Monday, February 28, 2011

Gettin' out there!

After a pretty long week Duner and I decided to take advantage of some pretty awesome temps for February. It was 60 degrees, overcast but still nice! We wore sweatshirts just in case...

Located just behind our church, (hence the pic of the cemetery, with gravestones in the 1850's) the area we headed to is hundreds of acres that were donated to the public for walking, small game, or bow hunting. Horse back riding is allowed, but no ATV's.

It is not like a public park. I don't think it is exactly 'maintained'. It doesn't have trash receptacles, benches or bathrooms. Just nature. Pretty cool. Some of the 'trail's had mini water-ways running thru them. At times we had to walk around an area to avoid some mud. We noticed a few used slugs. Reece took two and made a 'floater' so he could put it in a stream and try to race it down stream.

I don't think this house was the doctors home, but it is in serious disrepair. I was honestly surprised they didn't board it up tighter, to keep people out.

All the windows are broken and it has a well in the living room... right in the middle(!!), uncovered except for a piece of metal furniture halfway over it. Graffiti, um, I mean verbal artwork, is all over the place, a drop ceiling that is seriously dropped remains in spots. An old fridge is laying flat with a huge shot gun hole in the middle of the front door. The floor has given way in spots and walls have been the targets of various body parts.

Kitchen cabinets have taken there fair share of abuse over the years too. This one has multiple trama. ha.ha.

The back deck had even 'caved' over the years.

After the house we continued to a tip of a ridge but had to turn around so I could get to a meeting at church. As we headed up Reece tried to see if his 'floater' would survive a trip through a tunnel. The boys waited a while but no luck. It got stuck somewhere under the trail. Reece was going to go in and see where it was, but there was a lot of spider eggs and given the NICE spiders they have around these parts, we figured he better not...

As luck would have it, on our way back, we began to get chased by thunder. I don't think I heard a single kid complain how tired his legs were on the way back... well, MAYBE, the fact that we began to get DRENCHED by rain about 10 minutes out from the car helped...
We got so wet, that our sweatshirts were still wet this morning when I finally put them in the laundry! (note to self: check the weather before nature walks)
At least it was a fairly warm rain!! Better than 30 degrees and SNOW!! LOL.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Starting... again...

I am forgiven, accepted, redeemed, blessed, saved, cared for and LOVED.

That doesn't mean I am free from suffering, headaches, chaos, disappointment, regrets, or guilt. Which sucks.

I have great kids. One lucky cat. And a husband that loves me so much that he is willing to have supper ready for me when I work late, not just mac-n-cheese but real food! Even Meatloaf. Life has it's ups and downs... bear with me here... this is the downs.

I LOVE Kentucky and am very glad we moved here. Love our home, the area, the wildlife that roam through our yard. I have seen deer, bunnies and Coyotes just yesterday!! So exciting!

It's time to blog more and FB less. I don't need to belittle myself with how great someone else's life is or 'how people are entitled to their opinions.'
After re-reading some of my earlier post's from years ago, I realized just how negative I have become. Sour, if you will.

Well... no more! Today's a new day... ok, since it is noon and I am still in my robe, I say it's still morning!! Ok, Now to hit the pool...

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Now, Back to Regular Programming...

1. I am going to win a $5000 gift card from Home Depot for doing a survey on our receipt. I know it. I can FEEL it!!

2. Had the BEST spaghetti EVAR. I don't know if we will ever pop a jar of store bought sauce ever again? Let me just say how cool spaghetti squash is... really... so fun to make!

3. I had a cockroach seriously try and attack me at work yesterday. He jumped from my printer to the paper that my arm was resting on as I was typing. I swear, they are out to get me!!!

4. My cell phone is Tea and Egg white resistant, apparently. Yesterday I accidentally (now I sound like Brock) dropped the bottom of my phone in my tea I was holding. It randomly flipped through functions so I pulled the battery and let it have the day off. The next day it was fine. Then I, also accidentally, put it face first into some egg white on the counter...opps. Maybe I should take the insurance out on it?

5. Since I had to due without my cell for the day, I toyed with the idea of dropping the internet on my phone. Without it, I am half way to getting a personal trainer, which I need more than fat inducing internet... hmmm. Maybe even today.

6. I would LOVE to get rid of cable. Just run Regular TV. Especially now. No sports... well that Duner really likes right now... until April when baseball picks up... Hey! I am even closer to being able to afford a trainer, but then my kids will think they will are being tortured, requiring therapy. Ha. ha.

7. So, I have been playing with this Paleo Lifestyle/diet. A lot of it makes sense. I am not a 'carb-o-holic', so it maybe easier for me, but basically eat natural whole foods, you can even make your own condiments! (who knew) Tons of flavor. I am trying some ice cream right now... it is in the freezing process.

