Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday night already??

This Weekend we worked all day Saturday, then on Sunday we started the big Basement project. Duner and I got started by hanging up the plastic for a moisture barrier.
Duners brother, Cory and Uncle Ron came over to help out. Uncle Ron has been in construction for a LONG time. He used to be a Mason, and is currently a glass installer. While he was helping us he mentioned that he had a door for a shower that someone didn't want. It was brand new, but the person that bought it changed their mind, so it was installed for 2 days and had to be taken out! Sweet! If it fits he will install it in our Master bath.

Uncle Ron's pretty much a perfectionist when it comes to measuring and installing. The guys both mentioned that. I love that about him. He has been married for many years to someone that did and does NOT appreciate that about him. She nagged at him a lot. We have all seen it.

We gave, our Godchild, Gage his Birthday presents. He is so cute. After he opened each gift he took the time to really look at his gift, before he opened the next one. It was sweet.

This is where we will need to have a plumber come in and help us by moving the water heater.
I was so busy chasing Gage, picking up toys and making lunch I forgot to bring Reece to his first Soccer practice today at 2pm! Completely forgot about it, until 5:30pm.


Hopefully I do better next week.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Food advertising

I was doing some research for an up coming trip and I happened upon this website that compares the advertised pictures to the real food in the package. I just thought this was interesting. It is from Germany, if you click on a food picture you will see a larger image of it.

Germans seem to really like their Mushrooms and their fish. Oh and Chocolate. I don't know how much of that my kids would eat. Herring and tomato sauce??? Yuck.

Thanks Weighty Matters for bringing this to my attention.

Day of Listing

Yesterday was a huge day of lists for me. I was looking forward to accomplishing a large amount of stuff. It was like I had a person in my head saying did you do this, did you finish that?

I managed to call an electrician, plumber for getting estimates on our basement project, file the paperwork to get my passport for the trip to Germany/England in October, Call Tycore (our builder) about some windows that were in, painters about my ceiling that needs a second coat, sign the kids up for summer school, filled out the paperwork for Duners new job - for insurance, ordered checks - since I found out that we were completely out , filed a bunch of papers in our cabinet and talked to a guy about rolling our very bumpy lawn in the back this spring. Whew! And I actually managed a couple loads of laundry.

I got so much done my head was constantly going over things... I even joined Reece as he reluctantly went to spin class! That was actually fun!

It was a "OH, I get it!" moment for me. I hated the standing up on the bike, but I realized last night I was doing it wrong. You kind of bounce when you stand up and it is really not bad. I was pushing against it. It is hard to explain, but you are supposed to use more than your legs when you stand up, unless the instructor says "Legs only" which is hard. The instructor is this cute little thing, just as nice and can be. Last night Reece was the only Boy in the class, so I was glad I was there. There used to be another boy, but when we went on vacation, he probably thought Reece dropped out, so he wasn't going to be there alone himself.

Reece whined for the first 30 minutes, but once I started to get on him he perked up and realized it wasn't that bad, but he kept STOPPING to drink, and I was trying to tell him you don't stop!
When we got home, I talked to Reece's new Soccer coach for this year. Reece starts soccer on Sunday already!

Brock kept talking non stop last night about random thoughts going through his head, and I just couldn't listen to him I had so much going through my head. I was looking forward to some down time at bedtime.

Just as I was crawling into bed, Zebbie came in by me and said "Mom, I am sorry for lying to you today." Awww.... How cute is that! I gave him a big hug and told him how much I appreciated that.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Liar, Liar

Today Zeb was at the YMCA daycare while I worked. I was on a tight schedule. I had 30 minutes to eat, change my clothes, bring Zeb home and get to my other job at the Clinic to work for the afternoon.
As we walked out of the Y he quietly dug in his pocket and pulled out 2 cars. He said "I got prizes today at the Y." Hmmm.
"No you didn't!" I said, knowing exactly what happened. "You stole those. I will be returning them!" I really wanted to grab him and march him back inside, but I didn't have the time. The rest of the walk to the car was me venting to him about how bad that was and how equally bad it is to lie.

Basically I went off on him. So I really drilled home my point when I went to Mc D's drive thru and got a happy meal for ME and got a girl toy so he wouldn't be interested in it. We had easy Mac waiting for him at home.
I like to buy Happy meal's because they are generally more the right size for meal, and cheaper than buying them off the menu.

