Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Schools New Job.

Tuesday's challenge was signing the kids up for school. We are living in Florence, Ky till April 26th, when we close on our home in Independence/ Walton. That is the district I want to put my kids into rather than start them in Florence schools and then change them again in April.

Apparently we are going to be in a VERY nice district and people have been known to lie to get their kids in it.

Our new home is on the border for two different counties. Boone and Kenton. One has the Walton-Verona School district, and the other has Piner Elementary, Twenhofel Middle School and Simon Kenton High School. And it is a brand new home, so no one knows the district yet.
Heck, NO ONE could pronounce the sub division. Aosta Valley. (I don't blame them.)

My youngest is in elementary, middle in the middle school and my oldest (who turns 15 today!! Happy Birthday Brock) is in High School. Needless to say, LOTS of schools involved here.

1. Ok. So I go to Piner elementary in Kenton County, because that is what my map and my spec sheet for our new house tells us they go to. They can not find us in their 'approved' list. Which is OKAY.

According to, they are a 5/5/7 out of 10 rating, for they elementary, middle and High Schools. That is the Kenton County schools. The district we just came from was 6/6/5 out of 10.
Boone County is the PREFERRED schools in the area. They are 7/8/10 out of 10.
Piner Elementary vice principal makes 8 calls and tells me to head to Walton-Verona Elementary. (Secretly I am saying YAY!)

2. After Fort Knox type security to enter the school. Really. I. am. not . kidding. I explain to the secretary that I was sent by Piner Elementary to sign up my child. I have to show them proof, and reluctantly she hands me the admission paperwork.

Now, don't get me wrong. They are very nice people but I was so nervous, I was sweating and shaking, I felt like I WAS BEING SENT TO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE.

3. By this time the kids are starving since it took me over an hour to talk to them and convince them I am not trying to pull a fast one. So we stop by the home of the world's smallest hamburger. White Castle. The kids loved 'em, but boy are they tiny.

4. Time to try the High School. As I drive up a Boone County squad car is in the driveway. I hope that is not a bad thing. Hmmmm. I was able to walk into the office directly without a locked doorway. I explain why I am there, yes, the long version. The admission's lady said she talked to someone at the Elementary, but of course she too doesn't exactly believe me and calls in a guy to check this out too. Same paperwork, same questions, same answers. Yes, we are in the correct district. If we are not in our home on April 26th, that guy said he is kicking us out of the district. I hope there is no problems with financing. And he said he will be checking. Yikes!
Thankfully the high school and middle school are attached, so she calls over the woman in charge of the admissions for the middle school so we can get all the paperwork sorted out at once.

So, I have about 45 papers now to fill out, with which address, doctors and 'emergency' contacts I don't really know. But I will figure it out.

Now, I am printing some orientation documents for my new job at the Fort Thomas YMCA. I am most likely heading to orientation on Thursday and start after that.

Other than that... so far so good. I LOVE THE WEATHER HERE.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

So,December was a long time ago and the last time I was able to post anything on this. Now, I finally have a minute to do it again! Whew.

Okay. After cramming all that we can into a trailer we headed down to Florence, Kentucky and set up are 'temporary' home. At least till our home in Wisconsin is closed and we can close on our new home here in Independence. I never realized how many E's are in that word before. Wow.

Our kids are adjusting well. Brock (the oldest) and Zeb (the youngest) are doing great. They love it here. The weather has been beautiful, I haven't even worn a coat yet! It is supposed to reach 65 here this week!!! We hooked up our computer, washer and dryer. I finally feel like I can accomplish things again. Yay for Laundry!

Today we will find out exactly what schools the kids will be going to. I am hoping to put them in the schools closer to the new home, but we will see. We have to drop off some paperwork for the new home, find the Tropical Smoothie Cafe that is in the area, (priorities, ya' know!) and find some ladies that are in the mood for foot spa and facial parties. (to get my Arbonne going down here)

I also need to get cat food. She keeps trying to squeeze in between me and this computer. I think that is a hint. I better go... have a great Tuesday everyone!