Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Time to Blog

Yeah! I actually have a minute to sit and do this for once. It has be a hectic couple of days.
Last Wednesday we went to STOMP! at the PAC. I got tickets from my sister for Christmas (early) and I took Brock, Reece and Reece's friend Jacob. I wanted to take Duner but the work-a-holic, had to work. I was going to take Zeb, but He was sound asleep by the time I got the Grandma's after work, so I let him sleep and called up Jacob's mom.
It was stormin' something fierce that day but it didn't stop ANYone from going I think. It was still pretty crowded. The Boys LOVED it! They were laughing so loud people were looking at us. I can only guess what they were thinking. Reece, my sensative one, must have noticed and started to tell Jacob to not laugh so loud.
It was very neat, and I must give my sister one big THANKS for the tickets. They were a pleasant get away, which is very appreciated at this point!

We have 10 days and counting till we move in to our home. The brick guy was there today getting ready to put the bricks on tomorrow. It sounds like the majority of 'little stuff' will be tied up this week! Yeah! Duner told my Mom that they should be able to claim us on there taxes for the year. (LOL) Duner is giving my dad some stiff competition for her cookies and muffins. Duner is such a sweetness freak! Last week my mom made some kind of cookies that Duner says "They just melt in your mouth". Apparently he is all about the texture.

Well my time is up, I have to go get the boys from school.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

These are the days of our Lives...

We finally got Reece's 2nd retake pictures back yesterday. They have turned out much better, no food, looking awake, and apporiately dressed. Yeahhhhh!!

Right now Brock is sitting next to me doing his homework asking for either me or Reece to spoon in some tuna salad in his mouth since he is to 'busy' doing homework....?????? Needless to say we are not going to.

Wednesday I will be taking all of the boys to STOMP at the Preforming Arts Center in Downtown Appleton. I got the tickets for Christmas from my sister Sara. I am pretty excited to go, since I have never been to the PAC for anything other then a school function for the boys.

At the house on Wooden Shoe today they put in the cabinets, vanities and mantle. I LOVE the fireplace mantle. They also leveled out the ground around the house. I didn't know they could do that with frozen ground. After seeing the colors of the rooms Brock has decided he wants to share a room with Zeb.... We will see how long this lasts... Reece wants us to paint little airplanes around his room. I was going to do a 'Hot Wheels' theme for Zeb, but if Brock wants to share the room we will see.

Zeb LOVES to runaway with the baby Jesus from my mom's nativity set and hides him. I think he was even found in the refridgerator. We put away that set and put out a set I got from my cousin for our wedding. They are hand painted ceramic pieces. It even has the eyes and eye lashes painted on it. It hasn't been set out for 3 years, because I didn't want any of them to get broken or lost especially with the kids. It used to have a barn to house them in but that broke with in a year.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Oh Christmas Tree...

On Sunday we made arrangements with Cory and Shannon to go Christmas tree shopping with them. It was very cold.

While we were waiting for them to get ready Duner and Cory were discussing the future trip that they want to go on in appx 2 years. They are going hunting in Montana somewhere. Shannon and I said ok if you do that we get to go somewhere else, like New York. Sounds like fun to me!!! New York is one trip Duner NEVER cares to go on, nor do I want to go hunting, so That would be nice. We get along really well. We will call it the 'widow's weekend'.

We drove around for one and a half hours looking in Oshkosh for a Christmas Tree. Brrr... We found some Charlie Brown trees at Steins for 30.00 or if we wanted to pay up to 80.00 we could have bought from one off the street vendor. He had some very nice trees but give me a break!!!
Appleton is peppered with all kinds of trees! I don't know if Oshkosh has something against tree vendors but they are not to be found in Oshkosh. So we just went home without a tree....

Zebbie did Such a GREAT job on Sunday going to the potty, but took a step back yesterday. He knows better but he just doesn't want to do it.
As I drove errand after errand yesterday I found a $20 tree vendor with some nice trees in Appleton, so after Duner got out of work Reece came with us and picked out our tree. Reece was so proud. We did have to drive the tree to Oshkosh but that was ok.... I think today I am going to try to get the lights out of storage. I can see them but i can't really reach them. I am going to try use the ladder in storage to reach them.
We shall see.
Today St Nick came to visit the kids, all of the kids got a lego 'x-pod', I Spy books, movies and of course candy. Chocolate of course. Reece got the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Brock got the movie 'The Pacifier' and Zeb got the movie 'Robots'. They also got goofy fake teeth that we told Reece he should lit Grandpa use for teeth.

Happy St Nicks Day!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Potty Training not so hot...

As you can see from this picture of Zebbie, as he likes to call himself, potty training is not going so well.

I ran across this picture of Zeb while downloading the birthday pictures of Reece. Today is his 8th Birthday. He got tinkertoys from grandma Z and 'fly wheels racing toy' from us. We bought 3 just so they wouldn't fight. But they are boys so yes I know they will fight anyway, but it worked for some time at least~
Auntie sara gave him a metal detector that he loved to find all of the nails in the floor of the house with it. That will come in handy when we get in the new house we will send him out to the yard to search out nails and other 'treasure' that is hidden in the yard/driveway.
His cake was a candy cane cake from Kraftfoods.com . I get this free receipe magazine every 3 months or so from them and this was on the cover. It had chunks of candycanes in it and on it. It also had chunks of chocolate in it with whip creme frosting, yummy.... Reece really liked it. So did I.

We found out we can't get the sbc 'all in one' package at our new home, since they dont have it out there yet, so we will be checking our options. I have to meet will our cell phone company to change my cell to our home phone.

This is what it looks like today. We are looking at the kitchen, dining, living room area is to the front. Our bedroom is off the dining area and the kids bedrooms are behind you in the picture.

We are getting it painted on Monday and Tuesday I have to paint the ceilings in the boys' bedrooms and both bath rooms. I don't want to take them too much off their schedule. Maybe we can bring the boys and have Duner help me out with it. I am not holding my breath.