As we got home Zeb had another car in his hand. I was still a bit ticked about the others and I took that one and said I would be returning that one as well.
Then he got mad and said "But that one is mine!"
"When you do bad things you sometimes need to pay them back, so we better give them this one too!" I replied. He ran inside. Specifically into his room.

I changed my clothes, talked to the boys about what I expected from them while I was at work, and left for the other job.

Shortly after I got to work I received a call from Reece.

We had been working most of the weekend on a 1000 piece puzzle, which we finished Sunday night. (side note: Never lay out a puzzle on you kitchen table, it SCREAMS put me together, Waste your time here!)
So Reece asked if the puzzle was all put together when I left.

I said "Yeah, why?".

He replied, "Because 3 pieces are missing and Zeb won't tell me where they are".

The pieces quickly found their way back to the puzzle after I explained to Zebbie that behavior like that will put him on the fast track donating ALL OF THE CARS he has to the YMCA.

P.S. Hey Sara, Tell J the book is on it's way, I squeezed that in before work.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sick Soup

(or Kiddie Cocktail)

This week has been one of much sickness. Any where you are you hear about how someone else is sick somehow. I don't know what is going on all over, but Friday, Reece had a infected left ear, so he is on antibiotics and ear drops. He began that on Friday but was just so miserable. I figured once the antibiotic got in him and had a chance to work he would be fine. We ended up going up to the adult dose of Advil, because that was the only thing that was helping him.
Saturday went pretty good, Advil was working. But today the Advil didn't do the trick. He was faithfully using the hot water bladder and taking his pain med but it wasn't helping today. I wasn't terrible this afternoon, while we were at my parents house, but shortly after we came home he slowly began to complain of more pain and now in both ears.
At 7pm I gave him Advil and by 9pm, still had no relief. I ended up calling the Dr on call, which happened to be Dr Al and he gave me a recipe for a Relief Cocktail.

4 kids chewable Benedryl
2 more Advil
2 Tylenol

So far, one hour later, he seems to have quieted down. I am pretty sure the benedryl has something to do with that. Hopefully the Antibiotic kicks in and he will be better soon.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 8: Dinosaur and Learning Museums

We Spent our last Day in Albuquerque learning about Dinosaurs and computers at the Natural Science Museum in Albuquerque. The even have a live bee hive in the museum!

I know the kids really liked that area, but they absolutely loved the computer area. Did you know Microsoft got it's start in Albuquerque? Yep. Paul Allen and Bill Gates were down there in the 70's. As we were coming back from Bandelier the night before we noticed the Intel Corporation. It is HUGE!! We must have driven past the 'complex of buildings for 2 miles!

On the left Reece is Checking his programing of the pizza computer they had. The kids had to program the computer to order a pizza, drive to get it, pay, drive it to the party and back.

After that and Brock's cute video at the Microsoft exhibit, we ate lunch at Tropical Smoothie Cafe again.
Then back to the old town for the learning Museum. I can't say enough about that museum. So much to see and do! Everything there was hands on. Lights, mirrors, wind, air, music, water, sand and weight... everything you could possibly think of to learn was there! The kids loved the high wire bike right away, but didn't want to try it until Dad went first.

Day 7: Swimming and Scenic Drive

We began on Sunday with a Swim at the hotel, while we did some laundry, the kids loved to get in there. Even Zebbie had been getting a bit more daring, he was using the hotel's noodles to venture out in the 5 ft section of the pool. That was good to see because even though he is currently in swim lessons, he was afraid of the water.

When we got the Bandelier National Monument again we set out to Alcove house. It is over your head in a mountain more than 140 feet up.
As you progress you see signs warning you if you are afraid of heights or bad cardiac history, you should not attempt this climb.

We didn't think too much of it.

Ok, so we climbed the first ladder.
"This wasn't so bad... only 2 more" I thought.

Then this tiny trail was our next obstacle, still not too bad... because you were pinned between two boulders.
But any short, chubby person probably would have to be creative about how they are going to get further than this.
Still 2 more ladders to go. Notice the nice railing? I love railings. Oh yeah, did I mention the winds were nasty that day? Gusting up to 55 mph.
Yep, REALLY, loved those railings!!

