Friday, October 28, 2005

Moving Onward...

Well today is the last day we will have cable and internet access. We will be moving on tomorrow and wont' have cable again til next week. (ok, so it is not that long...)
Tonight we are going to rest up before the big move. I am not happy with the lack of my husband being around since he will be working. I won't go in to that right now. I am still waiting to hear from my brother in law about where they would like us to put our stuff. I am so very glad I am not at work, at least I am off until Wednesday.
Well gotta go!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Yes I am nuts.

This is another picture of our home. The smaller section in the front is our porch, the medium section off to the left is our garage and the rest is the basement. We are moving out this weekend to Oshkosh for temporary home with our Dressers and beds, Our TV and computer to my parents house, and the rest to storage. Like, washer, dryer, freezer, entertainment center, sectional sofa, kids computer, desk, and dining room table.

Nuts! This week we also put our 2nd Cat to sleep. That was hard because we got that one the day I went into labor with our 7 yr old Reece (almost 8). She was falling down a lot and messing around the house, then recently she has gained probably half of her 8 lbs that she weighed. She really plumped up. But she is in kitty Heaven now. It was really hard when Zeb asked as we left "Where kitty go?". He didn't understand why she didn't come back with us. We got a sympathy card from the vet today for her.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Inspection.... Check.

Wednesday was the day that the buyers inspector came thru our home. It started at 8am and lasted past 11 am. Yes. OVER 3 HOURS!!! No I do not have that big of a house.
The realtor said it was the longest inspection for a house our size by far. He found things wrong with our house that should have been caught by our inspector when we bought the home! We need to put in a grounding rod for our circuit breaker, fix a outlet, and line the chimney. The buyers also wanted us to pay half for a new roof on the garage and fix the bearings in the furnance.
We purchased a home warranty that should cover the bearings. So we agreed to everything except that and they agreed to that. YEAH!!
We are going to view Cory's duplex in Oshkosh tonight and see how much room it has as soon as Duner gets out of work. We bought a chain link dog kennel and the guy we bought it from will deliever it wherever we want when we decide. Zeb was helping me put CD's from our entertainment center into a box today. It was taking a little longer since he would go one at a time, but he kept saying 'thank you' each time I took one from him. It was cute.
Today we went around our neighborhood picking up food for the hungry with boy scouts. The kids sat on the back tailgate while I drove them through the neighborhoods watching for bags of food on front porches. It was sprinkling a little bit, but the kids didn't mind too much. They loved checking out what people would drop in the bags and anouncing it to us in the car. A few times Reece would do it on the front of peoples porches. We stopped that.
Well this is what our house looks like currently. The company we are building with posted this on a website they set up for us about our house. This week they have scheduled on the calendar to pour the basement walls and framing is scheduled for next week. On their calendar the hope to finish the home on December 22, so maybe we will get in by my birthday afterall.....

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Storage Unit..... Check.

So we got a storage place to move our stuff until January. It is nice and big. 13 ft by 28 ft. We should (hopefully) fit our stuff in it. I finally got the house number on the street we are going to live. Duners Brother will be moving in on Friday. We can move stuff into storage as soon as tomorrow. I have so many things on my mind of what to do next I have a neat rash of acne started on my chin. I rarely get acne!! But now a whole family of acne has started out of nowhere.
Luckily I saw a home recently with the actual 'Cactus' color that we are using on our home, on another home in a subdivison near Green Bay. I really like how it looked. I am not worried anymore. It will be great.
In other good news Zeb is now telling me when he has poop in his pull up. He is starting to not like to be wet or dirty. YEAH!! hopefully not to much longer. I am afraid he has a new found likness to peeing out side. He will be in the living room watching "Blues' Clues" when suddenly he runs out in the backyard to pee. George and Erla must Love us. Luckily they also had 3 boys to raise. Everytime we see them they tell us how much they are going to miss us.
We tomorrow is the inspection. Cross your fingers and toes people. We don't need any surprises right now. In the last 2 months we have caught 3 mice in various traps throughout the basement. Sometimes it pays to watch TV. Dirty Jobs taught us the correct way to catch them. Brock has made us all a crazy for the show. Speaking of dirty jobs....

one just walked up to me.

Stinky calls....

Monday, October 17, 2005

It really works!

