Wednesday, December 20, 2006

All about Brock

Tuesday night was Brock's Holiday Concert. How Fun!
I loved my concerts that we did in High School, so I was really hoping this would be similar.
I had Reece do the camera 'thing' with out video camera. He couldn't wait for it to start.
We had to drop Brock off 30 minutes early and boy am I glad we did. It was a PACKED HOUSE! People were standing up and filled the balcony.
The teacher had asked that all boys wear a nice shirt and tie, dress pants and quiet shoes. Brock is about a 9 (almost) so I figured that Duners size 10.5 would be ok. They looked a little big but they matched his never ending legs. Black pants really add to the length of his legs.
Anyway, The 6th grade class sang 3 songs. The first was a cute song about having a snow day from school. The second song was a bunch of NOELS, I can't really remember it, but the third song was the best. It was The 12 days of Christmas. VERY FUNNY! They had 12 kids act out each 'gift' and my personal favorites was the Partridge in a pear tree and the 6 geese a laying. I wish I could post the video online, but I don't have that much talent. The boys they chose to do that were perfect.
That was Tuesday.
Today he broke down under the stress of a bunch of homework. He is strugling to keep his head above water. (With Grades) He is falling behind in computers and Science. He loved science. I am baffled. I asked him what he thinks his punishment should be but he didn't know. I told him he has til tomorrow.
We will see.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Busy Weekend.

Reece had a Basketball camp today. It was at the local High School. I was worried I was going to have a flashback of the last time he did a indoor sporting activity.

It was almost 2 years ago, when Reece tried indoor soccer. I don't know if tried is the right word.
He really like soccer but never did any part of the soccer, indoors. He went to the first day and panicked. He felt like he had a spotlight on him. (when there was ALOT of other kids there) I paid a lot of money for him to do this. I made him show up 3 or 4 times but I got sick of the tears and begging not to go, so I stopped. I did ground him til it was done, just to show him you finish what you start.

But Saturday was different. He panicked on the ride there, but did fine when we got there. He kept saying if I see.... or .... I am not going to do it. Why I don't know, but we got there early and he saw what the other kids (the 1st and 2nd graders) were doing and felt a little better.

I tried to hide so he wouldn't have me to look for in desparation. I hid behind other parents and he hardly noticed me.
He actually did pretty well.

Over heard...

Zeb (age 4) says to Brock(age 11) ....
" Brock! Dont take that. It's Mine. Its Dangerous!"

he he he...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sooo SICK!

Zeb had been coughing all week. It started wish a random cough here or there.
St Nick came early, while the kids were in school, since he had a lot of other places to be. Brock got the new Pirates of the Carribean, PJ's and magnetix, Reece got Jurrasic Park Operation Genesis, pj's and magnetix, and Zebbie got Cars for PS2, pj's, Cars slipper socks, and magnetix. He LOVED his game. He was so excited he played on it for 2 hrs straight. He wanted to get his time in before Reece would want to play his game. He was so happy when Reece had to go to school, so he would get his time in on the PS2 with his game. Normally he is happy to be with Brock and Reece but this week he was happy to be alone.
Then Thursday, he started to cuddle and want to lay down. I was trying to get Christmas Cards out and he kept climbing on my lap and laying down. I took his temp but it didn't show anything. I gave him some cough med and he went to sleep. I let him fall asleep with Brock.
Friday morning I had Grandma bring him to the doctor. I didn't want him to go all weekend with it. Not to mention the pneumonia that he had in October/November... so I had him checked out.
Turned out to be a double ear infection with chest congestion.
The doctor said she was surprised he wasn't complaining about his ears, since they looked pretty bad. She didn't feel doing an xry would be worth while at this time since he was going to be on an antibiatic for the ear infection anyway.
So 10 days, 3 times a day we will be giving him the good tasting medicine. He likes it, and that makes it easy to take. The last time he was on that med, he was reminding me when he needs to take his med.
I was glad we brought him in cause after the appt he rested ALOT, and his eyes were so puffy even if he smiled at you it looked like he was still sleeping.
Such a trooper...
I wish the kids in school, wouldn't share so much. He has never been so sick!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Birthday Boy!!

Yesterday was Reece's 9th Birthday.
He was so excited he had been jumping around all week anouncing it to anyone that would listen. He was so happy on Friday he got up with NO PROBLEM! If fact he was up before me! I waited til Duner got home from work and we opened the presents from Aunt Sara and us.
The first one he opened was Auntie Sara Guitar. As soon as he pulled it from the bag I had them in Duner says "Hey Reece, You got a guitar!' (Reece hadn't even opened it yet!) Yes it was a guitar. I had to hit Duner.

Next he open the Robosepian that we got him. It was pretty neat. I thought about not getting it. I was a little worried about it after I bought it I saw these Roboraptors flying off the shelves at Linens-n-Things. But they were half off so I can see why.

The final present of the morning was a Pokeman video for Gameboy. He liked that too. He wasn't able to play with the Robot since I had no batteries for it in advance. I will have to stock up prior to christmas to make sure I am ready that day.

After School, The boys called Grandma to bring batteries over so they could play with the toy. I told the boys to pick up the house a little since Reece was having a friend sleep over. His best bud, Jacob came over with a great gift card for Game Stop. I have seen the store but I think I have only been in there once or twice. Reece will love it! I have to wait til after St Nick comes, since they are getting some more PS2 games from him.
Grandma and Grandpa brought over Zebbie and the batteries, along with his Mega Blocks Jeff Gordon Nascar. He tried to put it together last night while Jacob and Brock played some games downstairs, but got frustrated when some pieces weren't working together. He gets so worked up when something doesn't go right. He sometimes needs to take 5 and come back later.

We had spaghetti for Supper and German chocolate cake for Dessert.
The desert didn't make it though the night. I knew it wouldn't. I saw the empty plate in the sink this am.

I think he had a Happy Birthday....

Doctor Time

So We start off the week by going to the doctor for Dad. He had some dizzy spells that we wanted to make sure were nothing since his mom had a HUGE brain tumor and didn't know it for a long time. Dr Elmer, I just love, was very common person speaking. It is nice to understand some doctors. I work with a Dr that is very similar.

