Monday, October 29, 2007

It was a Dark and Crisp fall night...

Here we are with another weekend come and gone.
On Saturday, My husband and I were invited to a wedding of his cousins. It was the second wedding in row that we were invited to. It was also the same side of the family.

We were not able to make it to last week's wedding and Duner had to work yet again, so we didn't make it to either wedding. It bothered me a little. I really don't like missing things like that if I can help it. But Duner worked both weekends at the Restaurant. At least we were fair to both and didn't make it to either one.

We were invited to a neighbor's Halloween party on Saturday as well. I was feeling guilty about being home and not stopping over so I managed to get really creative and dress in my Triathlon gear, swim cap and googles. I was tempted to wear my bike shorts but after a quick look in the mirror I changed my mind on that one, and opted for some running pants.

I entered their garage and was greeted with questions asking if I was the Police? There was probably 20 people and only one was not in costume. There were lots of pirates, a boy-girl cheer team, a caveman, hunters (2) many witches, grim reapers, an Indian, a few clowns, and a chauffeur.

I stayed for about an hour and headed home. I was so cold I didn't warm up until the middle of the night.

I wish I would have taken some pictures but I didn't. You will have to use your imaginations.

Friday, October 26, 2007

So What have I been doing since I have Not been Blogging?

Oh Boy!
Where do I start???
Last I left you I was patiently awaiting my husband to return home from a week long existence with out his family (unless you count his brother). I waited a week and a few hours before I heard from him again.
Yes one FULL week without hearing from my husband. AT ALL.
Honestly it felt like he was working long hours again like he was when he was on 12 hour shifts, but I wasn't able to call his cell phone.
They didn't get the trophy cow they were hoping for but they gain LOADS of knowledge. Such as, Three hours in the 3rd seat of the Durango is Way too long to be sitting there.
I then spent the duration of my weekend in Laundry Central, cleaning the weeks worth of campfire clothes, not to mention our own, as well.

The boys had a friend spend the night on Saturday, I spent the majority of my time trying to maintain the level of clean I was able to do while my husband was gone and I was off of work. That is just about impossible these days. It was kind of nice while it lasted, but *sigh*, farewell clean house of mine.

I did manage to sneak away to grab some Halloween customes for the boys.
B is going to be the 'King of Pop'. He is going to have a cape with names of soda on it a crown and necklace of soda bottles or cans.
R. is going to be a ninja. He is so excited about that he was told twice to remove his costume. I finally hid it or else he would lose an accessory.
Z is going to be the CUTEST skeleton you have ever seen!! He loves his costume too!

I visited with a cousin of mine that recently had a baby. A Boy she named Isaiah. I am a bit biased when it comes to babies. I love boys. It was nice to be able to hold him and get him to fall asleep, but be able to leave. I really don't miss the 'baby' stage. I LOVE to visit that once in a while but as far as I am concerned, NO WAY GOIN' BACK NOW!

Zeb was hoping to go hunting with Dad but since Reece wanted to go he couldn't. That was when we decided to let him go out and play with my cousin's 3 older girls. Zeb just loves to play with them. It was hard to get him to leave, but once the girls began giving 'Good-bye kisses' they left pretty easily.

Duner and I also spent some time doing some pre-holiday shopping, while the kids were in school.

The boys have been off of school since Wednesday, so I don't have much on the selves anymore. I will be having to go get some food soon.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ma Ma Shopping trip.

I was able to spend some time without kids and without anything going on. It was a nice change. I took this time to do some much needed shopping. My job will be switching from wearing scrub tops to 'business casual', so I need to update my wardrobe.

There are some very good sales on right now, and I haven't been in a clothing section like that in a long while.
I found some shirts, unfortunately, not what I prefer. I am not a huge fan of 3/4 sleeves and that is practically the only thing out there.
As I violated the maxium number of garments to bring in the fitting room, I discovered some rules for shopping...
  1. If you are having difficulty getting it over your head, chances are it won't fit the rest of you.
  2. The words 'Modern fit' mean you will need the next size up, don't bother with the size you think you wear.
  3. When undressing, Never look in the mirror until you are dressed. Your in the store with size 2 mannequins, You will not appreciate the view.

