Thursday, September 23, 2010

New job. New Race.

I am beyond excited to report I will soon be a one job person!!!
I do like working at the CC ymca, but boy, if I only had one job to dress for... oh boy!!! I am excited!

So I was working for the RC Durr YMCA on Saturdays, CC YMCA on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's, then Christ Hospital for about 4-5 hours Monday thru Friday. Whew, I am tired just writing about it!

So rewind to last month.

My job at RC Durr.
I liked that job. Until manager #1 went on leave and manager#2 took over. Let's just say I worked 2 days a month. She had issues, we will leave it at that. I gave my notice last week. Just before manager #1 gave her notice too.

My Job at Campbell County Y.
I love working with Terry. She used to be a manager until she went thru treatments for colon cancer. Now, she is just a full time employee, with a bit of anger. I get it. I really do. They basically GAVE her job to the aquatics director... who could care less about the front desk staff. We are kind of an after thought. Communication is um, lacking. But overall I like it.

My job at The Christ Hospital.
I was just informed today that I have been approved for an increase in my hours to 32 hours per week, which is the magic number that I needed for me to be able to quit the CC ymca! PLUS I get benefits!!
  • 10 days PTO!
  • Paid holidays, and THE DAY OFF AFTER THANKSGIVING PAID! (for those of you who know me, know I have worked that day more often than I wanted to for MANY years)
  • insurance (we have a REALLY high deductible plan with Duner's work)
  • workout credit toward ins! (if I workout 3x a week, I get $ off my insurance!) Sweet!!!
  • I still pick my 32 hours, when I want to! I will be able to get the boys off to school, work while the boys are in school and head home when they get done and Duner comes home from work. Perfect!
Which is perfect, since I am training for a Chicago Half Marathon on halloween. I sure would love to dress up, but it would have to be something that can be washed and get sweaty. Up to 8 or 9 miles this weekend.

Hopefully the weather will dip below the 80's for it!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

And Exhale....

Ok. So gone are the days of driving over the 'home' to drop the kiddo's off for school and then picking them up and bringing them to the apartment.

What a relief, not to worry about if we have all of our 'ducks in a row' for the mortgage people and the insurance people.

No more inspections, certifications, or orientations... we can just be. It feels great.

My job is going well, the hours may increase shortly and I will be quiting one of the Y's when that happens. I must admit, as much as I like working at the Y, it will be nice to have only one job.
I agreed to do a half marathon in October with my partner in crime and former Tri Fox, DEZ!!! (she moved to Illinois this year at the same time we moved to KY) It is called the Monster Dash, in Chicago on Halloween. We get cool swag, that is why I signed up for this one!! A shirt that glows in the dark!! I am making my family do the 5k. Yep, they are already whining... this is gonna be fun!

Brock is taking a BEAKER FULL of science. Three classes this semester, to be exact. Good thing he likes science. He has science, biology and zoology! I just about had to pick my jaw off the floor when I found out his school fees for this year. It's funny, we had to pay the other kids fee's before school started. But because Brock's school was behind schedule and under construction, they delayed the 'fee day'. Which I missed anyway, since Brock failed to mention until we were in full move mode on the day we closed on this house. So I made a special trip.

Reece is a READING STAR in his language skills class. He says his teacher likes to call on him to read a lot, 'cause he can actually read without stuttering. He is our book worm. He loves to read and it shows. He said the teacher told him he would make a great author. We completely agree. He is a great story teller. Just the other day he noticed on TV that our cable guide was not working. It just kept saying 'To Be Announced' on everything. He started cracking jokes like 'Hey, have you seen to be announced?" 'Oh, look, to be anounced is on' ... I can't do it as good as he did... it was so funny!

Zeb is loving the space we have around here. He made me laugh the other day, he likes to chase his remote control car down the side walk... um, I guess that is one way to get some exercise! Ha! He had a space maintainer put in where he had those abcess teeth that needed to be pulled. He has started swim lessons at the Y, he swims no problem with a kick board over 9ft deep water!! If you knew how he panicked just as recently as the begining of summer in 5 ft of water, you would be amazed as I am... He loves to wave and give us the 'thumbs up'. He is one very happy guy.

Duner is beyond happy with our home. He bought a salt lick for the deer. When he went to put it out, he noticed fresh deer tracks through our fresh grass seed. (we have sod in the front, sides and 10 feet of lawn in the back of the house, then it is seeded in the back). He is constantly on the watch for those deer.

Our cat, Willow, has adjusted well. I am glad that she seems to have more space to wander so she is not trying to sharpen her claws on our faux leather couch. Yay! It is funny to watch her talk to the moth's out side of our windows. Zeb wants to get her a leash.. he.he. Zeb has a birthday coming up.... I think we should get him a leash for it. (just kidding)

Well, this weekend, we are going to be installing a garage door opener and heading to Duner's bosses 'house warming' party. I am looking forward to a nice low key weekend... and my training begins.... 3 and a 4 mile run.... yipeee! (maybe I will switch out one of those for a bike ride since I now found my helmet and tire pump!!! Yes!!!