, Sir!' Yeahh!! It is good to know the help, not to mention some free food and beverages...

I heard all about the great deals you can get shopping so I decided to scoop it out. There was some nice clearence stuff I found. Zebbie was bribed into leaving the cabin with me so I had to buy him something. He chose another lighting Mcqueen car. Go figure. I probably spent 15 extra minutes in the store since every time he saw a 'CARS' item he absolutely wanted it. Even if it was a night light. He even said "I will get that if I lose my cars blanket, Mom' as he pointed to a sleeping bag/pillow combo they have out now. No Isle is safe from that stuff! Even clothes, food and toiletries~! I kept picking the WRONG isle. Grrr.
Zeb is watching Nascar racing on TV right now and is saying 'Go Lighting Mcqueen Go!' How cute!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And the First Quarter ends..

The Report Cards are OUT! Brock's came in the mail yesterday and Reece's came via backpack today. This is what they were...
Brocks Grade Report (GPA 3.556)
Reading 6 [Denis] Quarter Grades A-
Written Language 6 [Denis] Quarter Grades B+
Math 6b [George] Quarter Grades B
Social Studies 6 [Thiel] Quarter Grades B
Science 6 [Thiel] Quarter Grades B
Phy Ed 6 [Clark] Quarter Grades A
Choir 6th [Bauer] Quarter Grades A+
Exploring Technology 6 [Lemmers] Quarter Grades A
Computer 6 [Albers] Quarter Grades A
I would have NOT thought this was possible. The way things were going in Jefferson I would have thought them to be C's, maybe some B's. But WOW!
Reece is not doing to bad either, averaged 85 %... He is in a different school they don't do A's and B's, but check marks and scores on activites. I like his report cards this year as opposed to Appleton Schools. It is much easier to read. For the most part he is doing quite well, get a little distracted, but no suprise there. He has begun to make more friends at school. He made friends with some kids and plays football at Recess. He made 2 touch downs today and was very excited about it. Came home and told me right away.. He was hoping to play with one right after school today but we had an appt for Brock to get looked at by an Orthodontist. Brock may need braces, he has a small mouth and a lot of teeth. I am familar with that problem. He was amazed at how old he was. His mouth is quite advanced for his age.??? Maybe it goes along with the 'born before due date (by 4 wks), and taller than average. His Dr said if he continues he will be taller than Duner (he is 6 ft). Duner has a younger brother that is 6'1". I have to discuss it with Duner and see what we want to do. If we proceed we will have to get impressions made and xrays taken then sit down and discuss it with the MD. That is a lot of money and we have 2 other kids that may need them also. We shall see...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Career Abitions...

Brock spent all day Saturday at the Red Cross going thru Baby sitting training.
He was supposed to bring a lunch, so I had him pack one Friday night before bed. He didn't want to since he wouldn't know what he would be hungry for... I laughed. Brock not hungry? Is that possible. I think not! I told him just make a sandwhich because by the time lunch comes on Saturday he would gladly eat cardboard if that is what they offered him. He also grabbed a granola bar, goldfish crackers and a soda. The entire walk into the building was filled with Brock telling me how he was going to blame me if anyone asked why he had a lunch. Paranoid?
He was terrified when we got there. I was introducing him to his teacher and as I turned to look at him I couldn't find him. He was hiding behind me! I asked his teacher, who was VERY welcoming and happy, where we can put his lunch and she directed us to a table FILLED with other lunches. See lots of others!
About 3:30pm I returned to pick him up and waited in the parking lot til I saw other parents leaving with their kids. I didn't want to get out of my warm car til I had to.
When I walked in Brock was trying to call my cell. He couldn't wait to ask if I could buy him a first aid kid and bag for $15! I luckily left my purse in the car. "It can fit my new book' he said.
As we proceeded home he told me that since I was family I got a discount of .50 cents. He would normally charge 1.00 but since I was Mom he would only charge half that.
He is already asking my if I have to leave to do anything... We ran out of paper towel to today he told me and immediately followed that with I will watch Reece and Zeb!

Sometimes you have to think out of the box...

I was frustrated by the lack of inexpensive curtain valances at Target the other day while shopping.
I had a dollar amount in mind but I was definitly not going to spend 20 bucks for 'show'. I can't believe what they get these days for them! I thought 'What else can I use for a quick fix?'. I didn't have much time to throw something together so I came up with this...
SEW Simple!!
I can't say enough about how important it is to buy ANY cheap fabric that you like! Even if you don't have impending plans for it! I picked up this cafe' material for our last house, but never made anything with it. I just love how it turned out for our dining room! It even compliments nicely to the existing shades in the living room!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Only How many days til Christmas???

Today the local ads for best Buy, Target, Shopko and Circuit City were all about the pending release of the movie Cars. I have a 4 yr old that sqeals with delight everytime the commercials came on TV recently. He absolutely LOVES that movie. We go to stores and have to stop at each end cap that had Lighting McQueen (Red race car) or Tater (tow truck) or any other Cars character on it. His favorite by far is Lighting Mc Queen. He has a raceway, pillow case and blanket so far. This christmas he will be easy to buy for. He wants the movie, video game, soundtrack, and animated car. This week might be a good week to buy the movie at Best Buy it is only 14.99, and the PS2 game is onl 19.99 (normally) 39.99! The soundtrack just about everywhere was 9.99. Zeb once heard a song from the movie and I had to wait to turn off the radio until the song was done.

Reece is a Legoholic. He loves Legos and cars. He just loves to build 'space themed' vehicles. He can really be creative with his legos. They have gotten some of the Magnetix, he likes them but not as much as the Legs.
This weekend they have created a gravitational race track, similar to the one used at Boy Scouts Box Car Derby.

Brock will be getting things for hunting this year, he is very ho hum about what he wants. When Reece mentions something he says "oh yeah, I want that too!"

Of course, they will be getting smaller gifts this year due to the Pool table and air hockey tables that they are getting from us.