Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A slow warm day.

It was in the 80's today. I made sure our windows were closed early in the am so we wouldn't have to put on our central air.
I spent the morning organizing the boys 'TO DO' list for the summer. This is to limit my frustration with them being off and 'bored'.
I named Brock the MASTER OF THE BATHROOM. He will tackle the dastardly germs, and fearlessly fight the soap scum. Not to mention, sustaining the shiny force field around the toilet.

Reece was named KING OF THE KITCHEN. He will seize the army's of dishes that come his way, while preserve the foods goodness by keeping the counters food free.

Zeb was named LORD OF THE LIVING ROOM. Of Course, I am not expecting him to really do much, but I want him feel like he has a job to do, like his big brothers.

So after I finished that, gave Zeb a bath, and picked up Lego city from the boys room, I washed out our garbage can. We have a bin that we haul out to the curb every week and bring it back when it is empty. I had wanted to clean it all winter, but with Zeb's school I just brought in the container and didn't have time to clean it. Well, the entire time I cleaned it a red wing black bird flew overhead. Apparently making sure I didn't come any closer to its nest than I already was.

Later Zeb wanted to take the dogs for a walk. I volunteered Lighting since he will eventually catch on. We didn't go far since it was threating to rain, so we came back and Zeb ran in the house to get a coat on to protect him from the rain. He came out and set up a watching post, as you can see. He was ready.

After supper the boys couldn't wait to hop on the computer, Reece had finished reading a book called THE SECRET KNOWLEDGE OF GROWN UPS. It has a cute way of telling kids why they need to finish their milk (or an atomic cow will blow up), not pick there nose (because it could affect their brain), and eat their broccoli. I can't remember why that was but it was cute.

So I let them play on the computer for a while. Apparently they can only sit on their butts so long in one day.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


My sister Tagged me so it is my turn to write about why I blog.

1. Reason number one. What better way to keep memories alive. When it come to kids things go in and out of my head constantly! It is hard to remember everything they do or say. This way it is typed and logged for posterity.

2. Reason number two. Because I need some me time. It may just be 5 minutes. But it is nice to come and sit down for my blog and just type. It is my mental check. It is my way of hiding from the kids. They can see I am busy typing and they know they can wait til I am done to ask me questions like "Can I have a soda?" or "Can I have some Ice Cream?".

3. Reason number three. Communication. I hate being on the phone. I am answering telephones at work. I really don't want to do that at home anymore. Zeb still needs to work on the way he answers. "Who is it?", just doesn't sound very nice.
It is a nice way to let family and friends know that you are still alive and yet include them in your life, even when it is so busy.

4. Reason number four. I feel like I am a contributer, not just a lurker. I like to read other peoples blogs, some are big time lawyers, some are so funny I lol til I am crying, others are struggling with their weight just like most of us. Best of all they are real people. Not famous celebrities, that do what may or may not get the most attention. (or what their 'people' tell them to.

5.Finally Reason number five. If I EVER lose mind mind, er, Memory; I will be able to go back and read my blog to get a sense of who I was.

: ]
Wow! I didn't think I could come up with 5 but I did!!

I would tag some people but I only know my sister and parents read this. I don't know who else does. I know they do (according to my blog counter) but I don't know if they have blogs.

*Sigh* So feel free to comment and let me know of your blogs out there, so I can know who you are!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back to the Oldies!

What a FUN CONCERT! We had a Spring concert for Brock tonight. I am lovin' the choir concerts in Kaukauna! I didn't get to have this much fun at Jr High concerts, when I was preforming!

We arrived 30 minutes early and were able to find a nice seat in the balcony of the auditorium. I let Reece pick our seats and he said he wanted to sit in the 2nd row. I suggested the first row, but he wanted the his row. He soon realized, when some people sat infront of him, how nice my idea was.
It is so funny seeing so many of the people that we take care of at work. Some people smile politely and don't say anything. You can almost see there mind desperately trying to figure out where they have seen me before.

They sang songs from the 50's, 60's and 70's. The Principal made a joke about how some of the songs didn't seem like oldies already. They sang My Girl, Feelin' Groovy, and a few different medley's. The even included an elvis and a blonde 'Peace and Love' girl. They all had matching t-shirts on and blue jeans. The 8th grader guys were allowed to wear shorts. The 8th graders were allowed to preform a Jr version of stomp. It was very cool. Zeb and Reece both enjoyed that part.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spy Kids? Not MINE!

Our new neighbor building across the street came over a few weeks ago and asked us to keep an eye on their house. They had something sticky all over their livingroom floor. It was just on the wood but she didn't want anything worse happening.