I was secretly hoping Zeb would panic and I would have to stay with him, but he never did!
We made it up to the 3rd ladder, where there is NO RAILING!!! YOU HAVE A 10 FOOT LEDGE, BUT NO RAILING!!!
At that time the wind decided to pick up and I had to stop and wait, because sand and tiny rocks were flying around and drying out my contacts quickly. I really needed my eyes up there. Unfortunately I have not pictures of what was up there, I was too panicked waiting for Zeb or of the other kids to trip and fall off the cliff. It was a big area, but it was slopped. I was glad to get down.
It was on to the next part of the park. We wanted to see the Upper and lower falls.

We were on a path that was 2.5 miles one way, Zeb and the boys were doing great. Along the path are numbered markers, they tell about various points of interest int he park. At mark 12 the book says "As you turn the corner just past this marker , the path becomes narrower. Keep your children Close."
It then goes on to say, "You will notice the wind change as well as air temperature". That, we found out, is because the wind picks up and just about drags you off the face of the mountain down 300 feet into the stream below.
Again, I do not have pictures of this path since I was too busy keeping a tight grip on Zeb. Trust me it was steep and windy. We have the wind burn to prove it.

Any pictures I did get it is because Reece had the camera and took them. Thanks Reece!!

After this adventure we took the 'Scenic Drive' back to Albuquerque. It is 30 minute longer but really neat. It is highly recommended by the locals and I can see why.. Yes that is snow on the first one!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Brock is so Cute when no one is Looking!

In the beginging he says "Hey I am part of the Exhibit" as he saw himself on the screen, towards the end you can see Brock talking... he is saying "No one can see me..." Little did he know!

We had the best time today at the Museum of Natural Science and History. They had an exhibit where you could sit at a computer and record something to be put in cue up on the screen for the day, to be part of the exhibit. Brock had the best one by FAR!!! I just had to post it... We had a blast yesterday, too, but we just haven't had time to post about it yet.
We are going to be traveling homeward tomorrow, so I must get to bed... Bummer.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day 6: Already?

Sometimes you look forward to something and then it finally happens and you somewhat slightly panic. That was how it was today. I have been reading Geekgirl's blog for months now and she is very real. Not fake at all. I wanted to not sound like a stalker, or some idiot off the street. I thinks things went really well. She is a talker, so that helped a lot. I really enjoyed getting to talk to her and her husband Baboo. He had just biked 60 miles and ran 2 miles that day. He said "He ONLY biked 60 miles..." ONLY???
We all met at a 50's joint called Hurricanes, good food and GREAT prices!
We woke up and headed to the Rio Grande Zoo/Botanical Gardens/Aquarium. They have a train that runs between the three. We were able to get half price admission for being a bowler. That really helped us out.
We took a train the aquarium, where we were able to see some very interesting crabs, jellyfish, eels, and sharks. And lots of other sea animals...

We had to get back to the Zoo, so we could meet Geekgirl and Baboo for lunch, so we left and then came back. Zeb loves Zebra's, because of his name. ZEBra's.
We also got to see some unhappy polar bears, a noisy lion, mice that liked to hang out in various animal habitats, beautiful jaguar's, cheetah and cougar's, mountain lion that was panting pretty hard, a Bengal tiger that was napping on his back up on a ledge (so cute!), Rhino's, hippo's, monkey's, ape's and baboo's. One was a real character, he was trying to get us gawkers to give him stuff, and he would do motions to get more attention. (i.e. wiped his brow, held out his arms and made motions) Oh yeah, and we saw some kangaroo's, peacock's wandering the grounds, and some elephants fight for a ball and push each other off a mound of dirt. (We were told they were the 10 year old boys) Go figure...

We saw some neat duck's too. Wood and Mallard ducks. Also one we don't know what it was. We saw some Bald and a Golden Eagle (in picture), REALLY UP CLOSE! We were probably 5 feet away from us. It was right in front of us. I don't think any of the birds were really more than 15 feet away.

A lot of the animals were really up close. This one is the New Mexico state bird. The Roadrunner. Doesn't exactly look like the cartoon....

It was a fun day, but Zeb wanted to be like Dad so he wore shorts and a T-shirt and didn't think to bring a sweatshirt. It was a bit cool this morning and so we ended up letting him use my jacket until we could buy him a sweatshirt to wear.