That is what Reece exclaimed when he saw me throw spaghetti to the ceiling. I had told him the spaghetti was done by throwing it up and if it stuck, it was done. Of course he had to try shortly after. He even ran downstairs to Brock and had him check it out. I learned that from my sister Sara. When I told Reece that he was wondering where she learned that from. I told him I don't really know, but boy was he impressed.

Here will be some of the decisions that we are currently working on.
This will be the color of the Brick. Done. (no question there)
I am torn between these different roofs. I would like the sage green siding to look as dark as possible. I might just call up the siding people and change it to a deep grey called granite. I am so torn.
I am leaning toward Colonial Slate.
But will a lighter shade make the siding look darker or lighter? Like Weathered Wood.
Luckily the flooring and lighting decisions were simple today. We are possibly going with at vinyl look alike for hardwood in the foyer, kitchen, and dining areas. It should be in the budget, but they will get me an estimate by the end of the week.
For the lighting, we are going with white frosted glass and a rusted metal color for the living room, kitchen,foyer and dining areas. They call it acorn.
The rest of the home will be polished nickel.

Flooring will be....

in the Laundry/ Mud room

in the Foyer/Kitchen/Dining Area


Well lots to do, I am beat.
Good night.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Accepted Offer!!!

We now have an accepted offer!
It was the people that were from Port Washington. They brought their parents through on Saturday and immediately made the offer. We now have 2 weeks to move out, because Duner has surgery on November 1st and won't be able to move after that (for 4-6 weeks). We officially close on November 14th. Even though we have an accepted offer on the house we still carried on with the open house today. We just found out this am that buyers accepted our counter offer.
We will be moving to Oshkosh in a duplex that will be owned soon by Cory and Shannon (Duners brother and sister-in-law). She is pregnant and due in early April. They both love kids and are looking forward to their very own soon. She actually works at the local Boys and Girls Club. She is great with kids. They will be great parents.
They have now started to dig our home. Here is the sewer line.... OHHHHH.... AHHHHHH. Yep I know your impressed. I talked with our project manager on Friday and he said in 2 weeks they should have a frame up, or at the very least going up. They are hoping to be done by December 31, my golden birthday, but we are not holding them up to that. We know it will probably be more like mid January.

We have chosen a pretty greenish/grey for the siding. It is called Cactus. I did not want tan (which is everyother home in that subdivision), yellow, blue, or white. So that doesn't leave too much else. We are going with white windows, soffit and facia. The shutter colors and the roof are still up in the air. We are thinking of a midnight green for the shutters, but I don't want to over do the green theme with a green roof. I didn't realize just how much Duner likes green. I think he has spent a little too much time up in the tree stand.

We I have a moving checklist I need to start working on....
Untill next time...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

In the poor house...

Today I had to go purchase shirts and badges at the Boy Scout store for the boys.

Just a warning to any parents out there be very ready for sticker shock!!!! 25 dollars alone for the shirt. Each additional badge is 2 dollars on up. Each letter is also. I needed 4 numbers per kid and 2 badges each. Not to mention the 4.50 scarf that they will probably lose, along with the metal thing that is supposed to stay in place all by itself. I want to see how the guy lives that invented the scouts. I really am not totally in it. I like some of the ideas they have for the kids but I HATE selling. One of the parents has used 3 whole sheets of popcorn!!! There are 25 lines per sheet. That is nuts!! Good for them I just could not do that at all.

must go help Brock Study spelling words.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Decisions Decisions

Today we met with the Tycore. That is the company that is building our home. They gave us a binder with about 500 pages to read through at our leisure. ????? Like I have time?
We met with the Cabinet company today and picked out our cabinets and countertop. We are going on a dark countertop called Olive organix (see sample on right) because that is what
Duner wanted. Since we went with a dark countertop we chose dark appliance also. We are getting black and stainless stove and fridge to match the nickel color drawer pulls that we picked out. We will have Maple cabinets with a cedartone finish. In the bathroom I went with a countertop that is the exact same formica top we just put in our Kitchen here. It is lighter and called sand crystall. *on right*
Duner has been wanting to buy a pellet stove since his uncle put one in his home 5-6 years ago. We just bought one. We are putting it in the new home in the basement.
Thankfully we don't pay for it until January when they put it in. That is a picture of what it will look like. It will have a mossy green finish. We just put in a bag, set the stove at 70 degrees and run the fan on the furnace and we don't need to use our gas furnance! A couple of other people have told us that is what they do. When the stove is not pumping out heat it has a mirrored glass front that disappers with heat.
We found out our house number. It will be 388 Wooden Shoe Circle. We will be meeting with the plumber tomorrow and the siding and roofing guys. I don't know what color to go with since most of the homes that already exist in that subdivision are tan. I don't like yellow or blue. White is too boring. I just don't know what to go with. Maybe we will decide when we go in tomorrow. I must say that this whole building/selling house stuff is excellent for my diet. I just don't get much time to eat or feel like eating much when I do get to eat. Yeah!
Dr Al had me doing a "project' for him this weekend. I had to type over 300 address's onto a disk for him. He originally wanted me to print out all of the addresses on envelopes but my printer doesn't like that idea. So I put it on a disk for him to run it to Kinkos. I will say no more on that subject.
Hopefully tomorrow morning I can make it to the Boy Scout Uniform shop.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