He came in apologizing for being late. (At that time he was 15 minutes late only) Apparently he had 2 people run in with Chest pain. They must have been on special that day.
The doctor asked him about his diet and Duner told him about how much soda he drinks. The Dr. tried to tell Duner that 1) the Caffiene is bad for you, he can drink 4 cans of pepsi in a day easy. 2) If he continues drinking that much soda he should switch to the diet kind before his pancrease goes bad from too much sugar input. I didn't realize the second one that is a good point. I had been randomly buying caffeine free pepsi for a while now. When I was in WW they drilled us about how for every 1 can of caffeine you need double the amount of water to replace the fluid lost from dehydration from caffeine. I don't know if it is really that bad, but I do know the more water you drink (and the less caffeine) the easier it is to drop weight.
I had to chuckle when they weighed Duner he was 10 lbs heavier then last time he was on the scale. (with steel toed shoes) But I am sure he will lose that weight again. He has done it before.

Well, He did a CT scan, just to be safe, it was scheduled for the very next day. We spent more time waiting in line to check in then we did getting the actual test done! After we get to the counter she said "ok have a seat". We waited 10 minutes, another lady calls us up to verify everything, address, phone, insurance... and gives us a buzzer thing that we are to put in a basket when it goes off and take an elevator to the 'radiology dept' on the second floor. We go to the elevator, follow the yellow arrows on the ground and are met by a woman that says "Randy?" and takes Duner away. Zebbie and I sit waiting again in the waiting room. Luckily an episode of Little house on the Prarie was on. Zeb was tired and laid down with his head on my lap.
I waited for another 10 minutes and he was done that quick.

We found out what we didn't know already... He is normal. Who would have thought that? : }
But that is a good thing.

O Christmas Tree...

We picked up our Christmas Tree on Saturday last week at one of those cut your own places. We had always talked about doing that but never did. It was fun. I think next year we will go to one that has the sleigh/horse ride and hot cocoa, to really make it something special. The boys liked picking out their tree.
The boys begged me to let the put some lights on the tree Sunday. We were not sure since our Xmas tree stand is on it last leg. We will be grabbing on off clearence this year or early next year. I let them get out the decorations and start loading the tree. Reece was doing a pretty good job. Then it was Brocks turn. He had a hard time doing it. I think he just wanted it to be done. Reece ended up taking over and got a bit lazy and we had what looked like it as a tree made from lights. All of the lights were resting on top of the branch and they were sagging down. Patches of the tree were neon and some pitch black. I ended up trying to fix the tree but just had to start all over. I was not wanting to do that since I had lifted weights that am and my arms were tired.
After I had the lights on I let the kids place all the ornaments. The loved it. I dug out the video camera and dusted it off (it hadn't been used in about 2 years.) I put it on the charger and recorded the kids a bit but they were more interested in being silly on camera, so I taught them how to use it and they went nuts. They had fun wrestling with Zeb and recording each other.

Since we had such an unfamiliar Christmas I think they were very happy to get things started so soon. Even if our tree dies before we open our presents.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Friends and Family

The best week of the year came so slow and went so fast!

I had to send along deli turkey and buns for the Thanksgiving feast at Zeb's School. I had also volunteered to host thanksgiving this year at my house. I bought the unlucky bird Monday and began to thaw out per directions in the fridge. We decided to add some ham to the menu as well. Which was a hit so I am glad we did. Tuesday was filled with appt after appt for some reason, so I was glad when Reece's Boy Scouts ended up getting cancelled.

I had to work only one day this week. Wednesday was it. Yippppeee! That day couldn't go by fast enough. The last 5 minutes my co-workers and I sat and literally counted the minutes. After work I came home and made sure the turkey was defrosting. I ended up throwing it in water just to on the safe side.

I woke up on Thanksgiving morning to Zeb at my bedside, quiet except for the swallowing noise he was making. I quickly hopped up and than the heaves started. I grabbed my garbage can, the closest thing to me and held it up the his throat. After some spitting he said he was ok.

Ok Great, I am supposed to have 5 other people here, make dinner and help a sick child? Yikes!

I quickly when in to rush mode. I made sure Zeb was comfy and thought immediately of my sister, who commonly would fall ill on a hoilday. I then figured I better call my mom and give her an update if to let her know the new saga. I was perfectly fine with throwing it in high gear and having it, but I didn't know how others would feel. She said they didn't mind and he actually seemed to perk up. I found myself having to almost disipline Dad and Zeb for running around chasing each other before the people got there.

After the meal it was on the the planning for our trip. See sisters great blog for that story here...

When she headed off for home, I wasn't as tired as I thought I would be. I lost Reece to a friends house, Brock too. Zeb went hunting with Duner and I was by myself. I quickly ran downstairs, found the toys that I had hid and wrapped them. Yipppeee! Done with that! I then changed the 'theme' of the front of the house to Christmas, and put away some of the thanksgiving/fall decor.

Reece came home about 5 and asked if he could have a friend sleep over. I said sure. He is a adorable quiet little kid. He has the cutest dimples and from what Brock tells me his sister is pretty cute too. (I think that is why he went over there)

We got 3 movies last night.
You, Me and Dupree was very cute.
Monster House, the boys loved it! Zeb got scared, it was so cute. He was hiding in various places. At one point he stood in front of the TV almost paralyzed and said "Scared!", then managed to dart off to his bedroom.
I also rented Match point, I didn't like this. I should know better. I didn't realize it but it was a woody allen film. I have not ever seen one of them I like. They are boring.

Well I had to finish You, Me and Dupree this am since I fell asleep last night, I was more tired then I realized since waking up at 3am for the shopping.

This am I woke up to Reece telling me his friend David had just vomited. Bummer. It was 7.30am. I was still tired, since the kids were still up late and I could here them playing around, once I went to bed. So I called his mom and she picked him up.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

All about me and Zebbie...

I am a widow this weekend. A hunters widow.
My oldest 2 kids and husband are up at the cabin, enjoying the cold, fending for themselves, badly misbehaving... I am sure. I am glad I am not there. I dropped off Brock today, while I was there I was enjoying the mess and thinking... I am so glad I don't have to pick that up! I really had to fight off the urge to put a paper plate in the garbage. I even caught myself telling the kids to pick up a bowl, that was probably not theirs! Old habits die hard.

