Friday, April 28, 2006


Today I stopped home to see how Zeb was faring while Duner was napping, He was watching his favorite channel and was telling me all about it.
I made some lunch for him while he asked me if I had to go back to work. I told him I did and set the food on the table. He told me to move it into the living room so he could really sit in front of the TV. I said no. That's when he said "Go to work Mom, Bye see you!"......Gee, why is that?

Later my husband called from work telling me that his Bug fears are still very real. Last year if he was getting bit by a mosquito he wouldn't swat it but he would run around and yell the entire time it was biting him.
Today Duner was driving him somewhere when Zeb noticed a Asian Beetle/Lady Bug on his knee and FREAKED out! Duner tried to tell him to swat him but it didn't work. I think the bug finally got sick of Zeb yelling and flew to the window, where Duner was able to roll down the window. Mean while Zeb was giving Duner the play by play of the bugs movements until it flew out the window.
He really is so harmless he can't even kill a bug.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Hero...

Armed and ready to fight evil, Zeb is sporting a baby carrier he has out grown LONG AGO and a muddy snow shovel.

A storms a comin'

One of the best things about living out in the country (sort of) is you don't need the weather man to tell you that a storm is coming....

Monday, April 24, 2006

Busy Days

After the HUGE deal Brock made about getting his tooth out later on that night we were watching AFV (America's Funniest Videos, the kids favorite show) and all of the sudden Brock says "Hey, I lost another tooth!" Yes he lost 2 teeth in the same day! It is a good thing I don't do the 'tooth fairy' thing or I would be broke in no time with Brock this year! He tells me he has 2 more loose teeth! Since he was eating a Brownie when he lost the last one he now uses that for an excuse to eat more Brownies.
Today Reece was pelted in the head by Zeb with a Rock from the yard. I gave Zeb a spanking and sent him to his room while Reece sat down with a Ice pack to his head. He was so funny. He held it on there for a good 20 minutes or so. He tried to go with out it for 10 seconds and put the ice back on. It apparently felt better with it on. Just last week, I got a letter from school saying Brock hit his head at school on a basketball. They are taking after their dad. He hit his head MANY times growing up. I only did once. I took a digger in a parking lot and fell off my bike, blacked out and woke up riding my bike to my friends house. Freaky. Yes.

Zeb is such I little character. I could write all day about things that are so cute that he does. It is so hard to pick just one. (ok minus the throwing of objects at his brother, what can I say he has very good aim) I just love it when he likes something and gives me the 'Thumbs Up' sign, or when we drive past a dairy farm and he says' Oh, cows stinky!' or "P U thats Cows!'.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Going, Going Gone...

Brock had a tooth that just did NOT want to give in. Similar to Reece's. It already had a tooth growing in behind it, but it still lingered. Brocks was hanging on by a thread for quite some time, today I got so sick of hearing how much it was hanging there I told him that he could not have any soda with it hanging like that.

Needless to say it is now...


Too good to pass up

The boys have a new favorite sport.
Yesterday we went to a Archery outing with Boy Scouts. The boys really liked it. Reece especially.
Duner had bought the boys some bows over a year ago, the boys really didn't seem to have much interest until this event. We don't even have them set up yet. Now the boys wanted to go to the Archery Range ASAP! We dug them out of the basement and showed the kids. Reece is Left handed, which is nice, we will always know who owns which one.

After Archery Reece spent the afternoon with his best Bud, Jacob. He is such a good influence on Reece. I think it is because of him that Reece does his homework so well. I know it is not becuse of Brock.

I had Brock help me with some of the 'new house duties'. We put in an Offical Mail Box holder and Put up the kennel on the cement.

That thing was extremely heavy but he did a good job. It was Beautiful out, I was suprised I didn't see more of the neighbors out that day.
After Zeb stumbled on some dirt and scrapped his knee, I learned that I was being feverishly hunted on the phone, Duner, my parents were trying to get a hold of me. When I went to get a band aid for Zeb the phone was ringing, I talked to Duner and learned that he was trying to call all afternoon, and my parents as well.

Heaven forbid I spend some quality time with my kids outside on a beautiful Day!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Just a short one

We are going to a local Archery Shack to let the 'cub scouts' learn how to do archery. Duner is at work and so I get the joy of going to the shack. Yeah!
Reece finally lost a tooth that had not fallen out before the new one grew in. His new one was growing in behind the other one. I told him he was begining to look like a shark. ; ]
Brock was trying to figure out how to make money and he said he would baby sit. But only for 6-8 year olds. He doesn't want to change diapers and 3 year old escape too much. Hmmmm.
Today I am going to set up our new dog kennel. Yeah! It will be so much nicer having a spot for the dogs... better yet a drain for there pee to go down!
Gotta go!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Deal or No Deal

I have found a new little escape. When I need some time for myself I sit down at my computer and play Deal or No Deal.
It is kind of addicting. I am trying to see how high I can go for money. It is not that easy! I have only gotten up to 300 thousand. (max is 1,000,000)
Brock loves the television show. It is neat but a little boring since it takes so long between commercials. This way I can get my fix and be done in 10 minutes.
The kids are starting to make use of the yard. Today they played frisbee and a new game I call 'Throwing Dirt". (Ok not really a game, but they thought it was) I was trying to get them to pick out rocks from our yard so they can throw them in the pond. Well Zebbie is looking for me ....
Gotta Go!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

2.5 hours.

That is how long my Apple Crisp that I made tonight lasted.
That is it. Only 2.5 hours. 9 pieces (ok so it was small, but man...)

