Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Things I learned recently....
1. How and when to wean a kitten from milk to solids. This is tricky. My kids helped out a lot. Now, we have NO MORE mid- nighttime feedings (!) and no more bottle (or syringe) feedings! Yay for Kitty!!

2. Arbonne is Awesome. I recently also became an Arbonne consultant. All I have to say is 'SWEET!'. Great products, Great rewards, Great Pay! How many jobs can you have in your life that you can help people and feel good about it? I used to say the only job I want is a flower delivery person... other than funerals, they generally are a pleasant sight for the receiver. But no more, I love having Chocolate buffet parties, hearing the great results and working with such sweet women! Oh, and the training trips to Vegas, tropical places and New York are pretty nice too. (Mainly New York, I am really looking forward to that one, since I have never been there!)

3. School still sucks. Don't get me wrong... I have not given up on the personal training gig. I still want to do it! And I WILL. It just won't happen by January, like I had hoped. I always struggled with school, mainly reading. Not a fan. It is sorta hard to do an 'online' or 'at your own pace' type course without reading. I am a SLOW reader. I like to understand what I am reading, which takes a LONG TIME for me.

4. I look good. It's funny. I don't feel differently, and I know we are our own worst critic, but I didn't feel like I looked 'good', until recently. I had a 'mini' reunion at a local establishment and I was pleasantly surprised by the comments I got. I have felt like a slug since I had almost zero working out time in September and October, and really have struggled the past year with trying to get below the 'athena' division
in triathlon. SO, to hear that, was a very nice surprise. I just hope I can keep up the expectations for the upcoming 'reunion' in December, just after the holidays.... I guess I now have my motivation for exercise...
Now , I need to write it in my calendar.

5. How to not have a wedding. Now, I don't mean that in a bad way at all... My sister got married on Halloween, and it was all her. What I mean is, she did it HER WAY not the way 'tradition' says or really anyone says.... IT was perfectly Jill. She made it a day to remember for sure. We all had costumes, it was at a unique local, complete with a skeleton cake, very perfect for her, and the best thing is she was happy. It wasn't stuffy, or fake, or done in ANY WAY like it 'should' be... Which was great, because she was honest and truly enjoyed the day and didn't have to worry about the 'small stuff'. He seems to be a great guy and I am glad she is so happy, finally. It has been a long time coming....

6. And finally, I learned I am getting old and I REALLY love my sleep, but first I must read a book with my youngest.

Good night, sleep tight All