Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mom's Weekend only

My Vacation started 6:30pm on Thursday, when I sent off Duner and the boys to the cabin, Zeb with his double ear infection, with strick orders to STAY INSIDE AND TAKE HIS MEDICINE. I told him he needs to take it when he wakes up and before he goes to bed and once when he eats lunch. He really likes the 'pink stuff' so it should be easy for him to remember. (hopefully)
He was feeling better already, but he has been off school since Wednesday.

At the Brock and Reece's school they have had some kid that wanted off of school, last week Friday a bomb threat was found on a bathroom stall, of course they found nothing, but as a precaution we were able to let the kids stay home on Monday.
We got the e-mail on Sunday, but come Monday I had forgotten about it. The school sent home a letter saying they found the kid that did it and all was clear. After reading the letter aloud to me as I drove Reece home on Tuesday, Reece said to me "Mom, Didn't you care about me?"
ha. ha. Opps. I forgot.

So our basement has been coming along, we got the bathroom tiled this week. We now have a shower and in floor heat in the bathroom. We just need the plumber to come and install the toilet and hook up the sink, um... oh yeah, and a door. he. he.

The tile is not red at all this picture just didn't turn out that well, but this is the tile and shelves in the shower. The tile turned out really well. He did a great job.

We managed to hang up some cabinets in the game area, and do some molding, I love how the hickory cabinets have turned out.
We have the counter, we just have to cut it to fit and put it in.
I really should be painting some closet doors for Brock's Room but I am slackin' today.

I put in some extra hours this week at work, and I am tired. Not really sleepy just lazy, tired.

The girl that I am training with was unable to meet me today for our training. I was maybe 60% bummed, but then I thought about it... hey, I can sit in my new furniture, forgetting laundry, maybe sipping some sweet Door County Cherry Wine (Thanks Konny!) and pop on the fireplace.... Bummed No more! I couldn't wait to get home! I had to dig through Brock's room to find the Boy Scout jack knife, so I could get the cork out of the bottle. See, Boy Scouts saves the day again!

I even had some reading material... (a bike supply magazine I got from my parents).
Ahhh, and to think... only 12 more years til I could possibly be able to leagally kick out the kids to do this more often.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

One Busy Week.

Wow. I haven't had time to blog because I have been time deprived.

1. On my way down to visit my sis in Madison last Friday, my Dad believed it was time he had a hospital stay. He is out now, but I am now going to be along on Doctor visits in the future, just as an extra set of the ears and help my parents understand the whole medical system. He will be seeing a Neurologist on Friday. We are not exactly sure what is up yet. Will keep you posted.

2. Went to visit my sis, after a delay (helping with puppy duty and making sure Dad was ok) and had fun 'Best time Ever'(if you ask the kids) at my sisters. Went to Legoland Chicago and IKEA and spent the rest of the time resting at her house. The kids got to play the Wii and Civilization Four. They were very sad to leave. *sigh* I love to torture them.

3. Brock and Reece have decide to join the Ski Club at school. They will be going to Nordic 4 times in the beginning of the new year. Forms galore.

4. Kids are going to be out of School Friday due to 'Hunting with Dad'. A.K.A. I WILL BE ALONE FOR THE WEEKEND!!! YIPEEE!!!!

5. Zeb has a wonderful new friend. Loves to play with him, but doesn't live as close as I would like. I have been driving a lot to get him to and from there.

6. Finished all the molding that we can in the basement. We need to get more but it seems to be 'special'. hmmm.

7. We had to take out some of the drywall we put in the shower so we can have the tile guy come and put up the shower and flooring in the bathroom. And finished the last GFCI outlet we had to do in the bathroom. I won't embarass Duner, but lets just say... Its a good thing I was there.

8. Zeb got a delayed birthday card from one of his grandparents and had money to spend so we had to go toy shopping... guess what he got....9. Reece attended a babysitting clinc at the city hall today. Now he is all certified to be YOUR sitter. He really wanted me to give him a plug. He is super excited to get started with baby sitting. Let me tell ya, he is GREAT with kids. Big and small. He can even talk Zeb into buying Reece a toy with the $ Zeb got from Grandma! (but I didn't let him) Ha. Ha.
Seriously, he is really good with kids. Diapers are a new thing for him though. (fyi) Call today!
: )

10. I am still training for my Sarasota Half in February, K, my partner in the crime is doing GREAT! And now MY SIS IS JOINING ME! Yay! We are welcoming anyone else looking to soak up some sun for 4 days (give or take) in February, to join us!! It is Feb. 15th.

11. I just joined yet another weight loss challenge thing at the clinic and my friends at the Y also can't wait to get started on one. We all put $10 bucks in and we are going to weigh in weekly. Everytime we gain we pay $5 bucks. Winner with the biggest % of body fat lost wins the pot.
I don't know why I torture myself. *sigh*

12. We need tires for both trucks. We are in search of some good deals. Duner wants to buy tires online and I want to NOT. He knows a dealer in the area that will put them on for him, but i am still worried about that. We will see.

And finally, A local furniture store is going out of business & we needed a new couch for out upstairs living room, since we put the old sectional in the basement. We found a loveseat, sofa and two coffee tables (one 'game' one for upstairs and one round one for the basement). The 'game' table has a checker/chess board in it and backgammon board. It has been a big hit so far.

Our kids have quickly turned out 'game' table into a lego station. Go figure.

The end.
Have a wonderful week!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Party Follow up

This is how we looked for our Halloween Party on Saturday. I wish we had a decent picture but everyone is blurry. The kids just do not hold still long enough.
That would be Duner in the pretty skirt and pink beehive wig. I am in this....The dark cave person like creature. VERY UNIQUE! Thanks K for the costumes!! They worked great~ a big hit!

Tonight I was able to sneak away and run while Zeb was in swim lessons. I ran in the old hood! It was strange. I usually run on long straight country roads. I usually don't have cars, curbs, strollers, dogs or anyone that gets in my way. I don't have stoplights, to take breaks at. Last night Karma was with me, because I didn't have to stop until 3/4 into my run. (even though I wanted to) Running in the city, you have more hils with the sidewalks... run down to the street, and back up to the side walk. It is an older area of the city, so you have to watch out for random parts of sidewalk that are pushed up. I kept reminding myself that it was November and I was in a t-shirt and shorts! In Wisconsin. What is funny is I am going to be FREEZING at the end of the week... weather is supposed to reach only 43 on Saturday and 36 on Sunday or Monday. What a differnce a week makes. Today it is supposed to reach 70! I am going to take advantage of that, because I may be able to sqeeze in a BIKE RIDE!