Brock baby sat last night for me so I could go for a night out with the girls. Julie and Ang, to be exact. I RARELY get to do this, even though if you ask my mother, I shouldn't have any fun in my life. The mention of me going out with the girls ALWAYS brings a sour look to her face and she becomes quiet and short. I really don't remember the last time I went out with my friends, it was that long ago. They are a riot. They have great comebacks for any one that might approach us. I do not do well, but Julie is always there to save me. I just am so afraid to say the wrong thing, but not Julie, she is such a good friend. Her sister too! She works at the last beverage stand we stopped at. By then it was very late and the Losers were looser than ever. One gentleman came up to me and said "I had been fantizing about you all night". Hmmmm... If I would have been thinking I would have said "Gee, since I don't know you and just walked in the door 5 minutes ago I find that hard to believe, so get lost." But all I had to do was give Julie this Yikes look and she was right there with a comment for him. Apparently it didn't phase him because he then said the exact same thing to her.... We decided to find a different place to sit and he followed us and then Julies sister said " Please leave my friends alone, Sir!' Yeahh!! It is good to know the help, not to mention some free food and beverages...

I heard all about the great deals you can get shopping so I decided to scoop it out. There was some nice clearence stuff I found. Zebbie was bribed into leaving the cabin with me so I had to buy him something. He chose another lighting Mcqueen car. Go figure. I probably spent 15 extra minutes in the store since every time he saw a 'CARS' item he absolutely wanted it. Even if it was a night light. He even said "I will get that if I lose my cars blanket, Mom' as he pointed to a sleeping bag/pillow combo they have out now. No Isle is safe from that stuff! Even clothes, food and toiletries~! I kept picking the WRONG isle. Grrr.
Zeb is watching Nascar racing on TV right now and is saying 'Go Lighting Mcqueen Go!' How cute!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And the First Quarter ends..

The Report Cards are OUT! Brock's came in the mail yesterday and Reece's came via backpack today. This is what they were...
Brocks Grade Report (GPA 3.556)
Reading 6 [Denis] Quarter Grades A-
Written Language 6 [Denis] Quarter Grades B+
Math 6b [George] Quarter Grades B
Social Studies 6 [Thiel] Quarter Grades B
Science 6 [Thiel] Quarter Grades B
Phy Ed 6 [Clark] Quarter Grades A
Choir 6th [Bauer] Quarter Grades A+
Exploring Technology 6 [Lemmers] Quarter Grades A
Computer 6 [Albers] Quarter Grades A
I would have NOT thought this was possible. The way things were going in Jefferson I would have thought them to be C's, maybe some B's. But WOW!
Reece is not doing to bad either, averaged 85 %... He is in a different school they don't do A's and B's, but check marks and scores on activites. I like his report cards this year as opposed to Appleton Schools. It is much easier to read. For the most part he is doing quite well, get a little distracted, but no suprise there. He has begun to make more friends at school. He made friends with some kids and plays football at Recess. He made 2 touch downs today and was very excited about it. Came home and told me right away.. He was hoping to play with one right after school today but we had an appt for Brock to get looked at by an Orthodontist. Brock may need braces, he has a small mouth and a lot of teeth. I am familar with that problem. He was amazed at how old he was. His mouth is quite advanced for his age.??? Maybe it goes along with the 'born before due date (by 4 wks), and taller than average. His Dr said if he continues he will be taller than Duner (he is 6 ft). Duner has a younger brother that is 6'1". I have to discuss it with Duner and see what we want to do. If we proceed we will have to get impressions made and xrays taken then sit down and discuss it with the MD. That is a lot of money and we have 2 other kids that may need them also. We shall see...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Career Abitions...

Brock spent all day Saturday at the Red Cross going thru Baby sitting training.
He was supposed to bring a lunch, so I had him pack one Friday night before bed. He didn't want to since he wouldn't know what he would be hungry for... I laughed. Brock not hungry? Is that possible. I think not! I told him just make a sandwhich because by the time lunch comes on Saturday he would gladly eat cardboard if that is what they offered him. He also grabbed a granola bar, goldfish crackers and a soda. The entire walk into the building was filled with Brock telling me how he was going to blame me if anyone asked why he had a lunch. Paranoid?
He was terrified when we got there. I was introducing him to his teacher and as I turned to look at him I couldn't find him. He was hiding behind me! I asked his teacher, who was VERY welcoming and happy, where we can put his lunch and she directed us to a table FILLED with other lunches. See lots of others!
About 3:30pm I returned to pick him up and waited in the parking lot til I saw other parents leaving with their kids. I didn't want to get out of my warm car til I had to.
When I walked in Brock was trying to call my cell. He couldn't wait to ask if I could buy him a first aid kid and bag for $15! I luckily left my purse in the car. "It can fit my new book' he said.
As we proceeded home he told me that since I was family I got a discount of .50 cents. He would normally charge 1.00 but since I was Mom he would only charge half that.
He is already asking my if I have to leave to do anything... We ran out of paper towel to today he told me and immediately followed that with I will watch Reece and Zeb!

Sometimes you have to think out of the box...

I was frustrated by the lack of inexpensive curtain valances at Target the other day while shopping.
I had a dollar amount in mind but I was definitly not going to spend 20 bucks for 'show'. I can't believe what they get these days for them! I thought 'What else can I use for a quick fix?'. I didn't have much time to throw something together so I came up with this...
SEW Simple!!
I can't say enough about how important it is to buy ANY cheap fabric that you like! Even if you don't have impending plans for it! I picked up this cafe' material for our last house, but never made anything with it. I just love how it turned out for our dining room! It even compliments nicely to the existing shades in the living room!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Only How many days til Christmas???

Today the local ads for best Buy, Target, Shopko and Circuit City were all about the pending release of the movie Cars. I have a 4 yr old that sqeals with delight everytime the commercials came on TV recently. He absolutely LOVES that movie. We go to stores and have to stop at each end cap that had Lighting McQueen (Red race car) or Tater (tow truck) or any other Cars character on it. His favorite by far is Lighting Mc Queen. He has a raceway, pillow case and blanket so far. This christmas he will be easy to buy for. He wants the movie, video game, soundtrack, and animated car. This week might be a good week to buy the movie at Best Buy it is only 14.99, and the PS2 game is onl 19.99 (normally) 39.99! The soundtrack just about everywhere was 9.99. Zeb once heard a song from the movie and I had to wait to turn off the radio until the song was done.

