Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Up and coming MD's.

Last night Reece and Brock came running into the living room with a big stuffed bear on a 'gurney' which was really a ladder for their bunk bed. They were yelling 'Emergency, Emergency!' and plopped down the ladder in the middle of the living room and Reece began doing CPR on the bear.

It is good to know they are learning something from Grey's Anatomy.

Zeb is a pee machine! No more diapers for him! He has offically nailed potty 101! I chuckle when I think of the torture I can inflict on him when he grows up and has girlfriends that I can give them this website and they can read all the stories I have posted.... He He He.

Brock is offically becoming a 'teenager'. He likes to take showers. Everyday.
I really am glad he is doing it, I want him to feel good about taking care of himself, maybe it can be more of a habit for other things he owns...
I am just glad he doesn't have to shave.

Monday, February 27, 2006

YMCA Fever!

I just love the membership we got for the YMCA!
The kids just love the gymnastics area and the pool. I see all kinds of Boys and Girls, even Zebs age of 3! They love to jump into that big pool of Foam. Yesterday we dropped off Brock and Reece while we ran some errands. We even let Zeb play for a little while. He burned tons of energy. That is a Terrific Idea for the boys to do with my parents the weekend that we have to go to Texas. Free and fun to watch!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

What a week!

What a week! I can't believe it went so quick. I had to work 4 days instead of my usual 3 days (10 hrs at a time) It is amazing how quickly it eats up your day.
Today Brock is meeting his fellow cub scouts at the local YMCA and they are going to be working on a aquanaut pin. I don't know what they will do but Brock is so excited about it. He made sure he reminded me yesterday. He really is starting to be on top of things. Which is GReat! It is a little less stress on ME!
We get to leave for Texas in 2 weeks without the kids. Duner wants me to go golfing on Sunday, but I want to visit the Alamo and Riverwalk in San Antonio, before driving to Corpus Christi. We will be in Corpus for 2 days before flying out of San Antonio for home again.
That is the not so exiting extent of our 'vacations for 2006'. Since we bought this house we didn't want to over do it. But we are going to be saving our pennies so we can take the kids on a 7 day cruise to the eastern or western Caribbean. We have to buy that somtime in March-June but only put down 1/3 of the price and pay the rest 2 months prior. The kids are very excited, but Brock is SO worried about flying. He says that his ears hurt so bad when he flys. I am wondering if it is not misplaced anxiety.
Well better get my house cleaned up.

Monday, February 20, 2006


That is the best way to describe our weekend. What can I say the kids LOVED it, the weather was not bad at all (shame on you weathermen) and we met some very nice people.
I tried with no avail to get my sister to come along with us but she couldn't muster the strength to blaze the winter breeze. I was a little leary about the temp but I firgured the best we could do was try it and hide in the 'shack' if it was too cold.

As soon as we pulled in we were greeted by the people in the car next to us that immediately
said' This is like SUMMER today compared to yesterday!!" YeaHHH!!! Good vibes right off the bat. We entered the shack, paid (not cheap for a family of 5) got our boots, ski's and poles (at least poles for Duner and I). One of the employees said " Lots of soft snow out there for falling down." GREAT, more good news! Soft landings. Next we headed off to the bunny hill.

First to go was our fearless Reece, in no time at all he was at the bottom watching others as they had paid for there lesson. He just watched what the lady told her student and off he was. He mastered the tow rope on the first try. Brock didn't quite fair that well as he fell down halfway up the hill. After an hour or so Zeb had to use the bathroom and didn't want to leave the snack shack because he saw video games. I stayed in the shack with Zeb, had some hot cocoa and cheese fries. Duner went to some 'bigger hills' with the boys. They were up and down several different hils. They stopped in for a break and a cold soda and then were off. Zeb wanted to go to so we went to the 2 person lift and headed to the top. Duner took Zeb with him and Brock, Reece and I all rode alone.
I was terrified for Zeb. One little shift wrong and he was going to drop 50+ feet easy. I don't know how Duner got him off but he said Zeb was just fiine for the trip. He was scared at first but then did just fine. That was the only time we did the chair lifts with Zeb.
After that I did one hill while Duner stayed with Zeb and then Zeb wanted to leave so he and I went to the hotel while Duner and the other boys finished their fun day.
We ended by going to Taco Johns for lunch/supper and swimming, rescuing Zeb from a swim and watching some sunday night tv.
I could go on, but I don't want to make anyone jealous.
Just Kidding... It was very fun, but this AM I recieved a phone call from my work, a co-workers brother-in-law was killed and her son was injured in a snowmobile accident this weekend. I am hopeful that this experience will help her ex-husband realize just how dangerous some of his toys are. Her Brother in Law was who Duner and his Brother beat last year at the Labor day horseshoe tournament. He was 36 and had 2 little girls younger than Reece. They Loved Zeb. They were pretty cute too. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

And the saga continues....