Well, monday night I saw a guy walk over to there house. I just happened to be in Brock's room and noticed that the owner and builder's truck wasn't there. IN fact, No truck was there.
Strange, I thought.
Then, I thought maybe I better call the neighbor and ask if anyone was supposed to be there.
As the phone rang I began thinking about what message I would leave if she wasn't home. After a few rings she finally picked up.

As far as she knew the plumber was still there when she left, but he had a pickup truck. I looked up and down the street but no plumbers truck.

The guy first headed to the basement, then he came up and checked out the view in the back. I was giving her the play by play while the guy opened up a small fridge that they had for cold beverages. She said there was only water in it. He looked over to our house, I tried to back away from the window. She said "Good! Maybe he will go away." Duner was at work and I didn't have a car since our truck was getting the brakes worked on.

He then headed to the garage. I couldn't see what he was doing in there. After a minute or two he came out carrying two boards. He proped them on his shoulder and headed down the street. Keep in mind, this is 4:45pm in the daytime! He walked down to the new house that just had the concrete finished that day and put the boards down and went in the van.

He apperently worked for the concrete company that did the job at the site. We figured he needed the boards for somekind of finish work, but we didn't understand why he went into the fridge. I have seen too many episodes of the Discovery Channel's It takes a Thief.
I was begining to think about what happened one episode where a neighbor witnessed the crime taking place and they took the keys to the van. They then talked about how that was EXTREMEMLY dangerous. He could have gotten hurt or killed if it was the right thief. So I didn't want to be seen.
I was trying to read the phone numbers on the truck for the neighbor to call them but I couldn't read it. I asked the kids to see if they could see it with their eyes. No luck. They quickly ran outside to see if they could do better. Before I could even say NO they were out the door running to the other lot, the one with the dirt hill. Brock was more brazen and stood out in front of the house trying to read the numbers!
Thankfully the guy never came out from that side of the truck, I quickly yelled for the kids to get back in the house.
Brock reported back with the first 6 numbers on the phone number. I let him take his bike and ride to the corner and back to get the last 4 numbers. I kept thinking, this guy is going to come back and get revenge on us. I made sure we locked all the doors and windows. I hung up with the neighbor and she called the concrete company.

She called me back and told me that she was told that he was the finisher.

He had a been in jail for theft. He was relieved of his position at the company. I don't exactly feel good about that.

Great. Even more reason for him to come and take revenge.

I wish we had more neighbors, so he would know who it was.

Maybe he doesn't.
Maybe he didn't notice Brock Standing if front of the house staring at the truck.
Maybe he didn't hear me yelling for the boys to come in quickly.
Maybe. Right?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Feelin' the love...

The boys consider it great fun when I chase after then to give them a kiss. Sometimes they find a way to avoid it, sometimes they really make me work for it.

But Thursday morning was not their best day.

I was getting ready to go to work. The boys were getting ready for school. I had cornered the boys Reece and Zeb's room. Brock tried to lock the door but I had my hand on the knob and turned it so he couldn't lock it.

It didn't take much for me to force it open, since only Brock was holding it. Reece made a quick line to his hiding spot under the bed. I was next to Brock so he was my first victim. I easily pinned him and planted one on his cheek.

I then put my sights on Reece. He was under the bed still. I paused and thought what to do.

I didn't want to get on the floor because that was what he was waiting for me to do, so he could squeak out on the opposite side before I could get there.

So, I took the mattress and flipped it off the bed, so he couldnt escape on the other side.

"AAHHHHHHH!" he said. "Brock help me!" he panicked, but there was no where to go. He was trapped and the bars blocked his arms so he couldn't use his arms to block my kiss. I just reached in and planted one on him.

Afterwards I tossed the mattress back.

Later on that day, after school, Reece asked to play on the computer.
Usually I have them clean up something or do something to earn their time.

Before I could figure out what his would be Reece quickly touted "And I am not making my bed since your the one that messed it up."

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Romeo, Romeo

I am now slowly getting a voice, I didn't sleep that great last night. We had some storms to entertain me between the coughing.

Today I took Zeb to his last day of preschool. He will still have his speech class 2 more times, but then he will be done for the year with that.

While we waited for the preschool to start today a girl named Emma came up to Zeb and said "Hi Zeb." (I told him say 'hi' back.)

Zeb: Hi.

Emma: Do you like my shirt? (It had a picture of and ice cream cone) My Gramma likes to eat this part, (pointing to the cone) but I like to other part.

Meanwhile Zeb's friend Sam came up to Zeb.

