Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend Plans take 2

Since our plans tanked for the weekend, we decided to play a game of Whitetailopoly, Brocks favorite game. He got this game for Christmas from Uncle Cory and it has been well loved. He always is dragging it out when he gets board. Duner didn't have good luck on the game. I was kick'n butt!

Then we headed to a local bowling alley to try our luck. It was actually busier than I thought! I tried to get more pictures by my camera didn't let me. I am not sure if it is the cheap batteries or the old digital camera, but I tried.

Zebbie was happy with his score, he was ahead of Reece for the majority of the game, guess who didn't like that... hmmmm.
Not Dad! He was excited that he finally pass me to win! (It was bumper bowling, otherwise he would have been ahead of me!)

We went to a movie after that. It was called Wild Hogs. Cute movie. I laughed a LOT. Some of the humor went over the kids heads, but Duner and I both liked the movie.

Today we stayed inside and played another game of Whitetailopoly, Duner still sucks. He just doesn't have luck at that game. Reece joined us today and he was the butt kicker, even though I had the Park Place and the other one (they are called something else on this game).

The boys were just outside helping Dad run the snow blower. We wanted to get it before the next 2-4 inches we are getting later today.

Friday, February 23, 2007


After much thought we decided the 4 hr drive to return home wouldn't be worth going to Madison.
We are very sad. Reece had all his stuff ready for tomorrow before I got home from work!
Both Brock and Reece started to cry as soon as they found out. They were bummed out for about 20 minutes then Reece said 'You owe me 10 dollars for not taking me skiing!'
What page in the handbook of parenting 101 does it say that?
No. I said.
How about Burger King?
Ok. He said.
That went well.

Brock said 'Now I wish I would have gone skiing today!' (at the school field trip)
How about Burger King?
Uh.... Ok.

We are probably going to take them to a movie and then sledding this weekend instead. They really want to see Wild Hogs, and there is a sneak preview this weekend.
We are all stocked up with food so the troops will be not starving. It was pretty picked over at the store, apparently a lot of other people heard about the storm.

Gearing up for a Great Weekend

Today Brock is super excited about a bowling trip his class is doing today in school. He even gets to bring in a board game to play since half the kids got to go skiiing today and will not be in school longer than the kids that wanted to go bowling. Basically it is a play day for 6th graders.

THEN... We get up Saturday AM bright and early to go Verona and Auntie Sara!!! It is supposed to snow, LOTS. That's ok, we will just take our time and we will be fine. I just heard that it may not snow til later Saturday. YIPPEE!

We are going to a geology Museum and then Tyrol Basin to go skiing. Auntie Sara has never been skiing before and Brock, Reece and Zeb went for the first time last year. We have never been to Tyrol basin before but Duner and I have gone skiing about 5 times. We used to do it quite a bit when we were dating, but then it we had the kids and hadn't done it for 10 years. It is a fun to out as a family. It's nice to get out and do physical fun, and create some fun Memories.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I didn't even take a bite mom!
That is what Zeb said to me as he gave me this lovely chocolate cup. AWWWW...
This weekend I tried to no avail to get Zeb to try to remember the color YELLOW. He now knows Red, blue, green, orange, purple, brown and of course pink (he LOVES pink milk, strawberry) but yellow just escapes him. If I give him a choice of orange or yellow, he knows the difference. He likes to say "What's the name of that one again mom?"
Tonight I was asking him what was the color of.... corn, bananas, my shirt, Reece's shirt, Luigi (from the movie CARS)... do you see the theme? Then I asked the color of grass. He said green.

He was right. But I had to continue with the theme.

I said if you don't water it, it turns YELLOW!

