Monday, April 30, 2007

Ah Choo!

Yes, it is offically Allergy season. I have had to take allergy medication daily.
Today says Pollen is Very High today. I rarely sneeze more than two times in a row. But today I was sneezing 3 x in a row. It was so beautiful out I hated to spend it inside.
I set out some mouse and mole poison near our egress window and some bee killer near our gas meter.

We live in a construction zone, so I spent the morning picking up the leftover debris from the new home that completed recently. Since it is so windy around here, any garbage that maybe sticking out of the dumpster it goes flying onto either lots next to us. I can only look at the garbage so many times before I get sick of it. So I did some construction distruction.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Movie Time!

It has got to be the most uncomfortable but the most fun way to watch a movie. I love our local Drive In Theater. So much to do! Mini Golf, hay rides, basketball, and of course food and snacks.
It is the best time to go since you don't have to wait so long for a movie. It gets dark close to 8pm right now.
We dropped down the second row of seats and laid out our blankets, The boys claimed their spots. Brock wanted the middle, Reece the driver side and I ended up with the passenger side.
We had some soda's from a gas station and got some popcorn from the theater. We were set!

We had someone from Security come and ask us if he could adjust our hatch since some people behind us couldn't see. Ok we said. I thought for sure they were going to ask for our soda's but We must have had them all put away.

Meet the Robinsons is about a boy named Lewis that is left at a orphange, who just happens to be a genius. He is a lot like Jimmy Neutron in some respects. His hair, and his personality.
It was cute, but I got tired and missed part of it, but the kids liked it.

Wild Hogs we had already seen before but Reece wanted to see it again. Brock just wanted to sleep, so Brock and I slept while Reece watched the movie. Before the movie was finished Reece decided he too wanted to sleep.
We quietly left the Drive-In with both in the back sleeping. It was a much more quiet ride home than there.

In fact, Reece slept out in our Garage last night. He must have really liked it because I heard him come in and use the bathroom and go back out there! (with his gameboy)

That is a different way to camp out.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


I am able to relax.
After a great workout, I got some dusting, laundry and dishes done. Brock and Reece spent the morning with K. We grabbed a bit to eat and headed to a local museum to see a Dinosaur exhibit they have there. It was less than an hour and we were done with it, but the boys actually enjoyed it. They also have exhibits on different things like water cycle, different types of rock and natural information.
After a stop by the gift shop we slowly headed home and the older 2 disappeared to a friends house. Zeb was bummed, he wanted to go with them, so we went for a walk and talked to a few neighbors and had Zeb find a new friend. R. He is 3. He has 2 older brothers smiliar to ours too.
We let him play for an hour or so and headed home.
On our walk home I got a call from Duner. He was on his way home from a bowling tournament and was hoping to quickly pick up Zeb and head to the Shawano races if he had enough time. After checking online when I got home, Duner decided he may be late but he was going to try. Zebbie was so EXCITED. We got some warm clothes, a blanket, hat, and ear muffs for him and he was ready. We sat outside and waited for Dad. Duner ran in to use the bathroom and before he was back Zeb was ready and yelling for him to hurry up. Duner was gone all day so we were discussing what happened today and Zeb yelled at us, twice!

Now I am just killing time before I take Brock and Reece to the Drive In theater today. (If they don't fill up too fast first!) They have the movie Meet the Robinsons and Wild Hogs.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Field Trip Turned TV spot!

Brock's Green Scene!

Check this out! (He is on after the advertisement)
Brock had a field trip to Marvin Gardens for school and channel 5 showed up last week!
Brock is on TV. He is the tall lanky kid with the Blue/Grey T-shirt that had dark red letters on it. (It said Teachers Pest)

Bye Bye Tooth.

Well, Today was my dreaded dental appointment.