Between the Zoo and Aquarium is some ponds for fishing for Trout and catfish. Also, a pond for running remote control boats! How cool is that! We could have stopped by we didn't have time. It was a busy and fun day, we headed back to the hotel for a nap before doing anything else.

Today's Temp got up to 67 degrees.
Tomorrow we are going back to Bandilier National Monument to finish some of the walks, and we promised the kids some swimming time.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Day 5: More Bowling... More fun center?

Friday was doubles and singles tournaments for Duner, He knew the kids would be bored, so we dropped him off and headed to Hinkle fun Center again for some entertainment. We still had some credits for game machines to use up. So we did that and headed out to Tropical smoothie cafe to have some lunch, and as soon as we were finished Duner was ready to be picked up.

We swung by and got him and headed out to the Movies with the kids. We saw Dr. Suess's Horton hears a Who (Zeb,Reece and I) and 10000 B.C. (Duner and Brock) Both were neat. Getting some popcorn and soda was a unique experience it was more like a buffet than a movie theater. They even had ice cream.

We stopped at REI after the movie and checked out some biking and hiking gear. I picked up a camelpack for water while riding my bike for $12 bucks, on clearance.

Right now Duner and the boys are at the pool as I write this. It is a nice break for me.

We had a wind storm roll through here today. I saw a LOT of tumble weeds getting crumbled by cars. Gusts up to 55 mph, lots of sand, it kind of reminds me of being up at the cabin.

Brock says he wants to live here when he gets older. I was surprised to learn that 800,000 people live here. The average age is 36. I truly have only met one person in this town that seemed like they hate their jobs, they seem to be really laid back. We really like the frontage road/ highway systems they have here. Really user friendly.

Tomorrow we are going to me a fellow blogger called Geek girl. I have been reading her blog since July and realized she lives in the area. I emailed her and she was nice enough to agree to meet me and the family on Saturday!

Todays temp 69, but VERY WINDY.

Day 4: Balloon Museum and Bowling

On Thursday was the first part of the bowling tournament for Duner. We had to check in at 12:30 pm so we quickly went to the balloon Museum to check that out before having to sit for 5 hours at the bowling center. The kids had fun assembling their own hot air balloons and testing them out, tying knots, and basket weaving. We managed to escape with 2 inflatable blimps and 1 ship with aliens.

When we returned to the hotel we did some laundry, and began to shower and get dressed up for spectating the bowlers.

The night before the kids were coughing in the pool area, the chemicals were a bit strong, so we decided to take a day off.

The kids did really well, I warned them how boring it was going to be for them so they were prepared. Reece and Brock brought game boys, Zeb had his inflatable blimp.

We went to the lanes and waited for Duner and his team to appear. Once they got set up and bowling we went for a walk. The kids had been sitting for 2 hrs by then and we slowly went out to the car to look for Reece's glasses. That morning he had bent them some how, so I told them if the are not on his face they need to be in the case. He was afraid that he left them on the floor somewhere in the bowling center. Thankfully they were in the car.

We grabbed some nachos and hot dogs and went back and waited. We only had 90 minutes to wait. Yay!
Duner didn't do great, but he recovered in the 3rd game.

After the bowling we headed out to a nostalgic diner called Route 66 diner. I wish I bought the camera, all of the wait staff had vintage dresses and they played oldies overhead, it was a neat experience.

On our way back to the hotel we stopped at Hinkle fun Center. The kids got to ride the go karts and play laser tag. The kids were so excited with that they talked non-stop about how many times the got Zeb or got hit themselves.

I managed a few pic's of the kids getting into the go carts but I wasn't able to get any of them riding in them, they all just turned out blurry.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 3: Land of Fire and Ice and Route 66

Wednesday we drove to a city just south of Grants New Mexico. It was a very interesting brochure that led us to this location. We pulled onto this very bumpy road with loads approx 29 volcanoes all around us. (We learned that from the tour. We pulled into what looked like a north woods Wisconsin cabin, just a bit more rustic. We paid our fees, Brock is considered an adult, but Zeb was free so that worked out ok.

500 yards away was the "ice" part of the area. It had 20 feet of ice and year round it never goes higher than 31 degrees in that area. Just in case we all brought our jackets but really it wasn't so bad.