Sam: Hi Zeb! (he said as he petted him, he likes to touch Zeb a lot)

They started to kind of ignore Emma.

All of the sudden she puckers up and leans in to Zeb for a kiss. Complete with the wind-up and sound effects. : - 0

His reation?

Zeb: Ahhhh!!!! No Kisssing! he says as he leans over to me to hide.

Her reaction? : - x

She tries again!

: - ]

Monday, May 14, 2007

Whisper Quiet

Thanks to my allergies I can't talk. I can now whisper but very limited.
I have gone through 2 boxes of kleenex.

It is so frustrating to not be able to talk normal. I am trying to rest my voice so when I go in to work I can actually answer the phone. It is kind of funny. Since I have been whispering the kids started to whisper back at me.
hmmmm. That could be interesting.

I am having a hard time typing and wiping my face so this is going to be a short one today.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day Weekend.

We headed up north this weekend to our cabin. I had picked up some movies and warned the kis to get their clothes packed. By the time we packed up the kids, dogs and 'stuff' it was 7pm and we headed out.

Since we brought back the pontoon boat we had it sitting in front of the 3rd stall. The 3rd stall is were we keep our trailer that we bring up for the dogs. One of the dogs seems to get motion sickness and always leaves us a present by the time we get where we are going, so we like to keep them in the trailer.

We decided to try to watch a movie but we got too tired and went to bed by 9:30pm, yeah I know pretty sad.

The next morning was my running day. I wanted to run 4 miles. As soon as I woke up I took our yellow (and more behaved) lab and went running down the road. We didn't get very far and he needed to leave a present right in front ot the local tavern. I managed to run down the road for 25 minutes and then I wanted to head back. I was happy that Lighting only got in my way 2 times. I nearly fell both times, but I caught myself.

After the run I had the kids help us load up some garbage from an old travel trailer that was in the yard. At the dump the kids enjoyed picking on some deer statue's that someone had dropped off near the dump. We had an old fridge from the camper, but we couldn't drop it off at the dump, we had to drive to another location. During the drive we discovered just how covered we were with TICKS. I had 8 and Duner had 6, then when we got to the location we checked better and we each found 4 MORE! We had 20 ticks on us. The kids each found one.

Zebbie FREAKED OUT when he saw one on his foot. It took extra long to get it off because everytime we found it he would try to shake it off his foot.

After lunch we played some games of horseshoes and got set to go fishing. We caught a couple large mouth bass and saw one really big one in the water. Brock wasn't so interested in fishing, and he had his swimsuit so he wanted to go to slippery rock so Zeb and I went and checked it out with him. A tree had fallen so we are now able to cross the stream quite easily. The water was too cold for normal people but Brock and some others ignored their body temperature.

Back at the cabin again we got ready to head to town. Duner took Zebbie to the races and I took Brock and Reece to Spiderman 3. I really didn't want to go, but this was a small theater and my other option was sitting at the races or cabin without being able to drive anywhere with Brock and Reece. That just didn't appeal to me. I could just imagaine them complaining about how bored they were.

After the movie we went back to the cabin, made some smores and headed to bed.

The next morning Zeb actually slept til 9:15am. That is when Reece decided to wake Zeb up. I don't think he ever said that before.
Reece actually came up to me and gave me a kiss and a hug, and later Zeb did too.
What a great Mothers Day gift.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Ride

All day Sunday I was trying to rehearse what I was to say to the Fox Tri Clubbers at the monthly meeting at the Y.
I didn't want to ramble on, but I wanted to get as many riders to come. Dr Al wanted me to make the anouncement to 50 fellow Tri Club members that were in attendance.
The Fox Cities Triathlon Club now has over 600 members. Obviously attendance is Not mandatory.

We had a couple that came from Tennessee (just moved here because of the weather), she works a a local nuclear power plant. Dr Al cracked "Don't get to close" as he presented them to us. They are triathlon coaches.

Just before they were to begin their spot, I was able to spit out my quick statement that I had been rehearsing in my mind. I asked experienced triathletes to join the ride to give the newbies some pearls of wisdom. I was probably the color of a turnip. I was never so glad to sit down.

Judging by the look on some of their faces I thought no one was going to show up.

But, by the end of the meeting I knew I was wrong. I had 3 people come up to me and tell me they were planning on being there! Yikes. I hope it rains, was my next thought. I wanted it to take place but I don't like being in charge of people.

So, All day Monday I was watching the weather (30% chance of Thundershowers) and waiting (and hoping) the clouds were going to open up and pour. No luck. Afraid I going to forget something I loaded up the bike, helmet and waterbottle in the truck. I made supper quickly, and headed off.

