Wednesday, December 20, 2006

All about Brock

Tuesday night was Brock's Holiday Concert. How Fun!
I loved my concerts that we did in High School, so I was really hoping this would be similar.
I had Reece do the camera 'thing' with out video camera. He couldn't wait for it to start.
We had to drop Brock off 30 minutes early and boy am I glad we did. It was a PACKED HOUSE! People were standing up and filled the balcony.
The teacher had asked that all boys wear a nice shirt and tie, dress pants and quiet shoes. Brock is about a 9 (almost) so I figured that Duners size 10.5 would be ok. They looked a little big but they matched his never ending legs. Black pants really add to the length of his legs.
Anyway, The 6th grade class sang 3 songs. The first was a cute song about having a snow day from school. The second song was a bunch of NOELS, I can't really remember it, but the third song was the best. It was The 12 days of Christmas. VERY FUNNY! They had 12 kids act out each 'gift' and my personal favorites was the Partridge in a pear tree and the 6 geese a laying. I wish I could post the video online, but I don't have that much talent. The boys they chose to do that were perfect.
That was Tuesday.
Today he broke down under the stress of a bunch of homework. He is strugling to keep his head above water. (With Grades) He is falling behind in computers and Science. He loved science. I am baffled. I asked him what he thinks his punishment should be but he didn't know. I told him he has til tomorrow.
We will see.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Busy Weekend.

Reece had a Basketball camp today. It was at the local High School. I was worried I was going to have a flashback of the last time he did a indoor sporting activity.

It was almost 2 years ago, when Reece tried indoor soccer. I don't know if tried is the right word.
He really like soccer but never did any part of the soccer, indoors. He went to the first day and panicked. He felt like he had a spotlight on him. (when there was ALOT of other kids there) I paid a lot of money for him to do this. I made him show up 3 or 4 times but I got sick of the tears and begging not to go, so I stopped. I did ground him til it was done, just to show him you finish what you start.

But Saturday was different. He panicked on the ride there, but did fine when we got there. He kept saying if I see.... or .... I am not going to do it. Why I don't know, but we got there early and he saw what the other kids (the 1st and 2nd graders) were doing and felt a little better.

I tried to hide so he wouldn't have me to look for in desparation. I hid behind other parents and he hardly noticed me.
He actually did pretty well.

Over heard...

Zeb (age 4) says to Brock(age 11) ....
" Brock! Dont take that. It's Mine. Its Dangerous!"

he he he...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sooo SICK!

Zeb had been coughing all week. It started wish a random cough here or there.
St Nick came early, while the kids were in school, since he had a lot of other places to be. Brock got the new Pirates of the Carribean, PJ's and magnetix, Reece got Jurrasic Park Operation Genesis, pj's and magnetix, and Zebbie got Cars for PS2, pj's, Cars slipper socks, and magnetix. He LOVED his game. He was so excited he played on it for 2 hrs straight. He wanted to get his time in before Reece would want to play his game. He was so happy when Reece had to go to school, so he would get his time in on the PS2 with his game. Normally he is happy to be with Brock and Reece but this week he was happy to be alone.
Then Thursday, he started to cuddle and want to lay down. I was trying to get Christmas Cards out and he kept climbing on my lap and laying down. I took his temp but it didn't show anything. I gave him some cough med and he went to sleep. I let him fall asleep with Brock.
Friday morning I had Grandma bring him to the doctor. I didn't want him to go all weekend with it. Not to mention the pneumonia that he had in October/November... so I had him checked out.
Turned out to be a double ear infection with chest congestion.
The doctor said she was surprised he wasn't complaining about his ears, since they looked pretty bad. She didn't feel doing an xry would be worth while at this time since he was going to be on an antibiatic for the ear infection anyway.
So 10 days, 3 times a day we will be giving him the good tasting medicine. He likes it, and that makes it easy to take. The last time he was on that med, he was reminding me when he needs to take his med.
I was glad we brought him in cause after the appt he rested ALOT, and his eyes were so puffy even if he smiled at you it looked like he was still sleeping.
Such a trooper...
I wish the kids in school, wouldn't share so much. He has never been so sick!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Birthday Boy!!

Yesterday was Reece's 9th Birthday.
He was so excited he had been jumping around all week anouncing it to anyone that would listen. He was so happy on Friday he got up with NO PROBLEM! If fact he was up before me! I waited til Duner got home from work and we opened the presents from Aunt Sara and us.
The first one he opened was Auntie Sara Guitar. As soon as he pulled it from the bag I had them in Duner says "Hey Reece, You got a guitar!' (Reece hadn't even opened it yet!) Yes it was a guitar. I had to hit Duner.

