Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why Kids are better than Cats

Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE our cat. Many hours and tears have been spent in her name. We are in NO WAY getting rid of her. EVER. But, I have had some time to realize that even though our kids are in Wisconsin with relatives, my house is no way FREE from the 'messes'. I think she misses the kids dearly. She now has a new name. Sassy.

1. The litter box. 'nuf said. I love our litter, but the sassy girl, is messy.
Kids: May 'forget' to flush, or miss the target but they have ears and arms that work to clean it up themselves.

2. The knock off... or over. Don't even think about having a drink, remote, watch or ANY thing on a table or counter top. Soon when you leave it will end up on the floor. Grrrr. At least we are currently renting. I think when we move, we are going back to sippy cups for ALL OF US until she grows out of this problem.
Kids: They don't spill drinks or knock things over on purpose (generally), just to see what happens.

3. Claws. I just couldn't bring myself to de-claw her. She had a rough start, and if she would ever escape from us, I would like to know she could defend herself. Our couch, is for example, sucumbing to her. I picked her up a scratching post. Hopefully more soon.
Kids: Although my kids tend to like long nails, they don't growl at me when I cut 'em.

4. Fly-a-ways. Cats shed. Like most animals. My allergies act up when I pick her up. I always forget how my face doesn't like her hair. But she is sooooo soft!! My eyes and nose itch after a few rubs.
Kids: Have hair, but no shedding and for some reason I am not allergic. hmmmm.

5. Moods. She likes to make sure you know when she is in a 'mood'. Her favorite is to hide under the bed and attack your feet. I hate big feet. (mine)
Kids: The don't talk to me when they are in a 'mood'.

6. The learning curve. I can pick her up off the counter and put her on the floor and she will hop right back up there. Even when I am right there!! 3x in a row.
Kids: They do get the hint. It may be a tone or a grip of the arm or a tap upside the head. (ok. please note. I did not say beat the snot out of them.)

7. Misplacement. I have lost my glasses, my blush brush, and my watch. Just to name a few, due to her 'lets see what happens when I do this' attitude. Re really likes to pull open the top draw of our vanitiy and carry my blush brush to the kitchen. When I ask what happend to X. She sits and stares blankly. Go figure.
Kids: Can either a} tell me where it is or b}help me look for it.

8. Manners. Our cat LOVES to sit directly on my computer while I am typing or reading. As if to say, Your done. It is ALL ABOUT ME NOW.
Kids: Thankfully my kids, since the youngest is 7, do not feel the need to crawl all of tables or my lap when they can tell I am busy.

9.Bedtime. I LOVE ME SOME SLEEP. LOTS. Somehow she feels the need to 'tenderize' our mattress. ... paticularly directly above our heads. Oh yeah, good times. We now had our door fixed. We can lock her out at night. YAY!!!
Kids: My kids no longer wake me in the middle of the night to 'play' or 'tenderize' our mattress.

10. Begging. String Cheese can not be opened without her sitting on top of or bolting toward you.
Kids: They can get their own food. No need to beg. Ok, maybe they do for other things, but sometimes it is the simple things, ya know?

I am so glad to see them soon!! Love you guys!!xxoo