Reece is a Legoholic. He loves Legos and cars. He just loves to build 'space themed' vehicles. He can really be creative with his legos. They have gotten some of the Magnetix, he likes them but not as much as the Legs.
This weekend they have created a gravitational race track, similar to the one used at Boy Scouts Box Car Derby.

Brock will be getting things for hunting this year, he is very ho hum about what he wants. When Reece mentions something he says "oh yeah, I want that too!"

Of course, they will be getting smaller gifts this year due to the Pool table and air hockey tables that they are getting from us.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!

Brock in Costume... Big Mouth.

Reece in Costume... a pirate

The Zebbster... Lighting Mc Queen's pit crew.

The Family portrait.

Maybe I will type more after we thaw out.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Thank you George and Erla!

There is really only two things I miss about the old house we had. That is our old neighbor, George and Erla and Reece's friend Jacob. About 10 days ago we had stopped by their house to visit and let Zeb use the little boys room. Erla was so glad to see us and George, who came home later was having a ball chasing Reece and Zeb around his house, even at his age he still was keeping up pretty well with the boys. George has some memory problems, but he is so silly the kids love it. Zeb used to sneak over to their house for gramhn crackers or windmill cookies, which was George's favorite. This time Erla sent us home with some teddy grahms cookies.
They recently lost a daughter-in-law this spring and it was quite hard on Erla. She broke down and cried while we were there. She said she was like a daughter to her. Their youngest grandchild is now about Brocks age, and he lives in Kentucky. I think they miss them. George even keeps a little peddle car for our kids (and any other that may stop by, I'm sure) at there house. It has seen much better days, but the kids love it!
Today while opening the mail, each of the boys had a Halloween card and each had a message just for them. It was from George and Erla. I wish you could have seen the look on Zeb's face, not when I told him he got the money, but when I told him who it was from. He just lit right up and smiled so big "George and ERLA! Wow!" he said.

As you can see all the kids where pretty happy...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pumpkins Everywhere!

And now....
Can you spot the fake two pumpkins? They all actually turned out pretty good this year.

Here is who's pumpkins were who's...

Brocks is the one front left. (*glasses and Beret)

Reece had 2 one on the front right (smilie) and one back right (pirate) Ok, so I helped a little...

Zebbie had the small one on the way left... the smilie one with huge eye brows.
Mine was the spider pumpkin next to the pirate.

But I am still going to wait to tell you what the kids will be on Halloween! : )

Monday, October 23, 2006

Yep, We carved our pumpkins out this weekend. I have discovered the BEST tip EVER!!!
Cut the hole from the Bottom of your pumpkin!! It saved us so much time I could not believe it!

And when you lite the pumpkin you don't have to worry about the candle tipping over.
Just put a candle on a plate and set it on top of it! Works Great!

I won't reveal the finished pumpkins until a little later.

I also ordered Zeb a costume today from Disney. Hopefully it comes before Halloween!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Food Pantry Day

Today was Boy Scout Food Pantry day. It means I drive around and find food that people have left on their door step for local pantries in the area. Our area was a mix of rental (duplexs, industrial and residential neighborhoods).

I had to empty out the huntin' stuff out of my truck (hopefully Duner remembers BEFORE going huntin' next time). I headed to Duners work and stuffed his trunk with the stuff and left the hatch open on the Durango so the boys could run and grab quickly. Since Brock was at camp Zeb was eagar and very willing to help out. He grabbed all the homes on the right side and Reece had the left. As Luck had it Reece was a busy guy. All the homes with food seemed to be on the left side today. I think Zeb had a total of 4. But he loved to help out.

One house in peticular gave VERY GENEROUSLY! 48 cans of Campbells soup, 16 Green Giant green beans and 8 cans of Campbell Chunky soup! WoW! I had to get out and load in the 2 cases of Soup, they were way to heavy for Reece.

For brief periods of time I had to drive on a slightly busy road, maybe 10 seconds worth, and Reece informed me that we should NEVER do that again because that was embarassing. When I laughed a little long he said "Ok Mom, It wasn't that funny."

He. He. He.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ok Brock Time Out...

On Tuesday we had the best confrence's ever for Brock. He has had unbelievable grades so far this year and is doing GREAT. All of the teachers had only good things to say about him. One of them said he is always willing to go help out the other kids in class. (aka teachers pet) Ha. Ha. Just Kidding. That was his Tech Ed Teacher (aka Shop Class).

His LD teacher looks like she is a smoker. She looks, to me like my Aunt Beverly used to. She died when I was Brocks' age, so I don't remember her that much. His gym teacher said he was always on time an suited up for gym which is 4 out of 10 points of a daily grade for that class. He is currently getting an A+. His Choir teacher said he was a typical 'please to have in class'. He loves to sing. I noticed that just the other day when he was in the shower he was singing to the radio in the shower.

Tonight I had told Brock that he will be riding home from school with a friend that he is going to go to camp with and then sat down to eat supper. Brock was working on his homework, then 10 minutes later he says "Mom, I am going to ride home with Jesse?" ??? Hmmmm.???
I think he is working a little to hard, but I think it set in.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Fun with the Camera

It has been a busy few weeks for us...
Family Portrait by Zebbie. Brock is doing his best to hide from the camera, too bad his legs are a little too long.

I forgot to post this picture from our pumpkin picking weekend.

I also forgot to post some apple picking pictures and cool mural by Auntie Sara and Reece pictures.....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas...

Its going to be cold soon, so....

Zeb has now discovered the winter wear.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Good to be HOME

Today I had to run one of our dogs to the Vet to get surgery on his eyes. He had some eye lids that had grown into his eyeball, causing his eyes to drip and get irritated. He was loaded with energy, even though he wasn't able to eat or drink that morning.

I had to feed Thunder without lighting. That was tough for Thunder since he usually eats before emptying his bladder or any other function in the am. It usually takes him10-20 minutes to eat 3 cups of food.

Lighting will be spending the night tonight due to the hyperactivity, just incase he rips some of the stiches. He has 4 in one and 5 in the other.

Then I came home to get Zeb ready for some testing. He had to go to the public school so they can gage his speech disablity. It took almost an hour and he did really good (paying attention and listening) til about 45 minutes in to it. I had to bribe him with Burger King. I should know more within a few weeks.