Then a bit of a longer walk the other way was where the volcano began releasing the lava that went on for 22 MILES. It is hard to get a good picture of the area because it doesn't fit in the window of my camera, it is so HUGE.

We also learned this area is prone to lightning strikes due to the high amounts of iron in the lava, which attracts the lighting.

After that area, we drove on sections of Route 66. Apparently they have built this new interstate over sections of the old Route 66 so there are only sections of 66 that are left. I could only find the name painted on the road so we quickly had the kids get out for this picture.

Today we are going to the Balloon Museum and the Bowling Center for Duners bowling.
Today's Temp is going to be 66.
Yesterday according to our car, it got up to 72!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 2: Science Museum and National Monument

Tuesday we were able to do one load of laundry while the kids swam, then we all got ready to drive to Santa Fe and Los Alamos, New Mexico. Santa Fe is less than an hour away. The speed limit here is 70 mph, so we got there in less than 50 minutes, but we just drove through since the Science Museum is in Los Alamos.

As we drove through Santa Fe, I noticed they had a Trader Joe's!!! I had to stop! I love my Dark Chocolate and Pistachio covered toffee from Trader Joes. It is essential for dessert. I always get that when I stop there. I also picked up veggie crisps, apple sauce and huge water bottles for only .29 cents each!

The Science Museum was very interesting, all about atomic bombs to computer chips and DNA. I learned so much in the 2 hours we were there my head hurt. I was worried the kids would be board but we had a hard time peeling them away from the hands on activities!! The best part was the museum is FREE!! We didn't even pay to get in!! And they loved it!

They also had a war section that talked about WWII, and Manhattan Project. They also talked about how they are trying to make sure the current supply of nuclear weapons stays safe without testing them. Very interesting!!!

After we finished that it was time to head to our next stop, about 20 minutes away, Bandelier National Monument. We got directions from the science museum and headed out. We had to got though a strange security point. It looked like a toll booth area, but a security guard just waved us through. All along our drive we saw Tech labs, places in which they are testing the nuclear chemicals with out testing the weapons. They all had large signs that said LANL site 49 (or whatever site you were at).

After seeing a few mule deer we pulled into the national monument and paid $12 for the park pass. The rest was free. I bought a book for $1, for our walking tour but that was it. The entire Los Alamos area is where a volcano erupted a very long time ago, so you were able to see the areas where lava carved lines down this huge mountain. We walked a long a one mile route and learned about the Ancestral Pueblo people's homes and living habits. Did you know they had diapers made from tree bark?? Talk about diaper rash! They also had blankets made from turkey feathers.
As we walked along the trail and up the dwellings, we learned they were small and skinny people. At one area, it was so tight anyone more than 40 inches wide would not have been able to get through. Lots of stairs, It was easy to get winded.

While we were walking the trail we saw about 10 mule deer that seem to know we are not supposed to leave the trail. In fact one waited for us to walk by before crossing the trail. They were about 45-65 yards away.
We were toasty warm as we walked along the homes, but then we crossed a stream and came into the woods and snow! They had signs along this path with information for us. At one point the signs talked about how Ponderosa Pines have vanillan so the bark smells like vanilla, and it Does! Every time after that Brock just had to stop and smell the pines!

Needless to say ALL the kids slept on the 1 hour 30 minute drive back to the hotel.

Today's agenda? The land of Fire and Ice.

Todays temp? A nice 68 degrees!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sandia Tramway: The Longest tram in the world

Monday we went to see the Longest tramway in the world. It ends on top of the Sandia. It was perfect sweatshirt weather here.

They have 2 trams, they both run opposite each other. Infact, you are not allowed to get off, until the other is docked safely.

They have some insane men that monitor this and instead of riding in the tram they ride on TOP of it!! We actually saw them do this!!

We get discounts on some attractions because of being a bowler, so after we checked in at the bowling center we got our coupon book. It saved us 5 bucks for the tram ride! Yay!

This was my favorite picture. It is the view from the tram as we got to the top of the 2.7 mile long tram ride. We passed many rocks precariously looking like they may fall down the hill at any moment, one they affectionately call Nemo.

Zeb was pretty nervous about the ride. In fact at first he proclaimed, "I am not going on that thing", but when he saw another boy and girl his size he settled down right away, almost to say "Hey, I am not afraid" to them.

He only held on to this pole for a little while.

I noticed this sign about bears wandering this area and we thought it would be cute to do this pose.