Rummy Fun

This weekend was a big Rummy fest at our house. Here they couldn't even stop for lunch. They had a Rummy Lunch. Reece discovered the joys of playing cards (other than building things with them). He was all excited to play Rummy. We printed out the rules off the internet so we make sure we get the total points right. Brock is good at that game. He likes to look at his score a little backward. He had 335. He got all excited and yelled ' I have over 500?". No. He read it as 533. He likes to do lots of things backward in the game too. He likes to discard first. He likes to write his numbers backwards, like writing a one from bottom to top. He just isn't quite normal. But what can I say he takes after his dad...
: }

Sunday, February 18, 2007

One sick kid.

Zebbie is sick. Cough, sneeze, drip. Yep. That is what he has. Reece had something earlier in the week (Sorry, Jen, if Jake got sick!) just after a friend spent the night last weekend. He had a on and off fever for Monday and Tuesday, but by Wednesday he was fine. Zeb started on Thursday with this stuff. I haven't taken his temp yet so I don't know how his fever was but he is still up and around at our house. His little eyes are dripping and puffy. He talks like he has a clothes pin on his nose. It's cute when he says 'My nose is dripping' meaning he needs a tissue.

On Thursday my Mom was going to take him for the day, but left him with Duner. I had gotten out some medicine for him to take at grandmas, to help with this problem. She gave it back to Duner and I hadn't seen it since.

Today I found it. In our freezer in the kitchen. I know it was cough and 'COLD' medicine but I don't think that is what they meant.

Mom, Can I start dating?

That is how Brock greeted me on Wednesday after work. He was sitting at the table doing his homework.
'Why?' I asked.
"Because it will open a lot of doors for me." He said. (??)
'Ah, sure. Dating like 'going steady' or like going out to the movies?' I replied.
"Both" he says.

Somehow we got on the subject of his ears. He has some ears that don't like his head. They stick out quite a bit. I don't tell him that but he knows. I was asked by the Dr. at his last check up if they cause him any problems with kids at school. At that time he was still in his old school in Appleton and they didn't seem to be a problem. But I think kids are starting to notice.
Reece likes to joke around with Brock about his ears, and so does Duner. But Brock knows it is just in the spirit of fun, nothing bad.
Dr Schimke mentioned something about getting that taken care of and I mentioned that to Brock. He was excited and nervous at the same time. He had a hard time focusing after that.

UPDATE: He paid a friend to ask if a girl wanted to date Brock. She said no. 'I planned it that way' he said.

Brock was out five cents.

Cheap friend, Brock said 'He will do anything for money'.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

12 years ago.

Twelve years ago today my husband and I were officially married. It was a Tuesday, we went down to the courthouse and got hitched. We had our first date almost one year earlier.
He met me through my high school sweetheart. His name was Paul. He worked with Duner. We went to a local casino a few months earlier. I had forgotten my drivers license and wasn't let in, since I had just turned 18. I told Paul and Duner I would wait in the car. ???? I was a nut.

Anyway, Duner drove us there and while I was waiting in his 1989 Chevy Beretta, I couldn't just sit there. So I had to take it for a spin. It was a Red GT. It was a 5 speed transmission. I had tried to drive Paul's 4 speed Ford Pinto MANY TIMES with minimal luck. I hated that car. I was a frequent passenger in it but I couldn't drive it for some reason.

All I did was move it from one parking space to another, but I thought it was really cool. Especially considering my car was a 1985 Plymouth Horizon, Mellow yellow. I don't remember if Duner said much about me moving the car but I remember him being surprised that I did.

By Winter 13 years ago, Paul and I were over. Within a month, I had a letter from Duner on my bed at my parents house. He wrote me almost a full page note asking if I wanted to go out. I thought Holy cow, I must have made some kind of impression on him for him to remember me from that one night. There may have been a company Christmas party as well, all I remember is Duner's sister buying me drinks and having me try different ones.
I called Duner and agreed to a first date. A lunch date, Early February 1994. I remembered Duner having a HUGE gap in his front teeth but for the first few months I tried to look past it. But is was hard.
When he mentions it now, Duner likes to tell me how beautiful I looked on our first date. It was a good hair day. I had just guilt ed my old boyfriend into paying for a perm. I had shoulder length hair and I was about 30 lbs lighter. I wore some jeans and a comfortable bulky sweater.