I had over 3 hours to spend so I stopped in some 'Big Name' type stores. Hoping to score a few good deals. I am amazed at what we as a public are spending our money on! So much for Quality! WOW! I was amazed. I could have bought a long sleeve t-shirt material type shirt, that looked like it was put together by a 8th grader and worn 5 years, before going to the store! That was something like 15 bucks, on 'SALE'!!

Needless to say I didn't find anything there. As I continued a women stopped me to give me her sales pitch about some dead sea skin care. I will agree it was neat, but not for the 'great deal price of $59.95! Which shrunk down to $29.95. (I noticed online it is only $39.95 and the salt scrub she told me was $80 bucks I can buy for $64.95 online!)

I managed to sneak away from her by telling her I was going to stop back on my way out of the mall. Then I made sure I took a different way back to the car.

I managed to leave with just about what I came with, except I grabbed a Hot Dog and soda at Target.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall Fun 2007

Saturday a local landscaping place had a Halloween Fun Day. We had gotten something from the kids school telling about it so I decided we would go check it out.

Shortly after we parked we were met by a guy made up to look like he had cuts all over his face. He also had sun glasses on so you couldn't see his eyes. He was wearing dark clothing and a hooded sweatshirt. Even though it was high noon, it still freaked Zeb out that he was looking at Zeb. He walked with us for a little bit, but then he pointed at Zeb. If Zeb could have climbed me, he would have been on my head. Then he started to wave at Zeb, that helped a bit.

As soon as we walked up they had some hayrides. We hopped on the first one we saw and began traveling through the various trees and landscaping elements they had for sale.

This peticular location has a fancy water fountain, pond and boulder display. As we got closer we were treated to a girl pirate show, complete with costumes and even a Bassett hound dressed as a shark.

As we wandered on we came upon 3 plant houses that were made up in various scenes.

The first was a guy in a coffin that made a very loud noise and made you jump as he got up out of the coffin and followed you down to the next one.... , where two guys were 'cutting up a skeleton.

The third one was 2 girls fighting in jail and then they would start yelling at you.

The rest of the ride was a graveyard from the decorative boulders, a truck buried in the dirt, various 'dead bodies', a witch and 2 guys with chainsaws.

That was only the Hayride~
Then we go to the Store where they have cotton candy, popcorn, Hot Chocolate, Culvers custard, candy bars, face painting, pumpkin decorating and photo studio to take pictures of the kids in costume.
It was all Free! It was VERY fun. The boys completely enjoyed it.

We finished out the adventure by picking some pumpkins at the apple orchard by our house and headed home. Reece barely made it out of the car he was so tired after all the fun he didn't want to wake up to pick his pumpkin.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Moraine & More Hunting...

Reece recently went to Kettle Moraine State Park, as a result, he was to build something resembling what they may have seen if they were around during the ice age. Here is how his turned out. He was pretty happy. We used a recipe to make play dough for the glacier, and tinted some of it to make a Mammoth, we used a toothpick for the tail.

He used some duct tape to hold the grass he picked out of our front yard and added some sparkle glitter to the dough for ice effect. We used long cinnamon stix and some green paper to make some trees, just to help give it something more.
I hope he stays pretty happy with it since I saw some of the other kids projects and they were pretty good.
In other news, Brock recieved a new shotgun just in time for the Youth Gun hunt this year. Reece was just as excited as Brock about the new gun. Don't worry, yes he know's about gun safety and how he is not allowed to touch it without Dad present. He just wanted to pose for the picture.

Brock's youth gun hunt was not quiet successful, but it was a learning experience. Brock needs to learn to not talk so much, but I don't think that will change any time soon. They did manage to see 4 deer total on Sunday but that was it.

Update on Dad: Duner called from Iowa tonight at 6pm, he has approximately an 8 hr stretch through Nebraska then about 6 hours to Steamboat, CO. The latest weather called for rain on Saturday and Sunday. Yuck. I think they are going to come home early. Just my opinion.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Big hunt is coming

I have been busy getting my husband and car ready to go hunting.
Something is wrong there, I know.

