Wednesday, December 29, 2004

New Blog!

Hi Everyone!
I have started another Blog. This is about our Cabin! Check it out!
Up North to Breed
(that's the town name)

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Happy New Year to All....

Well we have survived another Christmas. Which is truly amazing when you think of all the people that have died over the holiday. First my uncle Tom on Sunday the 20th. Then Reggie White Christmas night. Not to mention a couple of patients from work. I was reading our local paper and there was a bunch of obituaries this last week, too! That is what I mean when I say surviving the season.
I felt it nesscessary to torture my children on Christmas Eve. (That is what the 'T' in Mother stands for you know.) So we spent a couple of hours at Shopko ringing bells for the Salvation Army. Did I forget to mention the temperature was maybe 1 degree. Yep that''s it One digit. Cold, very very cold. You would think we would be lucky since we were between the doors... Not so much.
My sister Sara came with us that day which helped out perfectly since they have 2 entrances and I am only one adult. So we divided up the kids and she went to one entrance with Reece and I was at the other with Brock. He really didn't believe it was torture. He was so funny. Whenever someone came in Brock would give them a sad puppy look and stare them down. We actually saw someone that he did that to go out the other door. I can't blame them but they would have rather walked out in the cold then walk past us again? Wow.... What power. After that I told Brock to not do that anymore. He was very good at saying ' happy holidays' or 'merry Christmas' to people after they dropped in the change. Sara and Reece were down at the other end singing christmas carols, when Reece decided to leave, so she stopped just as someone came to put money in the pot. They were feeling let down and said 'what? no music for me?'.
I had a malfunctioning door to contend with. It really was in my favor. At this entrance there was 3 self push doors and 1 automatic door for in. For the people going out there was 2 automatic doors. Well the 1 automatic door for in was not working correctly in the the second hour. It really was for my favor. If they didn't want to make eye contact with me they were forced to do so. Since the door wouldn't open automatically. I would just smile and say it has a mind of it's own today. I like to believe this was God's way of saying to them 'Please help out my people'. Someone returning to work at Shopko notice it and fixed the door in the open position. Yeah, HEAT!
We switched kids at the halfway point and I got a chance to truly torture Reece. He wanted to sit down. Nope, not a chance. He wanted a gumball or toy from a vending machine near us. I told him he needed to show me he deserved it by ringing the bell and standing next to me nicely. Well it worked. He did very well. We didn't have a watch so toward the end we played a game of 'How many minutes do you think we have left?' to help past the time.
Which worked quite well.
Then I continued my torture and took the kids to church. They didn't feel it was torture. They were a excited cause they got to play with fire. They gave the kids a candle and we all stood up and sang 'Silent Night'.
As we left Brock said " That was fun, Mom. Can we do that again?"
Darn. I guess you can't win them all.
Go Packers!
God Bless to All.... :]

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Really we do have a driveway somewhere at the cabin....? Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

I love fresh white snow. I just wish I didn't have to move it, walk on it, or clean it up. Brock woke me up on Monday saying 'The TV just said something about cancellations, maybe school is cancelled!'
Of course I checked it out and nope. As expected school was still in session. It seems as though Appleton is the LAST school district to cancel classes.
I must let you know the reason Brock was awake before me. He ALWAYS is. He is a very weird 9 year old. He sets his Alarm clock every morning to get up at the crack of dawn so he can drag his brother out of bed and play for an hour or so before school. I really can't complain. But he even does it on the weekends. I know strange kid.....

Sunday, December 19, 2004

I do not take responsiblity for their actions!! Posted by Hello

Saturday, December 18, 2004

No Room at the Inn....

Since we have a 3 bedroom house, 3 kids, and 2 adults; you just know that a couple of kids will be together.
I remember growing up in a simaliar situation (except all girls) and having to share my room with my sister Jill. My sister Jill is older then me. I am told that she didn't want me she wanted a brother. She resented that about me. She later began to resent me borrowing some clothes or even being on her side of the room. It seemed most of her childhood was spent resenting me for some reason or another. I don't want to blame her for everything, I pushed a few buttons now and then. But I always had the excuse that I am younger and don't know any better. : ]
Anyway, My oldest is getting up there in age. The kids really get along quite well. I thought it would be a good time to switch things around. Before things got worse (i.e. teenage years). Brock and Reece were sharing a good size bedroom. We had Zeb in his own since he was born for obvious reasons. On Tuesday, I put Zeb's toddler bed in with Reece and put Brocks half of the bunk set in Zeb's old room. That way the 7 and 2 yr old are together and the almost 10 year old will have his own room. Which my husband likes to remind me that he has ALWAYS had to share a bedroom,' even now I still have to share a room' he loves to say. No pity party here. He is stuck now!
Tuesday night we did our normal routine, brush teeth, pj's, turn on music, and finally bed. I was worried about the 2 yr old crying and wanting to go back to his room, but I realy didn't have any reason to. He just climbed in with a learning toys that makes noise and settled in. Reece hated that toy. I thought he would hate the lamp that we leave on a timer for Zeb. But nope. Thirty seconds after we closed the door Reece came walking in to our room.
"Zeb's toy is keeping me awake" he said.
I told him' you have 2 pillows stick your head in between them if it bothers you. If we take that toy away you realy won't like the noise.'
Grudgingly he went to bed with no more problems. My husband and I marveled at how well it worked. We didn't realize until then that we didn't have to get out of be and yell because Brock and Reece were playing Jungle Gym with their bunk bed.
It was quite, peaceful and almost erie.
The very next day Brock said to me "Mom, I had the best nights sleep ever!"
Reece was much less apreciative as he sat down to get dressed with his arms crossed and his back hunched. "Not Me." Reece said. "Zeb kept me awake all night with that toy!" to which I said 'It could have been much worse.'

Poor kid, I guess payback's kinda suck.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

How can you turn me down? Posted by Hello

What are you waiting for? Posted by Hello


I have 3 wonderful boys. Brock is 9.5, Reece is 7 and Zebula is 2. I always wanted a girl. I don't know why....
Just the thought that my boys are talking more about girls gives me goosebumps.

Brock anounced yesterday at supper, wait , let me say Reece anounced for Brock that he has TWO girlfriends. Reece then went on to say how much he likes his girlfriend , Summer. I must say she is adorable. I have seen her myself.
December 1st was Reece's birthday and to celebrate we ate supper at Hometown Buffet. Guess who happened to be there. Yep, Summer. Reece was beaming. She must have said 'Hi Reece' about 20 times! (no exageration!) She was making special trips around the soda station just to say 'hi'.
I just love it. It is adorable to see, I must say. And to think it is only begining..... : - }