I got to clean my bathrooms and was clothes and some much needed rugs from the bathrooms. I wish the smell would stay longer after I clean them but with 4 BOYS, I know it doesn't last long. I try to leave the seat up whenever possible but I am trying to get them in the habit of lifting it to be polite. Ya, I know TALL order there. I probably have better chances with the 4 yr old more than any other.

Right now I am listening to the happy giggles and footsteps of the boys as they chase Duner for some much needed Daddy time. It is nice to see them doing something other than TV or computer. I told the boys I wanted to cancel cable. Duner said ok with him. I will be calling tomorrow to see about that.

Opps, I just heard Zeb scream. He was left in the dark in the basement accidentally.
The fun never stops.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sun, Not fire... REALLY!

I just could not wait to post these! We had some nasty weather go through the area of the Extreme Home Makeover (to the south of us)... It will be aired the sunday after Thanksgiving. I can't wait to see how it affected them.
The first picture is taken facing the west just after the bad stuff cleared.
This was what the opposite direction looked like. Everything had an erie red color to it, even the rainbow...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fall Cleaning??

This week has been a whirl wind of activity! I got my teeth cleaned on Monday and the hygenist told me about a local family getting an Extreme Home Makeover. How exciting and so close!! Only an hour away! It has been fun reading about it and watching news stories on TV about it.

I took the week off so my mom could have some rest while she recovers from surgery. I was busy painting a wall (twice), first I painted it green (same color as Reece's room) but something was wrong with how that looked, then I painted it a deep (not dark) blue. I love it! It works great on that wall. It really makes the fireplace wall pop.

I checked on my mom a couple of times, she was fine for the most part. The usual 'to much togetherness' with the parents. I grabbed some wood to make some workbenches for our basement. They took 2 days since my drill kept dying. I found other projects to work on while I waited.

I painted some frames that I had been wanting to do for some time now. Zeb had fun helping, but that lasted 10 minutes before he got some on his clothes and I sent him out of the basement.
I couldn't keep him away from the cordless drill. He just loved to help and he even yelled a few times at me! He wanted to do it! Shheeesh.

Yesterday we picked up our popcorn for the 'Great Popcorn Grab' and worked a shift at a spot for Octoberfest... Reece and his friend Jacob were so Awesome! The did their best to get attention to sell some. They were yelling 'Get you popcorn here! It only comes once a year, so get it now! Get it while it lasts! Help a scout, buy some popcorn!!'
They got some smiles but that was it. Bummer they tried.

We had a bike ride today from Medina to Hortonville. It was on a trail. Beautiful! I had no idea that it was even there! I don't know how long it goes but it was fun. We had some horses that passed us on the trail as well. Of course the best part was the dilly bars the kids got when we made it to Hortonville. But then we had to ride back, into the wind. I really didn't want to tell Reece how far we had to go because he likes to be dramatic and the sag wagon was at it's limit. He needed to burn some energy anyway. No major injuries, that is always good.

Well I have to get up at the crack of dawn... Night time for me!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

That time of year!

I just love this time of year! The colors, the temp, the smells, especially at Warrens Cranberry festival! Everyone sells autumn and cabin decor, candles, oils that fill the air with country baked goodies. Each year I go I never know what to expect for the weather, but I can almost guarntee that it is not the same weather we have at home. We had rain one year that was on and off, but otherwise we had overcast or sunny weather. This year was sunny and warm. It was almost too warm for the longsleeve T-shirt I wore that day. My first buy was a huge sweater that I wasn't planning for. It was SO SOFT and only 10 bucks!!! How could I go wrong?

The girls I went with were from work. I wasn't planning on going but at the last minute we pulled together and went. I was hoping to buy som window clings that I bought last year for the old house. They made ANY window look and feel like a real stain glass window. I didn't have alot of money. I managed to spend enough money to come home with some change only. I wish I could have bought a lot more. They had a 50/50 raffle when we were there that we could have gotten into. The top winner won 1,500 cash, 2nd place won 500, I don't know the rest I lost track, I had started day dreaming about how nice it would have been to come with little money and end up with lots. I can't say I would come home with all the money, but I would come home with more.

At one point I had to chuckle, a husband and wife walked by me and the he said to her, "You know, the more you buy the more stuff you will have at home." I think he was along to limit her 'stuff'.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Birthday Boy!!!

Tomorrow will be Zebbie's 4th birthday!
So in remembrance of that day I took him to Toy'r'us and let him pick out his toy of choice.

Disney Cars Piston Cup Raceway.

I am not sure who likes it more?
Brock and Reece played with it more than Zeb.
It is really actually neat. You have your "Cars" from the movie. We were lucky enough that Dad Bought "The King" yesterday and Mcqueen came with the set today! We had to offical cars. The kids found some others from our stash that fit as well.
How it works is a motor at the start has to wheels that the cars fit through and propels them throught the race track and back. The kicker is it's only one lane at the start, so someone is always first, but they have a car come out of the side and crash with the other cars, and a yellow flag pops out too. So after a lap or two it goes away.

I had forgotten about the pictures we had from our weekend bowling and at the Zoo... So here they are.... Some are taken by Zeb himself... I will let you guess which ones...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ironman I am not..

I realize I have been a serious slacker as far as my blog goes.

I am trying to fix this problem now. Where does the time go?

Oh I know, it could be the fact that I am sitting here wishing I could go to bed since Monday thru Friday I have to wake up at 6am or earlier (if I have to work) to get the kids ready and on the bus. It picks them up at or just before 7am.

It could be the chaos of 3 different schools for 3 kids. Zeb in Pre K, Reece in 3rd grade and Brock in Jr High! All of which have different systems for doing things. All of which send home papers anytime they feel like it, unlike there previous school that sent things home in a friday folder, which I do miss.

It could also be buying a car one weekend in Alsip Illinois, off Ebay, and visiting my sister with the boys the next. Lots of Driving!

My sister had a nice blog about our visit. We went to the space place and watched the space shuttle atlantis take off. It was pretty cool. We also took the kids bowling. Not really much new there. I still suck, Zeb gave up on the 2nd time down the lane, Reece is SO DRAMATIC, and Brock is just lucky enough to have some of Duners Bowling genes. My sister wasn't bad either.