Being MR ROMANCE he took me to the car wash to have them clean and wash his car. I thought wow, how nice, he actually takes care of his stuff.

Then we went shopping and to Mc Donald's for lunch.

He offered to buy me brand new jeans. I thought, yeah, likes to spend money. I think we went to the casino too.

It's amazing how things change...

Now, he complains when I pay to wash the cars, buy new clothes or go to fast food.
I don't even notice the gap in his teeth.

Monday, February 12, 2007

No More Cryin' in the bath tub!!! Yeah!

I recently saw this idea from Nanny 911, I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.
It's GREAT! I used my goggles for swimming for Zeb in the Tub to wash his hair. He just HATED to do it because soap would get in his eyes. Now he thinks he looks like 'darf vader' . How Cute!Before and ....

AFTER! How Cool is this lil' dude?
He NEVER would have let me do that before!

Now, I just hope they don't get lost. He wants to wear them even out of the tub! Yikes!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Silly Zeb!

Today we are showcasing Zeb.
Silly things he says...
Square-tangle - Refers to both square and triangular objects.
Brock-Reece : Referring to both of his brothers.

Apparently his head was more cold,

than his Feet! (notice the Cars t-shirt and Race car sleeping bag)
He felt he wanted to share his little buddy Sponge Bob with us. Awwww.
Last Night we went out to eat and when we got home this is how Reece and Zeb were sleeping.
What nice Big brothers Zeb has.

Monday, February 05, 2007

And now, The REST of the story...

OK, so last time you knew we were patiently waiting for a new hard drive to appear for out 30 day old Gateway computer from Circuit City.
Duner calls me a work on Wednesday to tell me it came in. WAAAHHHOO! I go home and check it out. It was NOT a hard drive. It was a cable that may connect a hard drive but NO HARD DRIVE.

I call Gateway customer useless department, which is NOT a free call (why use a toll free number for people that shell out hundreds of dollars on their computer). I wait on hold for over 8 minutes, while the recording tells me the estimated wait time is only 2 minutes. It must be in dog year time or something.
I get Mr. Badge number 75021 on the phone who tells me after five more minutes that he can't help me do to his computer down for some maintnance. WONDERFUL. He tells me to call back in 2-3 hours to see if they can order me another new part.
I don't think so.

I immediately call Circuit City. This was the last straw. I think I have been more than patient, it was time for some action. I have the number memorized by now. I asked for the manager. It's pretty said when you know Ashley and Ashley (manager), Chad, Mike and now Brad (manager) all work at Circuit City. I got Brad on the phone. I am sure he is used to hearing people complaining and venting to him, so at first he did the 'that is not Circuit City's fault' routine, then I reminded him of the problem I had when I went to get it and it wasn't ready, the rebate problems I had with the staff and the fact that the computer was less than two weeks old when all this started. He then said "How about a brand new computer with Vista already on it?"
'That would be great!" I replied sarcastically. In my mind I was thinking so I can go through this all over again?
I had to bring in the junk computer and the old computer I had with the good hard drive so they could transfer files on to the new computer. I met Chad at the counter. He is the one that figured out the hard drive was bad this last time. I told him not to lose the old computer with the good hard drive. I told him I was going to hold him responsible. I noticed a Best Buy sticker on the side of the old computer and said "What's this?" I said that is from when they told me the motherboard had fried out. He repeated "What's this? " again, so I said "I never had any problems with them!"
He then made a noise like I had just punched him in the stomach.
Next time, Back to Best Buy.

Well, I Never!

Last week Brock heard just how cold it was supposed to be getting and immediately exclaimed 'Maybe school will be canceled due to the cold weather!'.
I said 'I doubt it, they have NEVER closed the schools around here due to the temperature.'....
Well, I guess today I eat my words.
Schools canceled all over the place.