I pull in to the parking lot of my work, where we were to meet and not a single car in the parking lot. Panic settles in. Ok, what if nobody shows up?

Hmm. I hadn't thought of that. I will get out of my car with my bike and wait for the others. It didn't take long and along came Dr Al. Yay! And another and another.... pretty soon we had about 15 of us. Some came on their bikes already!

One girl forgot her helmet, two more forgot their water bottles and one person barely made it before we left but we found an extra helmet for that one girl, but the ones without water bottles were out of luck.

The wind was appx 10mph out of the south. We headed east for .5 mile and then headed south for 6 more miles. Yes. Into the wind.
I wanted to stay with the last rider but there were 2 others that were doing that so it didn't make sense for me to stay back with all of them. That girl was REALLY SLOW. I wanted to tell her to shift up so she wasn't peddling so hard, but she also needed to raise her seat a bit. I felt the other more experienced riders could help her better than I could. There was more riders just ahead I wanted to mingle with so I rode ahead and talked to a few of those riders. All of them were glad we did this ride. Whew. What a relief.

Thankfully the ride back was easier. We had the wind at our backs, and were able to talk. I talked to a girl from the High Clif Triathlon last year, and she had a mountain bike too! We compared our times from last year. She did it in about the same time. I was better on the run, but she was better on the swim.

I had many bikers tell me how greatful they were for this ride. One experienced one said she liked this one better than the Tuesday night rides and asked if we were going to continue them? I would love to but I would like someone else to be incharge of them. I don't do leadership well. I will do whatever you want me to, but I am not a take charge type person.


Next weeks forecast right now? Monday 30% chance of rain/ thundershowers, again.
It is a great event. I would love to have someone else keep it moving. I don't even have my new bike yet!

Friday, May 04, 2007

What did I get into?

I opened up my big mouth and decided to lead (?) a group bike ride for newbie Fox Tri Clubers on Monday.

Dr Al came up to me and told me about a girl that had done the last Tuesday night 'Newbie' Ride. She was quiet overweight and had a old bike. The most she had ever rode was 10 miles.

The route they take on the Fox Tri Club rides are 22 miles. The go out to High Cliff State park, do the famous hill and come back. Yuck. I haven't done it myself because I am too chicken to ride all the way out there and then do the BIG hill only to ride all the way back.
I did it once by myself. Yuck.

Anyway, This girl was VERY SLOWLY getting the ride done. The club Never leaves a person stranded. One always stays with them on the ride to make sure they don't get lost. As she was in the finishing stretch, she got overwhelmed with helplessness. She began to cry and wonder why she ever tried to do this in the first place.

I completely understood her.

It is hard coming in last. It is hard being the last rider on a ride. I have been there. I just wanted her to know she wasn't alone. I knew of at least 2 other girls that rode slow.

So, I started a Newbie Slow Ride. Dr Al Recommended 18 miles. 9 Miles out to Sherwood and back. Well, I thought at least they should all be slow. It is not my usual day to ride but maybe the extra movement will boost off my weight.

So Monday night 6pm sharp I will be working my butt off,
for us slower bikers of the Tri world!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Brock was in Camp for school Monday to Wednesday this week. He and 3 buses worth of other 6th graders, gear, teachers and chaperones. We scrambled his belongings together on Sunday night. We had to quickly throw some jeans in the washing machine and have them dry and ready to go for the morning. I don't know why I bother, in reality I know he wont be using them.

He asked me to drive him to school. Actually said he CAN'T ride the bus with all his stuff. Ok. So I woke up early enough to slam the pants in the dryer so they would be finished in time for him to go. I was trying to figure out how I was going to send Reece off (on the bus), Run Brock to school and then bring Zeb to his speech class. All before 8:30am. Plus I normally give Zeb a bath on Monday AM's so I was hoping to squeeze that in somewhere too!

As luck would have it, Zeb's teacher had to cancel due to a sick child. Yay! One less thing I have to do. I had Brock load up the gear and left Zeb sleep (since Duner was home sleeping) and I was able to leave Reece hear as well. Double Yay!

We managed to find a parking spot and walked his gear to a side of the school where the others were setting their things. A boy named Jorge came up and made small talk with us as we walked. I never saw Brock walk so fast. When I told him that he said it was 'cause he was bored. He. He. I don't think so. He was embarassed. Rightfullly so. I wanted to make the most of it so I did what every Mom does when they are about to leave for a few days.

Gave Him a big hug, right in front of the kids.
Purest of Torture.
: )