We made big signs for the Wisconsin Ironman Triathletes that we cheered on Sunday. It was a bearly balmy 59 degrees for a high and rainy and windy. How would you like to swim for 2 hrs, bike for 112 miles and run for 26 with conditions like that?
OUCH! Pain, serious PAIN! I talked to Dr Al today (Day 3 post Ironman), he has retired now from doing the Ironman. He will still continue with the Local Triathlons, but no more Ironmans. His wife is still doing them though. She finished in over 14 hrs, it took him over 16 hours. It was almost midnight when he finished. Start was 7am.

You know it is bad when you have to shift with your arms because your hands no longer work. You take an additional 10 minutes in the Port-o-potty because you can't lift your pants, you dread going down the hills because you can't stop your bike. That is some big mental strength to finish and sign up the next day.

Well I am being paged.... Next time...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ok Time out

Wow, is all I can say for the busy weekend we had.
Friday was the first day of school for the kids. We got them all handsome and walked them down to the bus. I wrote their bus numbers on their hands so they would not forget when it came time to go home.

We didn't get to meet them off the bus since we drove 4 hrs south to get a car we bought on Ebay. We really like the car, hate driving that much though. Yuck.

Anyway, when we got home we quickly got clothes, food and dogs ready to go up north to the cabin for the weekend. We also set out our other truck to sell on a local main highway. We made it up north and settled in and watched a movie. It was Flight Plan, good movie.

The next day Cory and Shannon popped up to join in the labor day weekend festivities. We had a horseshoe tournament on Saturday. We each brought food to share and signed up for the tournament. Shannon and I were on a team (I had never played before, BAD) and Duner and Cory were on a team. Last year they made it to round two and got knocked out. They were hoping to make it further. Shannon and I were losing at first but then we pulled out the lead. The game ended with a debatable score of 21-20 we lost. For those that don't know you play to 21. There was confusion at the end but we did really well considering It was my first time and she hadn't played for a while too.

We waited a while for the next round of games. Duner and Cory had to play the guys they lost to last year. They didn't like that but at one point they were ahead of them 20-6. But they pulled ahead to sqeak out a win. Cory and Duner were both understandably bummed out. They were SO CLOSE!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Age Education

When I went to school we didn't use email, or debit cards.

We knew our parents really probably had no clue what assignments were due when.
Or if we forgot to turn them in, at least until confrences.

They didn't know about how we decided to take a late lunch in Jr High and came in late, blaming it on our watch. Techincally not skipping but Tardy.

In some ways we had it easier than kids do now. We now have, in our new school district, a email system that lets us know before the kids get to lunch if they skipped first hour. They send out an email, which can be sent to me at work!

They have a website that allows us to view what assignments are due and when they are due.
In order to access the website you need a user name and password, so the kids can't get in it and mess it around.

You can use your debit card to pay for school lunches and see how much money the kids have left on their account for hot lunch.

You can view your kids schedule, online which is nice for making appointments. Not to mention the lack of paper you will lose or accidentally toss.

I am looking forward to school this year. It feels so different here. Maybe it is that I never went to school here, or maybe all the techincal improvements that I have seen there.

I am not sure, but I am definitely looking forward to them meeting new friends.
Reece's school even lets your kids write letters to fellow classmates and send them 'via a school post office'. How very cool is that!! His room number is 84, so his address is 84 Galloping Ghost Rd, for his class room. I would have loved to have something like that! Not to mention all the practice writing letters and envelopes!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ducks Unlimited 2006

How Cute is he! I love this picture.
We spent the day at Ducks Unlimited. We brought Thunder (our Chocolate Lab in the picture). He had fun, but REALLY wanted the chance to fetch the dummie that they would throw off into the water. Duner got to play with his toy, and ATV. He has really wanted one for the cabin. Maybe sometime.

Reece got the chance to redeem himself. He was so mad the last few times he tried to climb the rock wall, he had gotten so scared and would drop. Well he made it further, but not quite to the top. Maybe next year...

Next Reece and Zeb Tackled the bike course. They make a little trail with little hills and turns to test out bikes. The kids love it. Here Zeb even got to try one out. Duner got to run next to him.

Brock and Reece were pretty excited to try archery. They both did pretty good. I missed geting a pic of Brock because they were not right next to each other and they both shot at the same time. They went to get their Bows fitted for them and Duner found out they are to weak for theirs. Brock had been lifting weights to beef up, but Reece doesn't like to.

Next we hopped on the Tram with Thunder and rode over to the dog area. There they had Kayak's and Canoe's. Duner, Brock and Zeb hopped in a Canoe and Reece went by himself in a Kayak. Reece is in the yellow kayak, Duner has the orange vest. Zeb had the yellow and Brock is in the Blue. It was hard to get a picture of Reece. He was either to far out or moving to fast. I had Thunder with me and he wanted to go out in the worst way. I am amazed these pictures actually turned out. Most of them were taken with my left hand, while the dog was yanking me with my right.
Next the kids got to go fishing for HUGE catfish in a pool. Each kid was allowed 7 minutes to fish. Reece caught one but tha was it.

We only had 30 minutes left before Duner had to get back in time to work so we just watched the dogs go after a object that was tossed in the water off a dock. We wanted to get Thunder in but we didn't think we had enough time. It was fun to watch, but Thunder wanted to do it in the worst way.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Day at Slippery Rock

On Monday, we went to the coolest natural water park on Monday. We spent about 2 hrs there. Duner brought his new Cabela's catelog and I had my camera. The boys, with Reece's friend - J, had a blast. Here is Brock Flexing his muscles. What a man... at the bottom of the rock.

When Reece was not staring intently at the shells waiting for the snail to come out he would actually go down the rock. You can see J trying to walk up the rock. Quite the feat.

Here Reece is with J.

