Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our First Thanksgiving (in Kentucky)

This post is filled with 'FIRST's. We had a lot of them for Thanksgiving this year.

1A. For the first time EVER we both have off on Thanksgiving AND the day after. And they are PAID. SWEET!

1B. First time ever, we had NO FAMILY with us or traveled to be with family on Thanksgiving. Truly, it was ok. It was nice to be in our PJ's All day if we wanted. Not that I needed a break from my Parents and siblings, but it was just so nice being a small group. We were able to 'connect' today. It was nice not having to make sure the house was perfect, the food all came together at the right time, if we had enough chairs or worrying what time people were going to show up. It was just nice.

1C. Zeb offered and SET the table for us today! I didn't even ask him too. It was great!

1D. Well, it is NO SECRET that multi tasking while cooking is not my specialty, but we officially broke in the Tradition of something going wrong on Turkey day. Today I was trying to shop online AND cook beans and stuffing. It was going well until I smelt that distinguished aroma of fire. Alas, I was not a full fledged arson attempt, but Brock spent the next 10 minutes picking out the burnt beans from the pot, While I put the stuffing into a new contatiner without bringing the dark crispy parts from the pot.

1E. It has rained more in the past week than it has since we have been here in March. It has been great, just rainy. I can't believe for opening of Wisconsin gun season, I was outside running with SHORTS and a tank top on, and wasn't freezing!

1F. Got to play Wii Monopoly. After about 10 minutes Reece was looking to quit and play something else. After 30 more minutes he had forced us all into bankruptcy! (due to getting BOTH of the high cost spaces and then getting homes/hotels on them) His fees were $1400!! On one alone. Sheesh!

1G. For the first time we had NO LEGS or Wings on our turkey this year. Not that I meant to do that, but it came that way. Not sure why they would sell them that way. Didn't even know it was possible. I was ok with it. Kids were a bit bummed... but at least no one was able to fight over the legs! Right?

1H. I wish I had Bean-o in the house. You really don't wish you were me.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend Everyone!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: The crazies are a Hunting

1. Our child, Brock, has informed us the reason he did not talk until he was 3 is he was busy listening... hmmmm. He gave us a great laugh with that one!

2. I guess I can not get enough motivation to lose weight, so I signed up for a second weight loss competition. One of our ER doc's is keeping track of our weights. We all have to pay if we gain any weight. Now, this peticular MD is a bit of a character. He is borderline 'cocky'. I personally have never met him, (since he works nights) but from my few email exchanges we have had and other co-workers experience say he can be a tad difficult. I JUMPED at the chance to beat him in the challenge, or at least give him a run for the money. So far so good, EVEN with German Chocolate Cake!! Proven that you CAN HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO!! he.he.

3. It's funny how God listens to you. If you would have asked me 18 short months ago, what the perfect job is, I would have said - one that I worked by myself, no management hanging over my head. That I was reponsible for my duties and got them done. Worked alone for the most part with my co-workers. I like people, really, just not drama or gossip. I get tired of the he said, she said, venting, back stabbing and finger pointing. Now? I have a job were I work by myself, I am a loner, but have co workers. For the most part they do not know what I do. When our co-worker died suddenly, I was informed but heard nothing else from my co-workers, not even when her service was eventually held. It was strange. I felt bad. But being that I and the physicians work for TEAMHealth, and not actual 'hospital' employees, we are seen as outsiders. Not everyone is 'difficult', but a FEW will not go out of there way to help us out. Now, I LOVE MY JOB, but sometimes it is frustrating when the few difficult are less then helpful. But otherwise I absolutely love this job! I was so used to people chit chatting in all of my jobs and now I am completely out of the loop, except for the providers, but they are so busy with patients they don't have time. Not that I am complaining, actually I feel unbelievably blessed!

4. We picked up a rental for Reece for Cello. It came with a T-shirt that says 'Got Music?" He likes it, so far, again.

5. Reece mumbled something about if he can run a mile with no problem, then MAYBE he would 'try one of those 6 mile races'. I promised not to push him into it, but that would be really cool!

6. Our crazy cat has been growling at herself again, it is funny when you don't see her sitting on a chair under the table and you are by yourself and suddenly you hear the growling, and no it is not your belly... but boy it sounds a lot like it!

7. My 15 yr old and 12 (soon-to-be 13 yr old) finally went to the dentist for a check out since we moved. Yeah, I know bad mom... Ok. So they did xrays and in, in true Ziemendorf fashion, both boys will need to have their wisdom teeth pulled due to impaction. (mine were pulled when I was 16) Brock has been obsessing about it and we haven't even scheduled any appts yet. We are waiting til we have two dental insurances after December 1.

8. Duner just accepted that part time job and then today his full time employer told him today, OVERTIME starts today! 10 hour shifts, possible 12 hour shifts...everyday for the rest of the year! So, we are not sure if he will keep the part time job, it may interfere with full time. Yes he wants to work both. We will see.

9. We booked out hotel for Christmas! Holiday Inn Select here we come December 24th! Not sure we will make it for Thanksgiving, but the kids and I will definitely be there for Christmas.

10. We would love to have visitors!!! If you come and visit we have to head over that direction, even if you do not find anything there, YOU MUST VISIT JUNGLE JIM'S international market! It is an experience AND a store!! Have you ever seen frozen Rattle snake? Kangaroo medalions? $5000 wine? There truly is something for everyone there! I don't want to give too much away, but YOU HAVE TO COME AND VISIT!

11. Zeb is in boy scouts and we get to tour the Cincinnati airport tower! How cool is that! I don't know who is more excited. Me or Zeb?

12. Indiana Gun hunting season opens this Saturday. Duner is very excited. Secretly I am hoping he doesn't do so well... we don't have the freezer space yet!!

13. Brock and I are starting to volunteer at a Rescue Misson called Fairhaven. We are going to find out what we will do exactly but it sounds like it will be working in the Thrift store.