Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring has SPRUNG!

I can not tell you how happy I was this weekend. The sunshine and warmth was a welcome and missed feeling. I had to work all through most of it but I lucked out on Saturday and only had to work a half day, so I was lucky enough to get my 11 mile run in AND take my youngest to his first soccer practice ever. He was super excited.
My run was enjoyed with my oldest son for the first 2 miles. He joined me on his bike as I ran. I warned him I would not be able to talk much. He was ok with that. He said he wanted to join me with the Fox Cities Half marathon in September. I had a killer tempo run on Thursday, so I was a bit nervous about my long run for Saturday. I had maintained a pace of 9:40 for 6 miles on Thursday. I was supposed to maintain a pace of 10:52 for all 11 miles. I didn't study my route for mile markers and I wasn't sure how slow or fast I was going. I was sweating a lot. I never realized how sweat can turn into sand as it dries on your face. I would wipe off some sweat only to feel pain. It was almost too warm for me, but I was delighted to have kept a pace of 10: 40!! for the 11 miles. I will be researching new hydration fuel for my next Long run, 12 miles next saturday... I am in the midst of 'HELL' week for me. I put in almost 30 miles last week. This week consists of a 4+ speed workout, 8 mile tempo run and a 12 mile Long run... Then begins the wonderful taper....ahhhh... oh, yeah! I guess could be worse... I could be running the Boston Marathon on Monday.... : ) Good Luck Jaynie and Alan!!
~ Then begins full on soccer season! I just learned on Saturday that between my 2 kids in soccer I will either be a practice or soccer games every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for a good long while.... but I am looking forward to it! I love to see my kids outside and moving instead of sitting on their butts!! Have a Great Week... I will see you after HELL WEEK! (Maybe)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Random Thoughts

Today I debated about doing a 10 mile indoor run, but given the temp said it felt like 26 degrees and my allergies are kicking in (not to mention 17 mph wind) I opted for an indoor run. All 10 miles. Indoor. run. slowly.

These were my random thoughts for your viewing pleasure...

Ok. Here I go.

Only 0.38 of a mile? Is this thing broken?

Lets slow this thing down a bit and see if that helps.

Ok, since my i-pod is low on battery if it dies ANY TIME during this run I will just take that as a sign from God that I need to stop.

Ok, ANY TIME can happen soon.

*sniffle* grrr. Allergies. *sniffle*

I will just leave the machine running, jump off and grab a tissue... I mean, I am still moving right?

This is better than running out in the cold wind.

i-pod can die at anytime.

Woo hoo! Almost 4 miles in.

Oh! Good Song!! Crank up the machine!!

Bummer song over, but *Yay* slowin' down.

Oh Yay! ANOTHER good song!!

Woo Hoo! 5 treadmill miles done, now to the track for the last 5.

Now, don't forget to click. (my lap counter)

Okay people it says JOG for a reason. If you want to walk move your feet to the WALK lane.

Hey, I am the only one running... I will just use the run lane til the faster runners come.

Ok. Back to the Jog Lane now. Grrr.

did I click?

Slow person. going around. grrr.

i-pod die. please.

slow person. going around. grrr.


slow person. going around. grrr.

I clicked right?

slow person. going around. grrr.

slow person... GEEEZ... are you not done yet!!!


now more FAST RUNNERS.

I would be ok, if you stopped i-pod.

Ok. Only 40 more laps to go. ( Was 57.5)


Ok time to change direction people.

(look at watch) *sign* it will be nice when I only have 10 laps to go.

*sniffle* grrr. stop and blow your nose.

opps, I missed my stop, one more lap. *sniffle*

at least i have a nice breeze as I run up here.

did I click? How is this i-pod still working? It said low battery MILES ago!

Water break.

What??? I forgot to restart my watch?? I missed like 11 minutes?
How did I not check my watch for that long?

Hey! We lost the Fast runners and slow people! Yay!

Ok, *sniffle* and water break.

Only 22 laps left.

Oh!! Good Song again!!


Ok... only 10 laps. I should be achy right?

Stretching will feel good!

I am done!
Ok, now to figure out my time since I missed 11 minutes. Grrr.