I was going to show up just a little bit late, after I dropped off my son at preschool, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized if I did that he may be in a hurry and start to work before I am even ready. In the end, I would pay for it. So, I stopped by my mom and asked her to run Zeb to school so I could get there on time.
Lucky me, I pulled in the parking lot right behind the dentist. We happened to get out of our cars and walked in the building together.
"Morning!" He said.
"Morning." I replied. I thought I am glad he didn't say 'Good Morning', since it obviously was not.
I didn't sleep really well last night. Partly due to anxiety and partly thanks to Zeb waking up at 4am to turn on the TV to watch the news. He said he likes to watch the news, to me. (??? He is 4)
Ok. I just turned it down and went to bed.
The receptionist gave me a pep talk about how it is no worse than getting a filling. She said the worst part is the impressions. I said I didn't mind those when I had my braces. That was the best part of those! She said it was going to be a breeze!
After 2 shots of novacane he fired up the drill. We noticed 2 morning doves watching us sitting on the window sill. Funny. That is the last place I would want to be if I had a choice.
So far no pain. Whew.
When he finished, still pain free, his assistant made a temporary tooth for me. The dentist made a joke about my gums getting in the way so he had to put on some green stuff to shrink them.
I left after 45 minutes. I guess I could have gone to the Y and workout, but I didn't bring my bag and wouldn't have time to run there and back. I just spent the free time shopping for shorts for Brock. He out grew the shorts from last year and will need some others.
I went with Zeb to Mc Donalds for Lunch and had the soup and a hamburger. I ordered fries but they were too crispy. I was still a bit numb and didn't want to hurt my temporary tooth.
Within a few hours, my novacane wore off and pain settled in.
2 Advil and 2 hours later it is more tolerable.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Just Call

Reece found a new friend today. K.
He went to another friends house and met K. Later he came over for a few minutes then they went to K's house. Not thinking, I didn't ask for the specific address just a general location. I didn't realize just how large Hollandtown is.
Reece was supposed to come home by 6pm. By 6:10 Brock was asking if he should go find him. Sure, I said. 15 minutes later Brock came home out of breath. "I can't find him" Brock Said.
I finished putting supper in the oven and then we went out with Zeb. I hadn't been out on a real bike since last year. Yikes! It wasn't as easy as the stationary bike at the Y. I think I will go for a nice outside ride tomorrow, instead of the Y.
So, I road around some streets and thought I would ck and see if I missed him and he went home.
Zeb and I then headed out in the truck and drove around looking for Reece's bike. I had just turned onto a road when my phone rang. It was Reece, only an hour after I was supposed to see him at home. This time I got the address, and had the phone number thanks to caller ID. He was asking if he could stay for 30 more minutes. He said they were outside and didn't know what time it was. Since he did call I let him stay for 30 more minutes.
But Tomorrow he will be gounded.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Date Day!

We hit the golf course today. We had some coupons for a local spot. I had never been there before. We invited a friend of mine from school and her husband. She claimed to not be very good. She had to talk her husband into it. Duner was so excited. He loves golf. He has been on a league every thursday night for many years.
It was very windy today, but a very nice warm wind. We decided to get carts instead of the walking. Shortly after that it was apparent my friend J. is much better than she thought. Her husband on the other had had a reason to worry. He wasn't quite as eloquent as she was. He hacks at the ball like it is a weed, but it was nice to know I was the only bad one.
We didn't keep score since we were all out to have fun.
Fun we had, and some sun too!

Friday, April 20, 2007

We have a picture!!

Proof that he DID RUN!! Thankfully they didn't get any of me!! Yippee!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Oshkosh Half Marathon Part Two...

So after Duner finished he said to me "Yuck, I am sweaty and stinky."
Apparently working that hard is new to him. I met him and gave him a big hug and that was thought. It was then Zeb's turn. We left Oshkosh and I drove in case Duner got tired but he was wide awake and talking the entire time.
In fact he couldn't sleep when we got home. I think he was so excited with what he had accomplished. What I love most about exercise is it makes people happy. I enjoyed the ride home. He was talking about how he needs to have the kids join him next time. NEXT TIME!
He actually wants to do it again! He said not a triathlon yet, but he didn't rule it out. He wanted me to find out about more of these to do them again.
Zeb's Turn...

Zeb was SO EXCITED, to be doing his run. He loved his t-shirt and his goody bag he got. It had a Frisbee, cup, energy bar and 2 pencils. I must have asked me 5 times if it was time for him yet. He was also adamant about how to get to the location. We found our way to Uncle Cory's house and parked in front of it. It was 2 blocks from the finishline and where the kids run took place. We walked up and began to see the older kids walking away with medal's around there necks. They just finished the 10-11 year old mile run. They were doing the 9 year old run and kids were running all over. We had to listen to the announcer to figure out when it was Zeb's turn. I had Brock and Reece bring him to the Start and I went to the finish line trying to get an action shot. No luck. The kids ran so fast I missed it. So many of the kids had white t-shirts on. He was one of the first 10 kids that is for sure.They must have told the kids to wait right there for the parents, so I had to walk around the fence to get him. They had given him his medal and he kept looking at it.
After the run, Reece must have been jealous because he kept asking Zeb to race on the walk back to the car. We stopped by Uncle Cory's to use the bathroom and say hi to Cory and Gage. It was 11:30am and Cory looked tired. He said Gage had been teething all night so they were trying to get a nap, but Gage woke up shortly before we got there.
After the event, we headed home and managed to take one more shot. Zeb's pretty please with himself. Reece didn't want to be left out of the spot light. He definitely wants to be in on the next one. Brock said Dad will make him, so he will be doing it anyway.

