Thursday, April 28, 2005

A collar for kids???? Hmmm...

They should invent some kind of collar for kids. Not a shock collar, but one that sounds an alarm when they go out of the house. That would help alot. With 3 kids I never know which kid is coming or going when the weather is nice. Zeb LOVES to be outside, but he is only 2. He also LOVES to go for a walk, sitting in the wagon. Ok, So I go for a walk and he gets a ride. He is also VERY persistant. When ever he hears a train (we live about 4 blocks from the track) he wants to go for a walk to watch it. He loves anything with travel right now. Planes, Trains or Cars. Especially RACE CARS!
I am looking forward to a trip to Six Flags Great America with my sister, Sara. I am thinking I will drive down to her place on Sunday May 15th and spend the night at her place. The next morning wake up and head out to Six Flags Great America. I haven't been there in about 8 years. I went there with my husband and some friends of ours. My husband doesn't do well on Rollercoasters. I LOVE them. We are not taking the kids. They will be in school. They had 2 days of Islands of Adventure in Orlando. Not to mention, the space station, race track and the Ocean (which they LOVED). I don't get to visit my sister as much as I would like. She doesn't have kids so they tend keep her a little on edge. I don't blame her. It is kind of like when you were younger and we would babysit. You always didn't mind doing it, but while you were there after the first hour or so you could think of about 18 things at home that would be more fun. So after that first hour you watch the kids and the clock, waiting til the parents would come home.
My sister also wants to take me to IKEA. She loves that store. She has showed me the website a few times. I like to shop, I won't complain. Maybe only about the money I don't have to buy everything I want but that would be it, Really. Shopping with no kids better yet!! What a novel Idea!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Just wasting time...

We wasted 4 hours yesterday working on electircal that never ended up working. That really takes the wind out of your sails. I think that electricians have it made. It didn't seem like 4 hours. Talk about job security. We did so little in so much time. Anyway we are one more step closer to having a Rec room in the basement. We put up more paneling instead yesterday.
well gotta go the kids are home from school.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Goin' Shotgun...

Brock and Reece have this thing going. They love to sit in the front seat. They are always yelling 'Shotgun' and running to the car. I learned recently that in the old days of the horse and buggy when people would travel they would sometimes have someone driving the stagecoach and somenone next to the driver with a shotgun armed and ready just in case someone would try to rob them with all the people to and from the 'Gold Rush'. That is why when someone goes 'shotgun' they basically want to ride next to the driver.
Well, Zeb has caught the idea with yelling shotgun. It's so cute. His brother can already be in the front seat and he'll yell 'SHOTGUN!' with his little 2 year old voice and run to the front door of the truck. Obviously we can't let him sit shotgun but its funny to watch him try!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

From the Basement Blogger..

I don't get much time to write these anymore. Since we had the floors refinished, we have our computer in the basement. Out of sight, out of mind definitely holds true. Zeb has now discovered how to open every door in the house. He know just how to unlock it first, too! I have no hope. Which is why I am doing this at this hour. He is watching Agent Cody Banks with the boys. They love that movie.
Zeb has a nice road rash above his right eye from falling out of the wagon that Reece was pulling him in. He loves a wagon ride. It's great. Every day (weather permiting) he, very persistantly, asks to go for a wagon ride. We have a train track that runs about 4 blocks from our house and he is forever amazed by trains. Any time he hears one he wants to go for a walk to watch it.
Zeb is not quite saying sentences or phrases,but boy when he sees a race car, train, or various others he definitely makes sure you know it. He has his dads NON STOP TALKING!
gotta go...

Saturday, April 16, 2005

No need to hire an exterminator...

I know it has been a while since I last written, It has been a busy week. Monday and Tuesday we spent most of our time unloading our Living Room and Dining Room of furniture for the men to refinish our floors. Originally I wanted everything to go in the garage, just in case it rained, but the bigger items were just to heavy. So our sectional couch and my roll top desk had ended up on our front porch. My entertainment stand is now in my kitchen. We will probably be moving those in today.
We lucked out weather wise, it couldn't have been better. We had spent the last couple of days at my parents home sleeping, we tried to maybe come home thursday night but the smell was so STRONG, I couldn't even stay in the house long enough to open a window. I had to keep going out side and breathe, then go back in. I don't know what they used but it was Nasty!
We had our whole house fan on for 2 1/2 hours yesterday with the windows open to help with the smell. It helped a lot, but you can still smell it a little. I know eventually it will all go away. Today I went to my closet and it has lingered in the clothes. They have become very fragrant. The good thing is if we had any mice in our house the would be no more. I don't know if that would work for spiders but if it does, YIPPEE! My sisters used to put centipides in jars with nail polish remover and watch them die and turn color. It was quite neat. They would turn a really neat shade of purple. After thinking about that smell reminded me of the nail polish remover, I am now quite confident our spider/centipide friends are gone. At least for now.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Yes, Zeb is actually sleeping and this is a close up picture of where he fell asleep. Posted by Hello

and another... Posted by Hello

I kidd you not, Zeb is actually sleeping. Reece pointed this out to me. He fell asleep on the couch just today like this Posted by Hello

Busy Weekend.

Duner and I went up to Minocqua for a much needed time away from the kids last night. We had a great time. I got to go for a peaceful walk while he bowled in a tournament with some buddies. One of the guys he bowled with was someone I went to Junoir High with. It was fun. He was one of the boys that you never had a 'crush' on but always fun and nice. He still is. It had been 15 years already since I had seen him. He went to a different high school then me. We stayed a hotel within walking distance to the 'downtown' area. Everyone was able to come and go. No one had to worry about who was driving. I am not much of a binge drinker. I had 1-2 drinks of Cranberry and Malibu, then I switched to water. I believe it is more fun to be the sober one to tell the person the next day, 'Do you know that you did this...?'.
It was funny because 3 of the guys in the group of about 9 guys were lawyers. Two were defense attorneys and one was a real estate attorney. If you would have seen these guys you would have not guessed that is what they do. Maybe just one of the 3.
We treated our selves to the Best room at the inn. Being off season we got it really cheap. We had a couch, fireplace and jacuzzi in our own room. The hotel did have a pool and whirlpool, but we didn't have the kids so we splurged. Besides my OB doctor released all restrictions on Thursday. We felt like we were dating again. The guys at the bars kept telling us to get a room. I just love the fact that after 10 years (and 3 kids) we still have such a strong bond. We have our disagreements but in the end all is good.
It was a rejuvenating weekend.

Monday, April 04, 2005

We Almost have a toy room

We we have 6 outlets and 2 lights all fully funtional in the toy room now! Yeah! That was such a huge hurdle for us. Now we will put up paneling, a false ceiling and some carpet. Amazing enough we generally work pretty well together. Our main problem is Zeb. He likes to move what we need to use. Yesterday Duner was working near our treadmill he put a retacting razor, wire cutter, and wire stripers on the treadmill. Next time he needed them we couldn't find them anywhere! After looking around for a while we asked Zeb what happened to them and he opens up a tool box and says 'Right Here'. What a helper.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

What a small world it is.

Reece has a new 'best' friend, Jacob, and he just loves playing with him. I spent the afternoon talking with his mom, Jenny. I learned that our Best Man from our wedding plays volleyball against her Husband, Luke. And our Best Man, Mark also works with her. While we were talking a friend of Brocks, Greysen, came up and started to play with them and then I learned that Greysen's Dad also plays volleyball with them too. What a small world.