Tomorrow he leaves for Colorado with his brother and some friends to hunt for about a week in the hills of Colorado. I have heard all kinds of interesting stories about how dehydrated and exhausted you can become. He was supposed to be running about 2 or 3 times a week to get prepared, but he maybe ran 5 times total.
Our Truck is the transportation for all of the guys. We cleaned up our truck, gave it an oil change and made sure the tail lights are working correctly, which brought to our attention the battery needed to be replaced. They are bringing our truck for 6 guys, their gear and food. I am glad they decided to bring a trailer. They think it will be to bring home the "big Hunt's Rewards".

I am NOT holding my breath.

They are going to be enjoying the balmy temperatures, as the high will be in the upper 60's, and the low in the low 30's. Sometimes lower it depends on the website you check. For some fun, the big guy upstairs has decided to throw some rain there way.

I remember watching the athletes at last years Wisconsin Ironman as it was in the mid 40's and rainy. Brrr. I watched for about 2-3 hours. Then I was ready to go in to a warm home. I can not imagine Eating, Sleeping, and just camping with rain and cold.

I am certain he and the rest of them will have loads of stories; From the email's we have been getting, I can tell, they are a bunch of clowns when they all get together.

Just Runnin'

I managed to guilt myself into waking up at 5:45 and head out on a run. I laid in warm cozy bed thinking how I was awake, B was home to hold down the fort until I came back. Since my window was cracked open, I could tell it was colder than it had been the previous days this week.

The last time I ran was Thursday. I did a 4.4 mile run. It was at sundown, and by the time I had gotten home he was very dark. It was a beautiful time to run. It wasn't 80 degrees and I really enjoyed the lack of sun beating down on me. (No lectures necessary)

I was hoping to run on Saturday or Sunday, but I just couldn't find the time.

So... I needed to do it this am or else I have to wait until the afternoon. That is when Z will be in School.
I got my butt out of bed. I grabbed my ipod and workout pants and long sleeve shirt. I was feeling pretty good and actually awake. I got my gear on, told B. that I was going for a run. He was already on the computer. The kid is nuts he actually wakes up insanely early to sometimes play on the computer or sometimes just watch tv.

Anyway, as I headed outside, I was in awe of the sky. It was still dark and crisp. I love Fall. It is probably my favorite season. I began out on the country roads, I like to go the opposite way of traffic. That way I can see if a car is coming. The only bad part of running that early is the lack of natural light. Not so much cars, but road kill. I knew that there was a dead muskrat, frog and cat along my route, I just had to avoid it. The muskrat was on the side of the road in the gravel. I tried to avoid it but each time a car would come I would go into the gravel, and be blinded due to the headlights of the upcoming cars as I tried to watch for the dead animals. Somehow I managed to skip it, but I don't know how.
Luckily the cat was on the other side of the road. There was also a dead frog but he was already pretty flat, so no chance of falling on that one.
My hands were pretty cold as I finished the first mile, but I was warming up pretty good by my 2.5. As I was coming to the 3 mile mark the sun was begining to come out.
That was the neatest and scariest run I have had in a long time, but things went well I think.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Career Searching

Brock is in something called Education Talent Search. ETS is a 'magically funded' program that helps kids whose parents did not go to a 4 yr school or can't afford to do so, a guide in the right direction. We qualify for this since Duner and I did not got to a college or university.

Last year, I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork and send it in to get the whole thing started. They had a get together with pizza but that was it.

This year they will have monthly workshops, field trips and various speakers planned.

One field trip is to a Flight School. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

The school is about an hour away, but a bus will bring him, and the other kids that are going to participate in a variety of activities designed to help them explore aviation. They will also go on a flight simulation machine after they complete "pilot training". I haven't talked to Brock about this yet but I imagine him worrying about his ears... The last time we flew he had a lot of ear pain. We visited a specialist for ears and he told us to load up on decongestant, and basically allergy medication. It sounds like Brock has a lot of fluid in his head normally and by getting it out that should help.

I heard from a wife of a pilot that I work with that flight school is outrageously expensive, but college is not cheap either. She said the big bucks in flying are with the larger companies, not the local Midwest Airlines, that we have around here. If we could get his ears in check, I bet that would be an interesting career choice.
But, OF COURSE, that is HIS to decide.