Oshkosh Half Marathon Part One...

Today was the Oshkosh Half Marathon and 5k. Guess what I did.
Yes the 5k...
Duner worked all night and then came home, changed his clothes and we left for Oshkosh. It was chilly out, but the sun was trying it's best to shine. We found a really nice close spot and parked. Duner never did one of these before, but he said he wasn't nervous. I was. I am a slow runner, so I think I worry about if I am going to be a huge block in anyone's way.
We got our chip timers. My number was 1432 and Duner was 1431.
We checked out a map of the run. As we finished we over heard someone telling them I am hoping to do a 9 minute mile. For those of you that aren't real quick, that is 9 MPH. My slow run is 5 miles per hour. My FAST run is currently 5.4 mph. Not much of a distance but you do anything for an hour (or a half hour) it is not easy.
I told Duner right away. Don't expect me to chat. If you feel I am too slow go! Don't wait for me. I was not going to kill myself. This was my first run outside this year. Otherwise I had done the treadmill at the Y.
Shortly into the run I heard someone say "Wow, it's hard to beathe out here." I had to agree. It cold spring air just grabbed all of your air. About .1 of a mile in, I let Duner go ahead of me. I was watching his hat bobbing in the people ahead of me so I could still see him. At mile one they wanted us to slide over to the left hand side of the road since the first runners finished the loop and were heading back toward us. I just happened to glance to my left and Duner was there walking on the side. "Hey!" was all I could muster. I just had to keep going. I wasn't going to walk any of it. I did happen to stop 2x for water, but I skipped the 3rd one. I know Duner was behind me at the water station, but I never saw him after that.
The run ended in a Ampitheater by the water. Just as runners hit the park they all tried to sprint to the finish line. ARGH.

I was so tired, I tried, I really did. It was going up hill and my legs were so tired that I felt like the wind just would let me. (really there was no wind)
I finished. Handed in my timer, got some water and chunk of cheese in the shape of an airplane! What a great gift! ...Oh, and here's your cheese....

I wanted to make 3 miles in under 30 minutes, but I am not sure that I did. I havent gotten the results yet, but I looked around for Duner but I hadn't seen him yet. I walked along the finish line watching the runners as they came in... No Duner. Two minutes passed. Hmmmm. I thought he some how passed me. Suddenly I recoginized a hat in the distance. It was Duner running up the finish line. I quickly found a spot on the side to cheer him in... I had to put down my cheese and water and yelled for him. He was tired. He smiled and waved. The clock said about 4 minutes after I came in. Considering he hadn't run that long EVER and he worked night shift all night, he did pretty well.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Puddy Problem

After Zeb discovered his gifts, one of which was silly puddy, Duner and Brock discovered how fun it is to play catch with. Duner stood in the kitchen throwing to Brock near the bathroom.
I was in the middle of cooking a rather large pot of Chili and didn't want it to become silly Chili. After a few wayward throws, I had enough. I grabbed the silly puddy and stuffed it in my bra.
DONE. No more silly puddy playing before supper.

I didn't want to take it out and set it somewhere and risk the chance of it starting up again, so I left it in there.
Well, We finished supper, cleaned up and sat down for a movie or two. After the first movie the kids headed off to bed. Towards the end of the movie I tried to adjust the strap under my arm and realized that I was attached to my bra. The silly puddy had adheared itself to me and my bra! It was stuck good.

Since we were alone, the kids were in bed, Duner was extremely willing to help me find all of the long lost orange silly puddy that had attached himself to me.
Of Course, the next day, Duner couldn't wait to tell the boys. They spent most of the day giggling in disbelief.

I have since spent my time researching various ways to remove the stuff from my bra. There is actually quiet a few different options I have found online. Freezing, alcohol, and WD-40 to name a few. I am currently freezing it to try and remove it first then I will go for the alcohol.

Monday, April 09, 2007


When I got home from the cabin Saturday ('cause we had 2 cars), I discovered that Zeb had already found a Easter 'bag' that I had hid for him. Thankfully I was able to avoid the other two from discovering their bags prematurely. I had gotten some candy from Dollar Tree. Only 12 bucks, you can't go wrong.
The boys were happy with their gifts.
We just hung out at home. We weren't really expecting to be home since Duner had originally wanted to be up at the cabin that day.
My sister had come up from Madison and was introducing her boyfriend to our family. He is a pretty nice guy, quiet, but nice. After eating at my Mom's house they came over to our house. Grandma sent them with 2 baskets of candy and a container of homemade beans. Brock LOVED that. Anything to make him toot with sweetness too, he is all about that!

