Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yesterday I had posted some pictures of our new (or soon to be) home. There was a slight change of plans. We are not building on that 2 acre lot due to something that they had neglected to inform us on. Due to poor communication (not on our part). So that is all I am going to say for now on that part. It is changing daily.

I got a Very distrubing phone call from a guidance counsler at school today. Brock was found to be part of a group of kids that found it a 'cool' thing to choke themselves til they almost past out. Brock was said by one kid to be the best at it. Which distrubed me to the point that I left work early to meet with him after school. I am very grateful that Reece had the sense to not try it since you can die from that and Threatened to tell me if Brock did it at home. As I drove home I couldn't help but think that the recent scares that Brock recieved at school were from him passing out from lack of oxygen. He will now have a permenent memory since school pictures are next week.

I sure hope our talk today with Brock, Lori (the counsuler), Duner, Reece and I helped. At one point Reece even started to cry when we talked about what would happen if Brock died. It seems harsh but ,I think, seeing his brother care helped to soften Brock up. I don't know what he is thinking when he said it feels awesome. This is the same kid who will shield his eyes from a scary show on TV and ask Reece, the younger brother, what is going on.

Any Ideas that would help feel free to leave a comment on it.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Crunch Time

We finished the new countertop, it didn't go as bad as I thought it would. I am glad to have the giant box out of my living room. I missed my lack of a kitchen sink.
We also finished a few projects that we never did get around to. Like caulking some things, painting some things. Won't be writing much cause I need to going on cleaning since our home goes "live' on Saturday, next week. Yikes!
We now have an accepted offer in Holland on Wooden Shoe Circle. We are going to most likely be in our new home by February. Which means we will be trying desperately to SELL, SELL, SELL! I told the company that will build our home to take their time. But since we are doing a Turnkey mortgage, I doubt that will happen.
I am so glad we found this land. It is 2 acres with city water and sewer. It also has a pond and the street improvments are included. Which is rare in the valley here. We will live near a doctor I work with. We are going to also have an exposed basement. Which means we will be able to make a bedroom in the basement and it will be stubbed for a full bath too. That way when the kids get old enough they can each have there own room.
We I must go more work is calling.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


That is all I can say at this time, things are just so crazy around here. We took out my countertop yesterday and will be putting it back today. I just don't have enough time in the day to do everything.
Cub Scouts starts tonight the boys are looking very forward to that. Luckily the whole family is invited.
We will know probably by the end of the week if we are going to build out in Hollandtown or not. There is a very nice 2 acre lot there with a pond. We talked to the builders yesterday on that site. I think it went well, but I think our realtor is pushing us to go with "her' builder more so, since they get a kick back for 'introducing us". Even though we really knew them before, since their son Reece was on a T Ball team with our Reece. Also if we do stick with the 2 acre lot, we most likely have to use a certain builder and not the one that she wants.

Well I must go paint again. My Life.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Young and Zebbed.

I have been very busy lately with Zeb, here is a photo of his 'racetrack' he did this weekend with Nestle Quik chocolate milk mix. Addorable. If you look close enough you can even see his foot prints. He also made some fancy artwork with a black permanant marker on a wooden railing. Magnificent. I just LOVE the sound he makes of the truck he pushes across my living room floor, over and over and over and over again. Get my point? I am ready for the next stage. This is getting old. He now cries when his brothers go off to school and he gets to stay here. Next year Pre school. The more I think about it, the more excited I get. I can't even Imagine what to do with my time, without pick up or fixing something he just "Zebbed". He has also discovered passing gas. He says "I tooted!" with such excitement everytime he does it. I don't know where all of this energy comes from!
Now everytime I sit down at the computer he comes over and says "that one!". He has only one game on my computer, but he LOVES it. But he doesn't understand how to exit the game, instead he just pushes the "off" button. I am working on that one.
Reece has lost both of his upper big front teeth. We were sitting in Church on sunday when he started looking for something and I said "what are you looking for?" he smiled at me and I knew. It didn't even bleed. It fell out while he was chewing gum and landed right in his pocket.
Yesterday when I took the puppies into the vet Reece's puppy lighting had recently lost both of his front teeth too, and my mom said he was just like his owner. The puppies are now 36 and 31 lbs. Of course Thunder is the bigger one.
Well, I must go he wants his computer time now.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Back to work

