Monday, May 31, 2010

Unexpected Weekend get-a-way!

So, I am at work on Friday. A co-worker pulled out the calendar and says to me, "So, you have off on Monday.' What? Really?? Color me surprised!! Duner wanted to head home to Wisconsin for the weekend and, now we were both off!

We quickly made some sandwiches for supper and packed a cooler to eat as we drove. We headed out about 6pm. We thought with the 'holiday' weekend traffic would be bad. We were pleasantly surprised. We have learned a few tricks, such as avoiding 'downtown Chicago' with Interstate 294 and going around the big city. We didn't have a lot of CASH on hand since we sort of decided this at the last minute, so we had almost enough money for tolls but found out on our last toll, that they do not accept debit cards. 'WHAT??' So the poor people behind us had to wait while she wrote down out license plate number and gave us a bill for $1.50 with a warning to pay our bill in seven days!!! Yikes.
Note to self: purchase an IPASS for tollways.

Ok, so we arrived and checked into our hotel by 2am and drifted off to sleep. We played the weekend by ear, as soon as I learned we were going to Wisconsin I made an appointment to have my eyes checked (cuz I needed some contacts and haven't found a new eye doctor yet). We have a great eye doc. He worked my oldest boys in behind my visit and gave us a discount. I will miss him. We headed to my parents for lunch, Duner's family for the rest of the day in their campsites. Sunday the boys got to play with there friends from Wisconsin and we visited with some old neighbors and friends. Thanks Sarah (and girls), Andrea, Aaron and Kim, Tammy (and family), Alan and Jaynie, Sandi (and boys) for letting us drop in somewhat unannounced! I am sorry for any family and friends we missed out on seeing this weekend, time goes so fast sometimes!

Today we are hitting the pool at the hotel with the boys and their friends before we drop them off and head home to Kentucky. The boys have 1.5 days left of school then they are off til August 17th, when school begins again... They would have gotten out of school earlier this year but Kentucky had so many snow days it extended the year.

I have a busy week ahead of me. My first Arbonne party in Kentucky, working extra at RC Durr YMCA and starting a new Job on Friday. I will be working part-time for Convergy's/Eye Med, answering members questions about deductibles, coverages for their insurance. After the training period, I will be able to work from home. That is what I really like about that. Plus I can get benefits and vacation time!

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our new healthy life!

I feel like a broken record, but I can not get over how great the weather is down here. It may be only 10 to 20 degrees warmer than Wisconsin, but it really makes the difference.

We have started to walk 3 miles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday's. It has been great. If I am not wanting to walk Duner talks me into it, we try to get the kids to join us, sometimes they walk, but sometimes they bike. Due to the hills Zeb complains easily the most. His little legs just can't do those hills. Even with the bike. We have a special route that we do each time.

Now, we live almost directly behind the Florence Mall. Sort of, like Fox River Mall. Just more hills and woods in the area. In fact, we commonly see deer behind Old Navy. It is very common to see opossum's, turtle's, racoon's, geese (they love the parking lot at the mall), bunnies , and deer. All in our 3 mile loop around our apartment. In fact, we came upon some baby bunnies that we were keeping tabs on until Friday. We could no longer find them. They had a run in with a lawn mower and one was killed, but the rest moved to a culvert and hid, some time, last week.

We have enjoyed so much more time as a family, without any electronics (!) here. I love our walks. I am secretly trying to get some runners in my family. I love to run up the hills and then walk down. (We'll see how long I can keep this up before they catch on, ha. ha.)
We also recently watched some great movies that have opened our eyes on some things that we eat without thinking, that REALLY are not good for us at all. Food Inc. was one and Super Size Me was the other one. We decided to check out our local farmer's market's and watch where we grab our fast food from.
Since we sold our microwave in our last home and don't have a built in here in our apartment, we only have a stove that has 3 burners that work decent and a fridge that can not keep keep celery fresh more than 3 days... we might as well just leave it on the counter top. But I have started to go to the grocery store daily to buy fresh veggies and ingredients that we will use for lunch or supper. I love it. It helps that we live so close to a grocery store so I do not go out of my way. Plus, I don't stock up on 'snacks'. Not sure why, but when I go to the store daily it is easier for me to stay away from the chips.
What ever it is, I hope it continues...
On another note.... we have a foundation now for our home! They poured the cement foundation on Friday, they will pour the basement and soon we should have walls!! Yee Haw! I tried to talk the family into walking from our NEW homesite to Dairy Queen for a treat (2.3 miles one way) but I failed. That will change by the time we move in!! Heck, I'll have them running for it! lol. Have a great week!