Monday, November 28, 2005

Nosey Neighbor

I am just a nosey neighbor. We drove down College Ave today and noticed that a beautiful old home with river frontage was for sale. It is just above a dairy plant that Duner used to work at.
This is the Olde time house that I am talking about. The taxes alone are $8200. I just do not see that being worth it.
When we went to visit the Wooden Shoe home they had already finished the plaster and where sitting down eating lunch. The sheet rockers where out in the garage hanging drywall out there. Our project manager asked us to pick up a doggie door today for our kennel. He also told us that they will not quite be able to poor the slab for the dog kennel this year. They will have to do that in the spring with the driveway. The siding is going on this week along with the bricks.
On Monday they are to be painting. The boys room will be clary sage, Zeb's will be Take five ,Our room will be Sedate Gray, bathrooms will be utterly beige and the rest of the house will be Anitque White. (you will have to type in the name on the SW website to see the colors.) They aren't exactly the same as the samples I have, but you might get the idea.

Well I have a bunch of presents to wrap....

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Army Central

This is going to be the Brock and Reece's new bed room in the new house. I just got the ok from Brock and I am sure Reece will like it. He wanted green in the worst way in his Room. My sister was threating him to decorate in pink, with blue ribbons of course... He takes it so literally. I don't know where he gets that from, it must be a middle child syndrome thing.

I still don't know what to do for Zebs room yet. Maybe we will do something with race cars but that I don't want it to cheesy. He just LOVES Hot Wheels and anything to do with them. That makes him easy to buy for Christmas.

Well I must go, hopefully I will be able to write more this weekend or on the holiday.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Long time no write...

Boy has time flown by. We are 'homeless' after today. We have moved to Oshkosh into a duplex with Duner's Brother Cory and Shannon his wife. The boys really don't mind too much. Zeb loves Uncle Cory and Chance, his chocolate Lab. He really likes that he listens to him.
Speaking of puppies, ours almost ran away yesterday. We were all in the house when Brock was feeding them when they got out of the kennel. The ran around the house behind us and Brock thought he lost them forever he started to turn around and walk back to the house crying when they came running after him. Duner got Thunder and then lighting just hung around his brother. That is the good thing about having the 2. One ends up being bait.

Aunt Shannon is pregnant and due in late March. It will be the 9th grandchild in the family. If it is a boy it will be #9. She is having an ultrasound tomorrow and will be finding out if it is a boy or girl.

They worked their butts off yesterday in the cold, rain and wind to fix a porch off the back of the house. The had to since they only had 30 days to fix that, after they bought the house. They also have to fix the circuit breaker from fuses and cut down brush from around the house.

On Saturday Brock had the opportunity to be in the Oshkosh parade, but Boys Scouts where meeting at Pancheros Mexican Grill to make what ever they wanted in the kitchen. Brock was torn, but the Boy Scouts will get to march in the parade in June so he went to Pancheros. Brock and Reece both got to make quesadellias. They made the tortillia from soft dough, it was really cool. They both LOVED the queso dip especially. At the end they were both trying different types of hot sauces, daring each other to try them.

Well I must go, here is a picture of our house from last week. The roof was supposed to go on this weekend but with the winds they didn't do it yet. Hopefully soon. It is hard to look around when you are freezing your butt off. Brrrrr.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Back in the saddle again....

Well it has been a busy day but I just wanted to post a quick note. They are going to start framing the house this week. This is an updated picture.
Duner's surgery went well today, I had to leave him for a few hours at the surgery center and he called 2 hours later asking why I didn't come back for him yet.
This weekend went well for the most part, My sister helped TONS with the packing and moving. I didn't realize she was the packing tornado. She was so quick I missed which box she put my spice rack/salt and pepper holder. I will eventually find it.
Today was picture RETAKE day for Reece. I won't go into what he was supposed to wear but didn't! Oh well, maybe I can keep the others if this time doesn't turn out.