Well I went back to work Thursday and Friday this week after being off all weekend. It went pretty well, aside from a doctor acting up. We are also training some new CSR's to help us out. I love the new girls they will be job sharing but I hate training. I would just rather do it myself, but I can't blame them they are only learning.
I am in search of my glasses. I have not seen them since we left the cabin. I know I put them with some clothes, but that was the last time I saw them. I am sure they will show up. Reece and Brock started school this week. Reece has for 2nd grade the same teacher Brock had for 1 st grade. She said that they promoted her since she actually learned something. Her name is Mrs. Wells. She was VERY nice!! Reece is very happy because his best friend Jacob, and his friend Dylan and Jose are also in his class. I just hope he gets some work done and doesn't goof off all the time.
Brock has Mrs Frick. She seems nice. Brock was hoping for the other teacher Mr. Mattioli, because he said she can be mean. Brock is ok with her through. She seems a little anxious, and more strict than he has had in the past but not mean. He also has a new LD teacher. His new LD teacher is married to a Drug rep from our clinic so I had been looking forward to actually meeting her. She is very nice, I think Brock will like her.
Reece probably didn't set the best example this week when he wore the same camo pants to school for day one and day two. I guess I can't do anything about it. I was at work when he switched what we set out for him to wear. Hmmmm. He defintely gets that from his dad.
Well the laundry is calling....

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Ode to my little toe

We stopped by the office today so I could have Dr Schimke take a look at the lovely colors of my toe. In case you missed it in my last post, I was up north when I walked from the bathroom to the dining area and ran my toe into a bar stool. I heard a nice crack, similar to that of a peanut shell cracking but thought, boy if it broke it didn't hurt much. I was limping but I was able to get around well enough. After getting the dishes cleaned and put away I sat down and put my foot up.

As we ate lunch a little later I went to move my foot out of the way and wacked it right in to a kitchen chair that my dad was sitting in. OUCH!!! That did hurt, MUCH more. And when I stood up I felt something in side it shift. It did feel a little better after that but the pulsating started to kick in.

I managed to keep it up and iced and it seemed pretty good. Well, when Dr Schimke took a look at it, she said it was definitely broke. We did xrys just to make sure but they confirmed her diagnosis. When the doctor looked at them she said I not only broke it but I scheared it. It was broken all the way through. That must have been the 'shift' I felt after the second blow to the toe.

Thus my ode to my little toe.
Oh and we ran across this snake in the forest near the cabin this weekend. Check out this website!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Great Weekend!

We just came back from the Cabin. What a great weekend it was. Cory and Shannon came up and some friends of ours Kathy and Tony, with their 3 boys. They had a blast! We took them to slippery rock and a horseshoe tournament. Their oldest boy was the most polite and well behaved boy that I have met in a LONG time. Just a sweet boy. All of the boys got along just great. Not one fight.

The first night we were there Zeb was sitting on my lap and threw his head back and hit my head just above my eye socket. Ouch! Then I was walking in the cabin and cracked my pinkie toe on a chair. Double Ouch. I then went on to jam that same toe into another chair and then I stepped wrong off the deck. All in one day. Other then that it was a good time had by all.

We got a note from Kathy after we got home that said her 3 yr old cried when they left because he wanted to go back. Awwwww. How cute.

When we returned home Poor Zeb got splated with Ketch Up and didn't even cry!! It shot out directly to his face and shirt. He never even panicked. Even later when the Pepsi he was drinking got accidently hit and he ended up with pepsi all over his face and belly he just calmly went over to the Kleenex's and got one to wipe his belly off. No crying at all...Poor Kid. It stinks to be short.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ok, It is now 5.20 am and I am typing this before I have to work. It has been Crazy around here. This last weekend we watched a boy for someone I work with. His name was Ashton and he was addorable. He was 4. Zeb just loved him. He kept saying to us "Where is your kid?" and " I am a cool kid". I just love a positive additude.
Reece was feeding the dogs and broke the measuring cup we bring the food out with blaming it on the Dogs. When I said 'ok, just throw it away' he said 'your not mad?'
I said 'No'. He said' Then that wasn't exactly the truth. I threw it down to see if it would break'.
Gotta Love em....

Zeb actually used the potty this last weekend for #2! That was the only sucess until Tuesday night when he came running in the house yelling " I peeed! I peeed!"
I said " You did?"
He said "Yeah, Outside!"
I looked and sure enough he peeed just out of our side door in our Driveway, he has a nice spray mark.
No further progress has been reported.

We shipped 3 SUV loads over to my parents home to get in the "SELL' mode. It is amazing the stuff you really don't need or use. I also threw out some too. We really liked a home in Forest Junction that we looked at this weekend and if we buy it our realtor will buy ours for cash after 4 months of ours being on the market. We met with a different realtor just to see what she would recommend us selling this house for and she said 115-120,000. Which is more what we were thinking. We also had another company come through our home to see what they would buy our home for. We had tried to sell it to them over a year ago but they wouldn't offer us enough. I doubt they will, they didn't seem to have very many good things to say. We just wanted to have a nice comparison to work from. We are also going today to look at a home closer to my work in Kaukauna.

I must go. Only 4 minutes to shower time.