They had this scope set up for specific points in the area. From on top of this mountain you could see places (on a clear day) over 100 miles away. We were able to see a mountain that was 68 miles away without a problem.

For supper we went to Fuddruckers, home of the Worlds Greatest burger. Reece, Duner, Brock all had 1/2 lb burgers with fries. But, Brock was so hungry he went for a SECOND 1/2 LB BURGER. We told him we are going to Target and getting him some Raman noodles to eat the rest of this trip to help save on our food bill. Yesterday we picked up a bunch of water bottles, some soda and snacks to keep in out fridge at our hotel room so we aren't buying so much while we are out.

Now we are off to the Bradbury Science Museum in Los Alamos New Mexico. The best part in the Free Admission!!! I love this place. Not very expensive to visit, low admission prices all over, and the FRIENDLIEST PEOPLE I have been around since we went to Mexico.
High temp for today is 64. Enjoy!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Albuquerque: Day 1

I must first give some praise to Duner. For as much as I may jab him from time to time he really in the end is a very good guy. It really shines whenever we travel. I have a tendency to panic at times, I know it is a trait I get from my Mom. I am very picky when it comes to my kids at the airport. I feel like I am constantly checking to make sure I still have all 3. I really hate letting them go to the bathroom alone. Even through Brock is now officially 13, I just don't want to let go yet. Maybe more so in 3 years. (?Driving??? Double yikes)
For all my complaining, "Go get check on Reece" or "Stay with him", whenever we get settled into our rental card Mr Optimist, happy-go-lucky says to me "As long as you guide me I know we will get there, I just couldn't do this without you" or "You got us a pretty nice car Honey". Thanks Babe!
And now on with the post...
Bright and early our adventure began.

Actually not really. It took us until 11 am to leave but that was pretty good considering we weren’t really expecting to leave until noon. We had some extra time so we stopped by the Cabela’s Store on the way down. Duner and Reece had a buffalo burger they were cooking outdoors on a grill and I had a chicken sandwich. We had gotten some tokens from the front desk “dude” as Brock calls him and the kids were in a hurry to get to the shooting gallery. After about an hour we decided it was time to go.
Duner was surprised that I hadn't printed out instructions to get to the airport, but I figured we would just follow the signs. It worked! After driving around for 20 minutes we finally found a parking spot in the covered garage. As we headed to our check in counter we heard someone say "We forgot to set our clocks ahead one hour so our plane will be taking off in 15 minutes." That sucks!

We dropped our luggage off, I feel sorry for the luggage people. My bag was HEAVY!! Glad to get rid of that one. Then we headed to our gate. They had a nice small play area for the kids, with foam wedges and chairs.

Our plane to Minnesota was delayed, only 20 minutes. They said it was because our plane left from Newark late. That doesn't surprise me, I heard NY is the work place for being on time. Zeb was BEYOND EXCITED.... He could not stop wiggling his feet. We had to wait for them to de-ice our plan and he giggled with excitement while the spray was on his side. We ended up being slightly delayed on the runway, so Zeb kept asking "When are we going to go?". We had to wait for a truck on the runway that was inspecting it.
When the plane finally took off, Zeb giggled even more with delight as we climbed. He was so happy. Duner said "I don't remember the last time he was this happy." The first flight was only an hour and we were done in no time. When we flew in, we could see the bridge that collapsed. It was still half there, but the debris in the water looked cleared away.
We ate supper at Chili's in the Airport, and headed to our gate, on our way we saw a section of army guys that were going to Amsterdam.
Our next flight left on time. Brock went through a liter of water and that was for the take off!! We had them refill his water bottle for the way down, but he was sleeping so hard I couldn't wake him up. I figured if it didn't bother him I would leave him alone. Let him wake up on his own.
While we were getting our rental Car, a Chevy Equinox, we asked the woman helping us about "critters" such as scorpions. She said just avoid construction and you will be fine.
Just to be more safe we asked the clerk at our hotel about them and she said they have no problems with critters.
Right now the kids just got up and are enjoying the free hot breakfast and the free wireless internet included with this hotel. We don't know what activities we are going to do yet today, but the first is get to Wal-mart so we can fill our fridge with beverages, preferably healthy choices.... But if I know Brock he is going to play the 'It's my Birthday' game.