Monday, March 30, 2009

Pouring Down

They say when it rains it pours...

Drop one... Our Durango decided it hates us. Both Driver and passenger windows are not working. In fact, we have duct tape on the Driver side, and a metal hanger holding up the passenger side.... I know, Classy!!

Drop two... Our Saturn, that we just bought in August, needed $3000 worth of repair (according to the Saturn dealership)... Thermostat, wheel bearing, and AWD shaft. Nice. I. Know. But Good news! The dealer we bought it from - not Saturn- is going to pay half (even though we did NOT have the warranty) doing the repair at his shop... Yay!

Drop three... Duner is off of overtime... I knew it would not last forever, but it sure lasted longer than many companies around here. They have taken emplyees off their 24/7 rotation. They are taking volunteers for lay off, and working M-F 40 hrs only.

Drop four... My work (a health care facility) is no longer matching our 403b (aka 401k). And is delaying our annual raises due to the economy. *sigh* At least we have our jobs, Right?

Drop five... I am quickly losing steam as my half marathon is approaching... I need some NICE weather to help me want to get out there and RUN! *Reece told me the other day "Mom, since you've been back it has been all cold and dreary." Um, thanks Reece. Do you mean weather or ambience? -he meant weather... Really!

Drop six... We woke up today with NO HOT WATER. Lovely. You don't know how much you use it til it is gone.

Then again, water helps things grow too!

Grow one... After almost 2 months with out it I should be getting my Saturn back tomorrow! (Cross your fingers!)
Grow two... We are getting our Durango fixed hopefully this week.
Grow three... All of my boys are healthy and growing quickly. Reece and Zeb have started Soccer practices. We have high hopes this year!
Grow four... I was lucky enough to have a M. A. S. S. A. G. E today... I can't tell you how nice that was. She said she found some knots... go figure. Knots!
Grow five... We were able to finish some long overdue projects in the basement this past week... all molding is 99.9% done, and Brock's window is framed in. (Amazing how much that warms up the room!)
Grow Six... Thanks to the hot water heater repair (under warrenty) I had the guy quickly put in a water shut off that we needed for a outside faucet we enclosed.
Grow Seven... I had the best presents given to me today. Zebbie wrapped up .27 cents and a bunch of paper money and gave it to me. FOR NO REASON! Love it! He knows how to treat a girl!
Grow Eight.... After removing the boys from Cable TV for a quarter the grades have improved. Not to mention somebodys attitude too!

I have more to be thankful for than not. I am one lucky Mother.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

We managed a peak at Fremont Street to Check out the large screen over head. I hope you have access to this video. If not, go to and check it out. The very ending is the best.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 4

Wednesday we slept in a bit after such a late show last night with Blue Man Group. As we walked back to our car we passed MANY people celebrating the luck of the Irish, to the point of intoxication. It was about midnight when we left the show, so many on the strip were pretty wasted. One of them was getting frisked by the police.

One thing that I don't like here is the amount of nudity thrown in your face. It is really every where. Every night there are at least 30 plus people on the strip handing out cards with women on them like baseball cards. Then they get discarded on the walkway for all including the kids that are there to freely see. And there is NOTHING left to the imagination. Don't get me wrong, if you like that great... but geez.... even it out a bit...why are there NO GUYS on those things!

That and all the trash all over the city. On one corner, there is a 3 ft of trash and bottles between a chain link fence and stone pillars,

But other than that It has been pretty nice. We learned how to avoid the beggars.

So we decided to see Titanic exhibit, Carrot Top and Zumanity Wednesday. We are driving back from Hoover Dam. It was interesting to see. We did a quick tour because we had a security point that made the last 4 miles take about 45 minutes. Yep. I could have ran faster than that.

Titanic was cool, Carrot Top was Fun and Zumanity was... um.... different... Not sure if I like the cirque shows so much. Loved Penn & Teller! Blue Man Group got a bit long...I liked the Price is Right Live, once I knew I was not going to be pulled up on stage. (Whew!) Duner was called up to contestants row, but was out bid by one dollar on a guitar. Grrr. He could have played plinko if he would have won.