Monday, April 17, 2006

All it takes

Hard to believe it has been almost a week since I updated. Wow! Time flys when the kids are out of school. Hopefully that will continue for the summer!
Well we had our Driveway poured on Thursday and by Friday we were able to walk on it and by next Sunday we will be able to Drive on it. Yes! We have to buy a dog kennel for the new slab for the Dogs. It will be so nice when we are able to put them in their true kennel. Right now we have a chainlink floor for them right now so they aren't able to dig their way out.
Auntie Sara came up for the holiday and they boys told Duner that they would rather stay in town with Sara then go to the races with Dad! I think Auntie Sara out ranks Dad on 'their LIST'. Zebbie has a list of his own. He went with Dad and couldn't wait to go. Duner actually signed up to win a "Modified stock car". Why???? I have no idea... It will be sold.
The boys didn't even know at that point that we had plans to see a movie. The boys got to pick either Ice Age 2: The Meltdown or The Wild. Both were cartoons, it didn't matter to me.
The older kids just love the pond near by. They love looking for frogs and tadpoles. Some neighbor kids in the area were displaying what you can do with explosives and frogs but I told the kids they shouldn't be doing that. Reece knew that was wrong, Brock thought it was cool, but Brock is 11. He likes to do or say things to get a reaction from us. He loves to hide and jump out and scare us. On Saturday he was using his new favorite word too much... "Duh." I finally got sick of him using it while we were out to eat with my sister. I told him if he said it one more time he would not be going to the movie. Within 5 minutes he lost the movie and was saying things like "I hope we don't go to a movie", "I don't want to go to a movie anyway".
Reverse Psychology. Totally!
We left the resturant and went for a trip to Barnes and Noble to buy a map for an upcoming trip to Europe and while we were in there he hugged me and said "I love you mom", I then told him "Ok you can go to the movie."
Anything to encourage that kind of Behavior.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

From Bad to worse..

We found out this week that we are going to be kicked out of our garage this week while they put in our driveway, dog slab and back patio. Basically leaving all entrances to our house practically our of order. We will be able to walk on them after 24 hrs but it will be a very nerve wrecking day. I still do not know how we will bring in the dogs with no entrance.
Today I moved the kennel next to the garage so they can put down the slab. Zeb managed to wander away to the next lot and get stuck in a solid 3 inches of mud. The really bad kind. The kind that will take your shoe off as you try to get out of it. In my trying to help him I managed to get my shoes stuck as well. The kids then tried to help out and come down in to the mess. That was a sweet gesture but we had a friend of Reece's over and I don't think his mom would appreciate the mud. after 3 minutes of pulling and 3 times of losing the shoe I managed my way out of the abyss and up on "dry dirt". Much better stuff to be around. We now have 2 pairs of shoes that are in the Dry dock until I can get the mud off of them. Of course, I didn't have my crumby pair of shoes on and hidden somewhere under all that mud is some nasty dog doo.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weekend Update

This weekend seems to have been a slow one on all the blogs that I like to keep up with. It seemed like no one was out there!
At least I did manage to get a Ton of laundry and cleaning done. The best part is Brock and Reece found some friends in the neighborhood! One girl reminds me of a girl Brock had a crush on in the old neighborhood! Brock took a lot of nudging to get out there and talk to the new kids in the neighborhood. I think I was probably just as nervous worrying that they would not be accepted. But they did just fine. I think the Boys behind us are just as quite as mine are but down the street the opposite is true. That is where the girl lives that Brock has a crush on. Very friendly.
Today all the friends were down at the pond finding tadpoles and spiders. Just what boys are made of...

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

Brock came home from camp last night and told us all about the Great food they had, like Mac and Cheese with bologna for lunch and toast for Breakfast! (What a concept.)

Today we ate Chili for lunch. We always seemed to have that on Saturday's as a kid. I did it today because I had some sloppy Jo meat from earlier this week that I wanted to use up.
While we were eating Brock made a mess of his food so I told him he had to clean the toilet in their bathroom for a punishment, since he is normally the one that makes a mess when he is in there.
I would rather clean the table then the toilet.

His reply? "WoooHooo, I love cleaning toilets!".

I guess I am not such a mean mom.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Brock spent last night at a camp with his fellow classmates. They were going to be learning all about the enviroment. He was supposed to bring either snow pants or long underwear. I dug the long underwear out of his drawer and it seemed a little small. I looked a the tag. Size 6-8. He now wears 12-14. Opps. It had been a little crazy with the move and all so I didn't get around to buying them any for a while. I tried to get Brock to take a pair of snow pants but he said " I'll just tell all the kids when they ask why I overpacked that my mom made me do it. "
I said, "Ok, you don't have to take any snowpants" as I put them away"But when your teachers ask why you don't have any snowpants you can tell them cause I didn't want to."
(He did have a pair of sweats to wear under, just in case.)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Little man copy cat

Today we moved Zeb into Reece's room and gave Brock his own space. Brock was excited. Zeb was sad and happy at the same time. Reece was bummed. Zeb feeds off of what his brothers are feeling. He didn't know what to be.
Reece took out the garbage and somehow hurt his hand. Being that Reece is 'MR. DRAMATIC' when it come to injuries (at home anyway) he did his best to get sympathy from us. It didn't take long for Zeb to chime in an start to cry and complain that his nose hurt. I had to laugh when he suddenly calmed down when I pointed out to Reece that Zeb was acting just like him.
I said "He even has tears and everything."
Brock laughed. Reece laughed.
Then Zeb said (with a sheepish grin)....
"And a booger in my mouth." eeeeewwwww!!!

AND then Brock says... "He is just like me!"