Next he open the Robosepian that we got him. It was pretty neat. I thought about not getting it. I was a little worried about it after I bought it I saw these Roboraptors flying off the shelves at Linens-n-Things. But they were half off so I can see why.

The final present of the morning was a Pokeman video for Gameboy. He liked that too. He wasn't able to play with the Robot since I had no batteries for it in advance. I will have to stock up prior to christmas to make sure I am ready that day.

After School, The boys called Grandma to bring batteries over so they could play with the toy. I told the boys to pick up the house a little since Reece was having a friend sleep over. His best bud, Jacob came over with a great gift card for Game Stop. I have seen the store but I think I have only been in there once or twice. Reece will love it! I have to wait til after St Nick comes, since they are getting some more PS2 games from him.
Grandma and Grandpa brought over Zebbie and the batteries, along with his Mega Blocks Jeff Gordon Nascar. He tried to put it together last night while Jacob and Brock played some games downstairs, but got frustrated when some pieces weren't working together. He gets so worked up when something doesn't go right. He sometimes needs to take 5 and come back later.

We had spaghetti for Supper and German chocolate cake for Dessert.
The desert didn't make it though the night. I knew it wouldn't. I saw the empty plate in the sink this am.

I think he had a Happy Birthday....

Doctor Time

So We start off the week by going to the doctor for Dad. He had some dizzy spells that we wanted to make sure were nothing since his mom had a HUGE brain tumor and didn't know it for a long time. Dr Elmer, I just love, was very common person speaking. It is nice to understand some doctors. I work with a Dr that is very similar.

He came in apologizing for being late. (At that time he was 15 minutes late only) Apparently he had 2 people run in with Chest pain. They must have been on special that day.
The doctor asked him about his diet and Duner told him about how much soda he drinks. The Dr. tried to tell Duner that 1) the Caffiene is bad for you, he can drink 4 cans of pepsi in a day easy. 2) If he continues drinking that much soda he should switch to the diet kind before his pancrease goes bad from too much sugar input. I didn't realize the second one that is a good point. I had been randomly buying caffeine free pepsi for a while now. When I was in WW they drilled us about how for every 1 can of caffeine you need double the amount of water to replace the fluid lost from dehydration from caffeine. I don't know if it is really that bad, but I do know the more water you drink (and the less caffeine) the easier it is to drop weight.
I had to chuckle when they weighed Duner he was 10 lbs heavier then last time he was on the scale. (with steel toed shoes) But I am sure he will lose that weight again. He has done it before.

Well, He did a CT scan, just to be safe, it was scheduled for the very next day. We spent more time waiting in line to check in then we did getting the actual test done! After we get to the counter she said "ok have a seat". We waited 10 minutes, another lady calls us up to verify everything, address, phone, insurance... and gives us a buzzer thing that we are to put in a basket when it goes off and take an elevator to the 'radiology dept' on the second floor. We go to the elevator, follow the yellow arrows on the ground and are met by a woman that says "Randy?" and takes Duner away. Zebbie and I sit waiting again in the waiting room. Luckily an episode of Little house on the Prarie was on. Zeb was tired and laid down with his head on my lap.
I waited for another 10 minutes and he was done that quick.

We found out what we didn't know already... He is normal. Who would have thought that? : }
But that is a good thing.

O Christmas Tree...

We picked up our Christmas Tree on Saturday last week at one of those cut your own places. We had always talked about doing that but never did. It was fun. I think next year we will go to one that has the sleigh/horse ride and hot cocoa, to really make it something special. The boys liked picking out their tree.
The boys begged me to let the put some lights on the tree Sunday. We were not sure since our Xmas tree stand is on it last leg. We will be grabbing on off clearence this year or early next year. I let them get out the decorations and start loading the tree. Reece was doing a pretty good job. Then it was Brocks turn. He had a hard time doing it. I think he just wanted it to be done. Reece ended up taking over and got a bit lazy and we had what looked like it as a tree made from lights. All of the lights were resting on top of the branch and they were sagging down. Patches of the tree were neon and some pitch black. I ended up trying to fix the tree but just had to start all over. I was not wanting to do that since I had lifted weights that am and my arms were tired.
After I had the lights on I let the kids place all the ornaments. The loved it. I dug out the video camera and dusted it off (it hadn't been used in about 2 years.) I put it on the charger and recorded the kids a bit but they were more interested in being silly on camera, so I taught them how to use it and they went nuts. They had fun wrestling with Zeb and recording each other.

Since we had such an unfamiliar Christmas I think they were very happy to get things started so soon. Even if our tree dies before we open our presents.