Thursday is bowling at 8:30pm, so we are just hanging out at the hotel and pool. We are taking it easy. I am getting in a 5 mile run, then we are going to Hooters Pool, because ours had to shut down the day after we got here to fix the drain to be compliant with the new federal regulations. At least we can use the Hooters pool/ hot tub. I guess I better go hop on the Treadmill before it gets up to 83 degrees today.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Las Vegas Day 2 and 3

Day 2 and 3.

Monday we spent the early hours at a ticket seller to get tickets for Penn & Teller, Blue Man Group and we also got some discounts on dinner at Planet Hollywood. This particular retailer has a VIP line that you can use if you purchased your tickets the day before, rather than stay in a line for an hour. (Yay!)
We also stopped by a grocery store to get some beverages and fruit for our room.
We were pretty tired yet from our flight. Getting up at 3 am just does not help your system. We spent a lot of Sunday napping and some of Monday.
Our show for P&T was for 9pm. We weren't sure how traffic would be so we got about 5pm and began to head over there. We had a rental and it was actually really easy to do. We found ourselves killing time at a Starbucks nearby the Penn & Teller Theater.

We just finished a sandwich when I glanced over and they were coming out of the theater. So I quickly grabbed my camera and headed out of the Theater and they actually stopped for me.
I thought that was great!

We had a great time at the show and afterward they hung out so we could get pictures with them...

Tuesday we used the VIP line at the Ticket place to purchase some more for Bodies Exhibit, Titanic and the Price is Right LIVE.
We hurried to the Luxor hotel to check out BODIES. I had seen a similar exhibit in Tampa with my sister, so I was a bit disappointed with this one. I think the one in Tampa was better, but Duner liked it.
We left there, grabbed some lunch and headed over the Bally's Hotel for The Price is Right LIVE. That was when we saw this little number for Zeb.

Then we just happened upon the statues that come alive in one of the hotels. They just had finished and were leaving to the escalators.

We killed time watching the Treasure Island Pirate (Siren) Show. We also found the Mirage Volcano, which I managed to get on video... in the video you hear a siren, but that was not part of the show. A firetruck just happened to drive by at that time.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Oldest is officially 14. He is now able to work part time in limited areas, he can now use the lifestyle center at the Y by himself, and he can now pump my gas in the freezing weather. (YES!) Ok, so maybe that last part I added, but I am SO glad to have a gas boy. *wait -- that did not sound right.**
Given that I was able to do my speed run earlier in the day we were able to work in Brock's favorite new place to eat in the valley here. FUDDRUCKERS. He loved it. The place just opened up last Monday, but they were doing pretty good. There was probably 70 people there and we got there about 5pm! After a short wait we ordered and found our seat. I tried to get a nice pic of Brock but that is next to impossible when he was giddy with delight.
He had gotten a package from my sister, a game for the Wii, but I was making him wait to open til his birthday on Tuesday. He asked me everyday if he could open it. I let him have only one guess as to watch she got him, but it was wrong, so I didn't let him open it any earlier.
Tuesday we had the classes at the YMCA, so we didn't have much time, but I picked up a nice cheese cake for his birthday cake. He REALLY likes his strength class at the Y, there is a really nice looking girl in it. He is looking to impress as many as possible.
Tonight I had to do a 4 mile tempo run and he begged to join me at the Y. Cool! Ok! I thought. Then we got there. He changes his pants and heads to the vending area. (??) I begin my workout on the treadmill (so I could make sure I was maintaining my pace) and I didn't see him for the first 3 miles. At about 3.25 miles he hops on the treadmill next to me and begins to talk my ear off while he jogs, even though I have my ipod in. Short time later he hops off. That was quick, I thought. He said he had to go to the bathroom and would be back. I looked at the distance on the machine.... it said 0.14. What?? That's all? I didn't see him again till I was almost done. Then he worked on all the weight machines, mainly for his arms.
After my cool down I move to the wall to stretch and he magically appears telling me how sore his arms are and how much he LOVES to 'workout'.
I think his mouth did most of the work.
But I am glad to see that I am not the only one in my family that is using our membership. Willingly!