8. I so hate tax season, especially after a move/purchase. Paperwork gets so scattered... you know where it is at the old place then two places later... good luck chuck! It could be anywhere!! And then having to justify to Uncle Sam that you really put THAT much into your house you sold to make that much profit (if you get so lucky). And the donations, they medical expenses, moving expenses, small business, and on and on.... *sigh*

9. Had my FIRST spin class since moving to KY yesterday. I. heart. spin. Oh, how I missed it. That was the, hands down, most excellent spin classroom EVAR! First the room itself is a circle shape. Second, black lights and ceiling fans. BRILLIANT!! and third the acoustics were Wonderful!... bummer part is I forgot a towel and water, and feel like I sweated so much I left puddle. Good thing the room was dark!

10. In a little over 30 days, my oldest will be able to apply for a TEMPS in the state of KY.
*wince*... makes me a little sick to think about it. Maybe he will forget about it? Maybe?

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

You just never know...please believe me...

Imagine, you are 10 years younger than you are right now. Not overweight.

You were sick with a cough, so you go to urgent care...get meds for it.

You develop a rash, so you stop taking them. After two more days you go to the ER now with nausea/ vomiting/ diarrhea. Another provider, more testing,you go home with new meds.

Within 14 hours you come back to the ER, only you were brought in by your sibilings...

you are lethargic, lips turning blue and keep repeating to the first provider that sees you "please help me, please help me, please help me"... over and over.

Unfortunately, they do everything they can but to no avail...within 8 hours all systems have failed. Time of death called...

Believe it or not. This happens. People, please... make sure you hold your kids/ loved ones close and NEVER miss a chance to tell them how much they mean to you... This could happen to you just as easily as her.

If you are reading this... I just want to say how lucky I am to have such GREAT friends and family! I appreciate you all so very, very much...XO.. love you all!!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Ok. I have a confession.

Running and I are not getting along.

So about 10 days ago, I ran, or attempted 4 miles. On a treadmill. It like a few times prior was a struggle! I was finding it hard to even complete one mile.

*sigh* I sadly watched myself running that night. I seemed slow. Tired. Mentally drained. Ended that 'run' with 2 'power walk' miles in disgust.

I know you are supposed to lose more fat walking than running, so I opted for that as I mentally figured things out. Trying to get my mind right.

The next day, is when I had the personal trainer talk with me. What he said made sense. He suggested I was developing 'runners body'. Essentially, a heavier mid section, skinny legs. In Rachel's world I heard "Large butt , stick legs".
When we first moved here and I started working out again, I was 7 lbs lighter than I am now. Yah, Yah, I know , it's only 7 lbs.... You try running with a bag of flour on your thighs.... (which I believe is where it is sitting)

He told me I need to do more muscle building. I agree. It makes sense. Muscle burns more calories. I have been somewhat limited in my working out. I liked running 'cause it is the 'fastest way to burn calories. But I ended up gaining even thou I was running. So frustrating.

Before I had left Wisconsin I was taking Boot Camp, and Funky fusion, both muscle building classes at the Y. I loved 'em. Well, part of the membership at my new gym includes a Boot Camp with a REAL armed forces person. So it is REAL boot camp. Killer. I think this is just what I needed. Why?

1.His name is J.D. Six years ago he was 300 lbs. He is proof he knows what he is talking about.

2. He is way buff. He doesn't just tell us but shows us. He can do burpees with EASE!! It makes me sick.

3. After our first class he sat down with us and talked about importance of nutrition and WATER!
It was a great class. I came. I sweated. I had 12 miles on the calendar after that. I struggled with that. After 2.5 miles my bladder reminded me that I forgot to empty it before I left. By Mile 4 the bladder was ticked off. It was 30 degrees and I was cold. I had left my ipod at home, so it was all me having disscussions with God. I was ticked. I was getting sore. Crabby. Whiney. By mile 5, I decided to call 'er good and head home. My total miles was 6.5, it took me 1 hour and 30 minutes. Sad. Very Sad. As punishment for my anger at him, I believe God placed my power pooper on the 'throne' just so I was forced to climb to stairs to empty my angry bladder... then he probably had a pretty good laugh watching me sit, er, trying to sit down to use the bathroom.
Then seeing how I couldn't walk until Tuesday, my hubby is torn 'cause the Milwaukee Brewers play the Reds the weekend of my race and it is 3 hours away... I figured out I better put my FULL marathon on hold at this time. I have a half a month later, and now I have a time to build that all important muscle base, and get in the pool, and ditch those pounds for good!

P.S... I only did boot camp this Weekend and I can barely walk, again!!