Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hi- Ho- Silver!

Tomorrow. I ride.

I feel like it has been FOREVER since I used my road bike. Technically close to it is probably closer to 8 months.

My last ride was over 40 miles with my tri friend Dez. We wandered the roads near High Cliff and Wrightstown, Wisconsin. Weather was beautiful and we were fairly conditioned only months out from our hilly Olympic distance triathlon.

I used to complain, during my training, that I wanted my life back. I felt like all I was doing was biking, swimming or running. Now, I miss it.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am looking forward to this. A LOT. But the hills here are intimidating and my ego is annoyed that it, quite possibly, could be humbled.

I have been trying to find a decent place to bike.

I have found some short trails but not really made for faster speeds. I am not that fast. But wide open spaces are a bit, limited here. I am told about some converted train track in Indiana but I haven't gotten there yet.

I will be biking with the 'Head of the board of Directors' at the YMCA I work at. Her name is Becky. She is my saving grace, since I still haven't been able to find my bike helmet or tire pump. She said her basement is like 'MONTGOMERY WARD' so I will shop her stash.

We are trying to beat the heat, as it is said to be in the 90's here again tomorrow, so we are heading out at 7:30 am, that is 6:30 for you Wisconsin folk. Yep. So I should really get my butt to bed so I can muster the strength to haul it up these Kentucky hills tomorrow....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cha- Cha- Cha- Changes!!

The weather is different here fo' sure.

In Wisconsin, systems (i.e- cold fronts, high pressure) seem to hang on for days at a time. I have been reading on Facebook how sad everyone is that they are stuck with rain. Here? Here we get DUMPED on for an hour or two and then they move on and out comes the sun! (AND humidity, thank God for A/C!)

As I type I watch the TV telling us about a storm system that is sweeping on thru the system. The meteorologists seem to be less professional here, which is NOT really a bad thing... Just interesting. People seem to be a bit more laid back down here. About many things.

We are going to have to brave the heat of our storage unit (especially the upper part) to find our birth certificates, titles of both veichles, Proof of ins and proof of residence so we can get new license plates and drivers licenses.

It occured to me today that our extra school supplies, such as crayons, are in the upper part of the garage... *sigh*... they will be interesting to see.


In other news, Duner began running with me last week. It is giving him a new view of working out. He really likes the feeling when he is done. He is quiet while we are running. I know that feeling....

Brock is now where the same size shorts as Duner. Reece is there too! Needless to say, I have a hard time figuring out who's shorts are whose these Reece has had a nice attitude adjustment recently. He has become a model kid to his brothers. He makes his bed, he cleans and picks up things without having to be told and reminds his brothers to do the same. Blink. Blink.

The kids love that school is out. Zeb's tooth is bothering him again... looks like he has to get one pulled.... bummer.... we were given the name of a pediatrician to help us with that. More anti biatics again.

I am currently working with Convergy's but I did recieve an offer at a hospital. It has MANY pro's and con's. Pro's include... flexible 20-25 hr schedule. I would need to work between the hours of 6am and 6pm, I choose! More pay. $4 more per hr than convergys.... Local's rave about Christ Hospital, I would be working in the ER of Christ Hospital as a site coordinator, I would be a go to person with many doctors and making sure health records and info would get where it needs to go. The hospital is known for it's cardiac and ob area's. The crime victims typically go to another Hospital. Some of the Con's are... location. It is within miles from the 'nasty' part of Cincinnati. It will increase in hours to 32 to 40 hrs per week in about 6 months. I wouldn't be able to work from home, I would have to drive into Cincinnati everyday (M-F). I don't know the 'benefits' yet. I am supposed to get the benefits in the mail. It is for a company called Teamhealth. Based out of Akron, Ohio. They are creating this position, so not too much is known about it.
I have asked the HR person, if she knows of someone I can take a tour with before I decide.

Duner and I drove around the Hospital. It is in a primarily Black neighborhood with older homes (not that I am saying they are bad). They were very friendly when our GPS took us a to a one way street. All of them liked to hang out on their front porches. They were not home bodies for sure. It really seems to be a nice neighborhood, just next to a bad one. IT is close to the highway, so I wouldn't really be in the area long and the Parking garage has security guards in it.

So, prayers , excellent vibes and good thoughts would be wonderful as we figure things out these few coming weeks! At least our home has a first floor today!! Hopefully we have a ROOF by the end of the week!! Yay!!!