After all the work in the water, we decided to take the boys out on the boat and fish ON the water. Zeb got to cast out a few times, with Dad's help... He has got quite the whip. He forgets to push the button, but it was so fun to watch.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Boys, Boys, Boys

So Much to write, but I am very tired.
Tonight we went to a local golf course for supper. (???) I had no idea they had such food. Brock decided to have the frog legs (yuck). Brock kept talking about how they didn't taste like chicken. They were like a dull fish taste, he said. I was grossed out looking at it so I was glad that he was next to me so I didn't have to look at him next to me. Zeb was fearless about them. As soon as Brock left to use the boys room, Zeb hopped on his chair and played with the frog legs saying 'ribbit, ribbit' and 'oh no!' when they would break. I won't go into more detail, it just grosses me to think of it. blech...
We rented some movies one of which is call Benchwarmers. It is about a bunch of misfiit kids grown up that want to prove their worth in baseball. Truly a boys movie! Very funny. They loved it!
We are getting ready to go up to the cabin for a few days. Duner took off work on Monday so we will be staying til Tuesday. I have a meeting at work so I will need to come back by 11 am on Tuesday. Yuck! That means getting up early that day to make sure the cabin is cleaned and ready to go when we leave.
Well I am beat. I will try to sneak something in on Tuesday.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Getting Bigger

I took Brock in for registration at school the other day. It will be a new school for him so we both didn't know what to expect. Co-workers warned me they would be taking his picture so we 'studed' him up for the night. He looked so grown up in the picture. It really turned out well. I am so excited about it.
Reece and Zeb have registration later on in the month on the same night. I am hoping my husband will be off work so he can go with one of them. We were hoping Zeb would be in some form of pre K in our public schools but he misses the turning 4 rule by 17 days. We had him tested anyway and they had some concerns with his abilities to answer questions, colors and numbers. He is very stubborn and doesn't usually like to answer questions about colors and numbers when we try. If he does it is no more that 5 questions, before he is done. He actually was co operating with the teachers when they tested him but probably since other kids were answering the questions too.
We went to fireworks last night at my work. They blocked it off for employees only. What a bummer. There was some good fireworks but I probably would have enjoyed better from my backyard. I thought maybe the ground show would be better. It was cold too. The boys didn't want to were pants which they ended up regreting.
Today they woke up and tried to play there computer and it told Brock MASTER HARD DISK FAIL. Later Reece woke up and didn't believe Brock so he tried it himself. IT WORKED! Reece came up dancing and singing "The computer likes me, The computer likes me!". Brock was on the verge of tears so I said "So does the Vacuum, now clean up the toy room before anyone uses the computer."
Under the right circumstances you can get your kids to do quite a lot.
: ]

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Not an expolsion... well the bad kind anyway...

This is not a photo from Lebannon or Iraq. This is a photo from our back yard toward the Pyrotechnic competition that is now going on all week long near our home. Various different groups of fireworks enthusiast's (a.k.a nuts) are competiting for braggin' rights that is all. I guess they have it set to music and at various points there is a ground show, but I saw quite a lot right from my house. It was hard to take a picture of them, but they were many higher than this on, but getting my trigger finger and the camera to work at the same time is a trick. Not to mention Zeb was on my lap continuously asking "Can I see it? Can I see?" and yanking my arm down. The two white lights off to the side are streetlights.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another busy weekend...

Today we took the boys golfing for the first time. It was kept from them until we pulled in to the parking lot of the golf course. We woke them up bright and early since Duner had to work til 6 am.
We brought Zeb along with and he took turns hopping from one cart to the next. Brock drove me nuts asking if he can drive the cart. Reece did pretty good considering he is using right handed clubs and he is left handed. Brock managed to shoot his tee 5ft while the ball stayed on the green! That was pretty funny. Zeb got to be a monster on hole 6 he didn't want to stay in the carts anymore. At one hole we found over 10 golf balls in the tall grass and weeds that some of us managed to shoot into. It was fun. It is pretty rare that you find more balls than you lose.

Reece as made fun of this week by the neighbor kids since he can not do a 'wheelie'. He came home on Wednesday, upset and so Duner made a point to try and teach him how to do it. Grandpa even made a jump ramp for him. He found a friend that will be going into the same grade as him and will be riding the bus with him so he is getting better about school and the change. His friend asked if Brock and Reece could sleep over Thursday night but I think Brock likes his sister, I don't know how old she is but Reece's Friend 'D' has a older and youunger sister. He is in the middle too.

Brock will be getting his school picture next week. In this school they do pictures before school starts, at registration. We have to pay for school, a planner, a atlas??, swim pants, tech ed, art class, and pictures this week. Over $70.00 worth. Yeah. I have to go shopping for Brock for a nice shirt for pictures.

Well Reece has something to show me on the ramp...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

What a day...

We started this am doing some last minute cleaning before the new baby sitter came. Her name is Jenny. She is 13. (Brock is 11 but I don't trust him yet) We gave her the low down and proceed to the golf course. It is set in the middle of Farmland, with a few homes on the outskirts, which is why they named it Countryside. Last week my husband and I golfed the front 9 with some friends of ours and today for the tournament we golfed the back 9. We played a scramble, which is the most fun way to play. We were a team of 4 women and we all shoot off from the first Tee and you play from where ever the best shot was. It was GREAT! The weather was supposed to be hot and humid but for the start it was overcast and breezy. We could not go wrong with that weather!

We learned a lot about our neighbors, it seems quite a few of them are all realated or know someone that is married to someone else. Which would explain why so many are SO nice!

We didn't win any prizes but had some great time getting to know the neighbors, which didn't stop with the golf. We then were invited to a neighbors house with the rest of the area for a 'pre block party'. The kids Loved it since they were able to swim steady since 4pm. I just left them at 9pm and Brock and Reece were still swimming! They were having a ball. It was getting dark so Zeb and I walked home for the night. I can't believe in all this heat today and we spent the majority of it outside. We will sleep well today.

I just hope we can make up in time for our new nephew's baptism at 11 am in Oshkosh. It is kind of important, seeing as I will be the boys God Mother. Yea!!! I can't wait!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Things you don't see everyday!

This is proof that even a 3 yr old will sit down and read if he had the right reading material.
I just had to take this picture, he was so cute sitting all by himself looking through this book.

I have been slacking in the exercise dept, so I took the kids out to high cliff since Saturday was a beautiful day to bike, at least up in central to northern WI in some spots. We have been very much missing any and all rain around here. It stinks. All of our lawns are so sad looking. I broke down and watered it last week Sunday and Tuesday we got a thunderstorm, FINALLY! It always seems to miss us.
Anyway, we had started out parking down below and riding to the top... er... walking to the top. I didn't make it very far at all, before walking. Again I have been a slacker. We always go through the trails and over to a tower that you can climb up and get an excellent view. The kids were pretty tuckerd out and were whining about having to climb the tower, but being the mean mom that I am I dragged them up it anyway. I told the kids to be quite because there was a wedding at a nearby shelter going on as we got there.

