Sunday, October 31, 2010

Frightful Five - Happy Halloween!

1. On Saturday I gave each of the kids a task to do. One of them had to clean the toilets, another vacuum, another dust with Pledge. Zeb went a bit crazy with the dusting and somehow our floors got very slippery, so we had some fun running and sliding down the hall with our socks or a rug for some physical fun.

2. Duner is now employed by for the holiday season. He starts next week. He will work Monday thru Friday 6:30-10:30 and he is hoping for some Saturdays. We are trying to save up to buy a new fridge. We are currently using our fridge we used to keep in the garage in Kaukauna. Kinda small and I miss the ice and water dispenser...

3. This week was very emotionally draining. Last Friday my Aunt passed away, her funeral was on Tuesday. When I went into work on Monday, I found out an employee had died in a Murder-suicide. We were shocked to find out about that, but even more so when it was announced later that it was she was the one that killed her husband. We can only guess, but we are hoping it was some sort of mercy killing. They both had recently had doctors appointments, and she did not want to discuss them. Very sad situation.

4. BUT at my Aunt Phyl's funeral... I had a great time with some cousins we didn't get to see enough growing up. They were further away from our home, but though the magic of FB we talk more now than ever and we laughed and remembered Aunt Phyl with the best stories. I left with Zeb on Monday after school arrived at my sister's new home called 'Greyhaven' near Janesville about midnight. After a quick tour of her home, in which she showed us all of the 'hidden' areas (a closet and a SECRET room!) I was beat and glad to sleep that night. I LOVE my GPS, it got me right to her place! It was a good visit, wish it could have been longer...

5. I love our neighborhood, we have Great Neighbors!! As today was Halloween, Zebbie was over the moon excited to get his 'chainmail' on and scope the area for some sugar. When we were at my sister's she let Zeb try on a chain vest Uncle J had made when he was younger. He loved it, slept in it (or tried to) , he wore it at the funeral, wore it at home, to school, anytime he could he was wearing it!
So, as we went around the neighborhood, we ran into a lot of adults in costume! It was so fun! There was Sherlock Holmes and Watson, raggedy Ann, a cowboy, chicken (that freaked out a boy and pretended to be dying, hilariously!), a devil, and lots of many neighbors sat at the end of their driveway handing out candy... we met a couple that moved from Lomira,Wisconsin in July and another woman that I might go running with and is thinking about doing a FULL MARATHON appropriately called the Flying Pig May for the first time.. I might just join her, she invited me running with her, Zeb has played with her son, Will. AND she has never doing a triathlon before! I may just have a new partner in crime! : )

Ok, I have got to get to bed, but have a great week everyone!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

We have a cat. She is quasi human.

A few weeks after we moved here she developed diarrhea, so we quarantined her to our bathroom, as she got better she was allowed into our bedroom,now she is all ok.

She is back to herself for sure. My husband and her fight all the time... he pulls her tail and ears to get her going, then plays chase the hand... you get the idea. She will growl at him and keep coming back for more. Luckily, it is only him, for the most part.

My husband HATES lights on at night, when he tries to sleep. We have a night light in the bathroom to help the cat find the liter box easier... we usually leave the bathroom door open just a sliver.

Well, the cat did NOT want to let him go to sleep last night.

Just after he turned off the lights, and pulled the door closed, climbed into bed, head on the pillow and POW, she flung the door open.... and not just once, or twice, but FOUR TIMES!! Finally, he pulled the plug on the light.

I kept giggling til I fell asleep. I consider it payback for all the times I got up in the middle of the night to feed her and he got to sleep...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Seven

1. This am I started off bright and early with a 10 mile run. It was my last long run before my half marathon on Halloween (in Chicago). It begin in the dark, with the stars, then I got to watch the Sun rise, and then finally the beautiful TREES!

2. We are getting to Peak Fall color right about now here. They said due to the dry summer the colors would not be as nice as they could be but they are still pretty sweet!

3. I found out you can buy Starbucks syrup! So,I picked up an Espresso machine, and have been a Mocha Mama. I can make my very own Dark Chery Mocha! Love it! And so do the kiddos! Every morning for the last 3 weeks, we have had to make a mocha for each kid. There is a TON of milk in Mocha's and very little coffee. I am wondering if I should invest in a cow.

4. We have been able to hang up some things on the walls. It is finally beginning to look like OUR house. I loaded up the tool belt with nails, screws, tape measure, pencil, level, drill and hammer. I was a hangin' machine today.

5. I have gotten my hours increased to 32 (hrs per week) at the hospital, so I am able to quit the YMCA's. My last day was Wednesday and I treated the crew to Starbucks VIA flavored coffees and cookies. It went over quite well.

6. Duner has been hunting on some public land behind our Church. He has seen a lot of deer. They are skinnier than in Wisconsin. We see a lot of them driing to Church too. It is a really rural area. I saw a 6 pointer the other day, it came up to some horses and it wasn't sure about them... it was funny to see.

7. We painted our office and part of our living room this weekend. Toffee Crunch and Gobi Desert were the colors. We used Toffee Crunch at our old house, I loved it so much I wanted to use it here too. The last time we painted the cat ended up getting diarrhea and didn't want to use the litter box for a few weeks. We kept her locked in a bathroom for a while and let her out from time to time, now I think she is ok... but not really sure why that happened.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Blessing's abound!

Sometimes, we think we have it soooo good. Then life crashes in on you.
Sometimes, we think we have it great. Then it gets even better.

This past year has been amazing.
Been crappy, been awesome, been better, now?

I have been unbelievably blessed.

A certain someone in my past, wrote me a note saying how sorry they were for the way they treated me. It was a sad situation, but we had lives to live. Everyone has regrets, doubts, wishes, and fears.
I wanted to hear that from them long ago. I was surprised to say the least. Completely unexpected. Really makes you go back and think.

Before triathlon, I would have melted in an instant at those words. I often wonder, if I didn't do triathlons or half marathons, would I get the respect I get from people? Would I have seen those words?

How many words have been said due to low self worth? Or low opinion of people? We all have so much to be grateful for, all we need to do is stop looking to others for our self worth.

No regrets.
No doubts.
No fears.
More love.

NEVER too late to start over. I feel SO INCREDIBLY BLESSED.