The competitor Reece was in perfect form today. We had the annual Pinewood Derby Races today for Boy Scouts. Reece kept most of his weight in wood on his car, while Brock cut most of it off. We had to add weight to each of their cars to make them heavier so they would run down the track.
The track is about 32 feet long and started at about 5 feet tall and went down to the ground.
Reece had painted his Red, white, green and black. I called it the Italian Stallion. Brock painted his black, blue and green. I didn't know quite what to call his except light. We had to add quite a bit of weight to his to get it within the rules.
Grandpa was helping to get the cars ready and put oil on Brocks wheels and then I read that we should not put oil on the wheels. I tried to wipe most of it off. Reece was telling his pack of friends that Brock was cheating 'cause he put oil on the wheels. (And that was BEFORE the race.)
Reece was up first. He placed 3rd every time. Needless to say, you can imagine how that went. I knew there was NO WAY he was even going to get an award for the design after seeing the 'ORCA" car. It was really neat, some one had actually made one of the cars in to the killer whale.
Brock placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd for his 3 runs. It still didn't quailify him for the finals. But they gave away and award for Most Creative and Best Design and wouldn't you know it... Brock won best design... Reece still won NOTHing!!

Nothing works better for a pity party then a PS2 rental...

and tomorrow... SKIING!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Snow Day

Today the kids had school cancelled due to the snow storm that was predicted. I have to admit, I was majorly doubting the weatherman. I didn't believe it would be so much.
Even this AM I woke up and thought that the kids are getting a freebie day off and it doesn't even look that bad!!! By noon I went to leave work for lunch and had my doubts as to if I would make it out of the driveway. At 1:30pm we had 2 cars that had gotten stuck in the driveway at work. One at the entrance one at the exit.
I had told my supervisor it was AWFUL outside and I thought we should start calling patients and canceling them, but it fell on deaf ears. After the 2 cars got stuck in the driveway she forced me to leave work and go home. It was hard to leave.
: ]

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Early last week I convinced Duner to let me and the kids join the Y. Last weekend I took the boys swimming and to the gym. They absolutely love the gymnastics area and the pool. They have all of the equipment that real olympic athletes use! It was fun to even watch them jump into the big huge pool of foam blocks from the trampoline. Reece has a word of advice for anyone who does it, 'Dont land on your face, you get a mouth full of foam.'
You think?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Spelling Whiz

Reece is my spelling whiz, he does quite well at his test's.
This week we didn't need to do much studying on his test since he got all of the right already except 'to'. He put 'too'.
Well when he took the test he did another boo boo. He forgot to put the 'N' in Turned. He said to me when I asked about his test, "So I spelled it 'Turd' instead of turned".
He was so proud.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Spills, Spills and more spills...

First Zeb spills his water at lunch yesterday, he ran off crying into his room. I didn't even yell at him.
Then he managed to spill his 'pink' milk, which he snuck down in the basement. He hid while Brock and I cleaned it up.
And finally he spilled Brock's beef stew that we had for supper last night.
It was not his day....

Friday, February 03, 2006

Potty Training

I didn't want to say this to soon, but Zeb has been using the 'potty' 98% of the time since Monday!
I think he is potty trained. I kept saying to him 'when these pull ups are gone you will have to use the potty!'
The catch is he wants absolutely NOTHing to do with underwear. He will wear his pants just no underwear. I don't get it but that is what he likes. Last night he even got his PJ's on himself. He is getting so big.
I think it helps that in our new house I can be in the kitchen or living room and he can still see me from the bathroom.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy is going to have to take out a loan to pay for all of the teeth falling out around here.
Late last week Reece lost a tooth, I never paid him for it until last night. Yesterday Brock lost a tooth and has another one loose. I normally don't keep money in my wallet so I really need to make a point of going to the bank to get some.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Public Offender

Yes I am a public offender. At least on Monday and Tuesday.
I park illegally (according to the City) and I speed in a school Zone (or at least the first block of the school zone). I was going 31 in a 30mph street, but since kids were present it is considered a 15 mph school Zone. I am sorry but they have the 'zone' to far from school. I didn't even know it was a school zone back there! I also dropped off my kids in a 'NO stopping zone'. Just a warning to you out there, you are considered in the zone even if half of your car is in the 'zone'. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Sgt. Daul twice in TWO days this week. The second time around he greeted me with 'Hi Rachel'. Hi? I greeted him with 'What did I do now?'

Needless to say I bought 40 dollars worth of flowers for the city in the spring, if I didn't pay it in 10 days the fine goes from 40 to 95 dollars. Do they not trust people???