After we left the park I had the kids was the car since I was going to take them to a Drive-In Movie Theater to see Monster House and Click. We had to get their early enough since they only allow the first 300 cars. They open at 6:30pm and we were there at 7:15 and we were car number 30, but I think they filled up. We brought blankets and the Electronic Sorry game. We didn't have supper so we got a pizza from there. I had limited funds and they only accept cash. We had to split sodas all night. Later we got a tub of popcorn and some fifty cent bags of peanuts. I didn't have soda at home or I would have brought some.

That was a super fun family night. They had volleyball and basketball set up just under the screen so while you waited you could spend some family time together. We set out one of the many blankets on the lawn behind our SUV. We parked it backwards so we could lay down in the back. I really was expecting more mosquito's but I didn't have a single one!

Both would good movies, Duner was really bummed since he had to work and wanted to see both of these movies. He called me twice that night from work. I think he wanted me hold the phone to the speaker so he could listen too. ?? Who calls someone they know is going to be at a movie???

We finally made it out at Midnight last night and Zeb was already asleep. He didn't make it past the 2nd movie.

Bright and early I was awaken by Duner. The dogs started to bark and he went to check it out and this is what we saw.

Apparently the dogs don't like Hot Air Ballons.
It was a few house's away. It was close enough for the people to yell "Good Morning" to us. Again, at 6:30 am!
I don't think they were trying to land. Either they were practicing or waiting for a second balloon that showed up a few minutes later. They didn't land, but they bounced along the ground in the second picture.

Today I also went for my consultation for my Monday Morning Makeover. I will save that for another post.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fun in the Fast Lane

What a great Idea! My work got together and had a pot luck and went to a local mini golf/ go Kart place that will be shut down in 10 days. They will be demolished and doesn't sound like they will be rebuilding, since they are selling off their go karts. Bummer.
Reece finally was able to ride by himself this year. Last fall, we attended a function with our realtor and Reece was just UNDER the height requirement. Happily, he was able to race with the big boys, if you want to call them that. Who knew the adults would get in just as much trouble if not more!!!! They have a switch that will shut down the motor temporarily if you are too reckless. That happened to more adults than kids! Everyone was out to get the 'Dr' of the group. Dr Al.
Duner took Zeb who LOVED it! My manager even gave us some tickets that her kids didn't want. My kids loved it. I have to work on my kids being more greatful and indroduction to others. They lack some major manners and eye contact. Well it was a busy night already and now I have to try to get some sleep.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A short one...

You Are 28% Control Freak
You have achieved the perfect balance of control and letting go.
You tend to roll with whatever life brings, but you never get complacent.

My sister recently had this quiz on her blog about being in control. She was 36% Control Freak.

I am trying really hard to not make much noise since my husband is sleeping from working all night. Our computer is in our room and it is really hard to not use it while he is sleeping.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

One good idea turned bad...

Last night my husband actually had time off so we took the boys to see a movie, Dead Man's Chest the Pirates of the Caribbean. We had fun. Laughed til we cried, at least I did. Zeb did great til almost 9pm (1 hr and 50 min into the movie) when he wanted to go and get his blanket out of the car. Needless to say Duner and I played hot potatoe with the boy until eventually he fell asleep.

So, Today we went up to our cabin to get the pontoon and take it out for a spin with the boys. We loaded up with sub's snacks and something to keep the food cold. We took the tarp off the boat and attached everything to the car and hopped in to get going.

Suddenly Duner notice's the 'Check Gages" light on the dash board. We look and the car was overheated. We quickly shut it down and waited. While we discussed our options we ate our sandwhiches and snacks. Bummer. We had left the dogs at home, luckily we did make sure they had water when we left, but they would not be good all night outside. Not to mention our poor neighbors, what they would have to listen to. We hoped we would figure out a way to make it home.
Apparently there is a safety fan on the engine when it gets too hot kicks out radiator fluid on to the ground. We probably lost 1/2 to 1 gallon. We figured we would be out of luck trying to find a mechanic on a Sunday afternoon, so we filled it with water and turned it on. Yeah it went to half and stayed there. As we kept it running it rose slightly but that was since we sat still. Ok, so the plan we figured was to keep moving and we could make it home. We turned off the car, unloaded the pontoon boat, covered it back up, loaded our cooler back in the car and took off. We figured at the very least we did have our cell phones and Duner's Nephew Mike, said if we needed to we could call. He just happened to be up there at the time, which worked out well.

So we headed home. I watched the gages for about 5 miles and then just periodically the rest of the drive. We didn't take the normal way we take home since we wanted to avoid the traffic lights.

We made it home safe and sound, all fingers and toes.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

They Survived

The boys seem to have survived camp with only minor injuries... mainly Brock. He managed to slam his pinky finger between to rocks. It is still pretty purple considering it happened on Tuesday.
One of the first things he says to me is 'Mom, I have worn this shirt now for 5 days!'
Impressive isn't he? And the shorts? He was wearing the same shorts I droped him off with. He said he did wear one other pair while he was up there. Hmmmm.
Reece appeared wearing the same shirt I left him with on Sunday complet with the nametag. He had changed to jeans. He hadn't been wearing the same clothes, since Brock saw him in a purple shirt yesterday. As soon as Zeb saw him it kicked in high gear and ran to him. Reece was pretending to be hiding behind a tree. As soon as we got in the car the kids were hitting me up for Mc Donalds or Burger King. Later Reece said "Come on mom Just think of all those pennies in your purse just waiting to be spent." It was a new phrase, I am sure he was dying to use. He sent me a letter but I just got it today in the mail. They both loved it and want to do it again next year. Yeah! One more week with out them!!!
Zeb survived the 6 hr + ordeal. It was a 3 hr trip one way.
I think he is glad his brothers are home.

Now comes the unpacking... better get going.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

A rare one

This is a picture of my husband, his brother and nephew all doing their part to clean up after supper. It was the only time they did this. We had to get a picture of it. Cory is such a worker, he didn't even waste time looking at the camera.
My husband works with his nephew and people are always coming up to him and asking if his son or brother works there. Apparently they look alike.