When would you like to close?

That is the question the realtor asked me today. I said WHAT???? I figured we would sell it quick but had no idea just how quick it may be! On October 20th Duners brother Cory and Sister-in-Law Shannon are moving in to a Duplex in Oshkosh. They have already told us that we are welcome to move in when it sells. Right now that would be great if it would be soon. Duner has surgery scheduled for November 1st. If we could move out before that Duner would not have any job to commute to for 4-6 weeks and no mortgage to pay for. We would only have the kids in school. Everything happens for a reason, so I am not worrying about it too much right now.
I just heard from the realtor, she said that the buyers are a young couple from Port Washington and they commute for work so the sooner the better for a closing would be great for them. They want their parents to walk thru with them to give their opinion.
Keep your fingers crossed!!!
Today I spent 3 hrs today selling popcorn for Cub Scouts. My face is wind burned from the wind. At first it wasn't so bad but suddenly the windchill kicked in about 5pm. YIKES!!! So, we still have popcorn to sell. If anyone is interested it ranges from 10 to 50 dollars. We have microwave light and regular Butter, Carmel Corn and Kettle corn. Feel Free to BUY, BUY, BUY!!!

Waiting Game

I really am exercising my patients but I would like to know if the first people wrote the offer or even if the people we just had walk through on Saturday liked it. Making sure the place is picked up, beds made, toys put away, stinky garbage gone and dog kennel picked up are getting sickening. We had people go thru Thursday, Saturday and now today at 10am (ish). I wish I knew exactly when they are coming because the like to have one hour. Our neighbors George and Erla have said we can come over and visit while they are here. They are so nice. George keeps making comments about how mean we are for leaving them. We are going to miss them. Zeb is going to miss their grahmn crackers. He knows all he has to do is walk to there back screen and if they see him George will give him a cracker.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Good News....

We just had our first people walk through our home yesterday and the woman fell in love with it, he was quiet but you should have seen him checking out everything on the outside. We were over at our neighbors house with the puppies and we could see what they were doing on the outside. Their realtor said they are getting together on Saturday to write an offer!!!! They would do it tomorrow but the realtor has a wedding... So does our's. It must be someone in the office that is getting married. But Anyway, It might just be SOLD!!!!! Yeahhhhhh! We should know by Monday at the latest.
Here is our listing online!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New Choppers

This is Grandpa Z with Zeb Showing off his new teeth. We took my parents out to lunch for my mom's birthday. And grandpa got to use his new teeth fresh from the dentist.

Monday, October 03, 2005


I think we finally got through to Brock. He tried the choking thing yesterday and I heard him gasp for air and I asked him about it he said "he thought it would be funny." I grounded him from the TV and made him sit through church. After church I told grandma and grandpa about him and Grandma in her special way told him she would knock some sense in to him if he tried it again and told him of an aspect I had forgotten about. Seizures. I am very glad she did, I had forgotten about that.I asked him how funny would it be if you were peeing and pooping your pants at school because you had a seizure at school... Also, if you have a seizure disorder you won't be able to drive. (I know you can with medicine and testing) but I wanted to paint a grim picture. After he thought about it for a while he said, "I think I am still ok?" I still told him he needs to earn my trust. Later while talking about something else he said "I am good at sneaking". I said thanks, I will keep that in mind.

On the home front, we,officially, are for sale. We are having some realtors do their tour this Wednesday and some people are interested in viewing our home on Thursday morning. YEAH!
We don't have the sign yet but we are getting it this week.
Our new home will still be built in Hollandtown but on a lot 1/4 down the street from the pond. It will now be on .5 of an acre. But the best part is our back yard neighbor has some boys our boys ages. We are still supposed to be closing December 31st.