Ugh! ONLY one more day til the kids are back in School!!

Where did the time go?

Already six days since I last blogged! Wow, time flies!
Let's see what have we been us to?
Last Week Thursday Duner took the boys up to the cabin for Easter Break. I had to work so I stayed home. I loved it! I went swimming, shopping and was able to quickly pick up my house before enjoying some wine, and going to bed. I am absolutely no fun when it comes to alcohol, I get so tired and just want to sleep. It was such a nice way to get ready for bed.

On Friday, after work, I came home slowly got ready to make my way up to the cabin as well. I didn't want to go. It is so boring when all you can do is sit inside. I used to love goin up in the winter because the open floor plan was so different from what we had at home, but now If we can't go swimming, boating or walking in the woods, I would rather just be home.

I got up there by 8pm, Duner and the boys were just finishing up their cherry pies cooked over the campfire. The whole cabin smelled of campfire. The boys were in and out the entire day. They were cutting up fallen trees and also our christmas tree from our house. They had fun burning but they had to come in a few times to warm up.

We all slept in the living room. We had decided to come home Saturday and so we didn't want to make all these beds to only sleep in them one night and wash the sheets. Duner hates to make any beds, so the previous night they had done the same thing.

Zeb had told Duner that he was all packed, luckily Duner checked what Zeb had 'packed' and found 7 shirts and that was it. So Duner packed 2 other changes of clothes. Zeb hates to be wet. He has a habit of waiting to late to go potty, so inevitably he has a couple drops that make him wet. He always changes his clothes then. He went though those clothes 2 x.

We watched a movie that night and then went to bed. The next morning the kids woke up before we did. I didn't sleep well at all in that sofa bed. Thankfully Duner had some donuts for the kids to munch on so I could try to sleep in a bit.
Duner and the boys went out to move some more trees and I got a chance to give the cabins bathroom a very good, and much deserved, cleaning. Zeb was afraid to use the bathroom with out his boots due to the dead bugs.
We also changed out the ceiling fan, the old one had died.
It was so nice to come home. We took different ways to see if there was a faster way. Duner had all the boys in the Durango with him. I had to grab something out of the Durango just before Duner got in and Brock said to me "What?? We're going with you?".
As if I am THAT bad.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Yet another one in the neighborhood.

We live in an ongoing construction zone. We were the 2nd house built on our side of the circle and since we moved in, 5 other houses were built. Just yesterday another on got started. The kids really like to watch the diggers shovel dirt. Yesterday we opened the garage door to find Brock standing outside just watching them move earth across the street. The newest home is going to be across the street from us. Duner and I both wish that we would have built over there because they will have exposed or walkout basements, easily adding extra living space to our home.
I am glad we are one of the first in the neighborhood. The kids love the dirt piles and big machines. Today we had a constant pounding, it sound like they came across a chunk of rock they had to break. We have seen some non-construction type people checking it out so we think it is already sold. Hopefully they will have more kids. The 5 new comers to the neighborhood there was 4 kids. 3 Girls and 1 boy. (I should say with 2 unknowns on the way, so technically 6 new kids.) It would be nice to have some new kids my kids can relate to. Some that didn't grow up in the Kaukauna District and didn't have many friends.
Although, our kids have met quiet a few new friends here in the neighborhood. In fact, they finally had played with the boys directly behind us.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Baseball Widow

It is offical. Baseball started today. Specifcally Brewer Baseball. This is the time of year that I become invisible when the Milwaukee Brewers are on TV or the Radio. Duner Loves his Brewers. We have tickets in May to see them play the Minnesota Twins with friends of ours. They (or should I say he) likes the Twins. I am fairly certain there will be some friendly jabs, to each other about the teams. As I write this Duner is completely into his game, which they are leading.

I just came from the dentist. I need a crown. It was recommended years ago. I have been avoiding it. Now it is fairly certain. I hate dental work. I had appx 9 teeth pulled when I was in elementary school, just to make way for the orthodontic work. Not a pleasent experience. I dreaded having to put my kids through that. Luckily, Brock's teeth seem to be coming in well, no othrodontics needed. Yeah! Reece will be the scary one. He had very tiny teeth and the new ones are HUGE. Hope fully the same holds true for Reece but I am a little more worried about him.

Oh, well, the Brewers just won, time to go get some stuff done.