Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My lil' Marathoner...

Every Tuesday night I bring Reece to the Y for Fit-n-Fun class. I signed him up without his approval because it is a frigid winter and he was sitting on the computer more than any other kids we have.
We are about 3 weeks into that class and tonight, Brock decided he wanted to tag along with me to the Y.

'Ok. Sure." I said. Kinda surprised. He is generally not active but he wanted to walk/run the track.
I said " If you go, I am running my 2 miles today at the Y. So you will have to watch Zeb on the Track til I am done."
"Ok" he said.


I wasn't getting to excited about it I figured it was a one time thing. While I ran my miles, Brock walked and ran with Zeb. Everytime I passed them they tried to keep up with me for a bit, then they would stop. By 20 minutes, I finished I took Zeb and we headed downstairs to watch Reece for the next 25 minutes.
Brock asked to keep walking the track til Reece gets finished. Sure No Problem.

When he finished, Brock came up to me and said " I bet I could get some girls if I can do that track for a long time".

Now he is GETTING IT!! This is MY THING. Of course, I promptly said...

"Why don't you do a half marathon with me? Fox Cities Marathon is in September, why not do it with me?" I said.
"Ok, but I'll walk some." he said. Then he asked about the class they have at the Y to be allowed into the lifestyle center. He is 13 (almost 14) but has to be 15 to be able to be in the Lifestyle center. We walked to the front desk and I showed him the class discription and the dates and times of the class. He was bummed because I can't sign him up til after the Half Marathon in February, but he wants to continue to walk/run the track with me.

YEEESSSS!!! Finally!!

It only took 4 years of Triathlons and Marathon to get one of my kids truly into it on their own terms! Ok, the posibility of girls probably helped too, but still!!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Unexpected #1
Brock has been playing with a friends PS3 lately and is consumed with the urge to pick up one of those babies and one particular game. Something with Zombies and things that I really don't like Zeb to see. AND, since we just got them a Wii for Christmas, I will not be getting the PS3 anytime soon... if he continues to bring it up, he will not have one til he is 18 and can buy it himself.
Unexpected #2
I have been plugging away at the training for the marathon. I was thinking I had to do 7 miles on Thursday, but afterwards, I found out it was six. opps. he. he. Thats ok. I was really impressed with my time. One hour and seven minutes. I have a stopwatch that I use for my laps, and I was able to run a mile in 9:30. I wanted to make sure I didn't mess up, so I hopped on the treadmil for a mile and sure enough I was actually doing that well. Now, I have been running for 3 years with VERY LITTLE improvement on my time, I am not exactly sure what I am doing but yay! That is over 30 second improvement and I wasn't pushing really hard to get it done. I did only one mile on the treadmill. I really like to feel the breeze as I run the track... it helps cool me down.
Unexpected #3
Not too long ago we had a meeting at work and my manager had mentioned something about a position they are creating for Training Specialist. It is full time, more money and more traveling and you train old and new employees on the 'better' ways to do things. It sounded interesting so I applied. I don't want full time, but if the hours are 4 ten hour days that wouldn't be so bad. I managed to get a phone interview for Tuesday , but we will see how that will go. I hate interviews. I am not holding my breath.
Unexpected #4
Today we shut the clinic down due to a ill MD, and no coverage.
That was a great surprise considering, the kids already were off due to a half day of school. So, Duner and I took them to Tom's Drive in for Lunch and to see the movie Hotel for Dogs. Cute movie.
Now, I must head to bed, I have to work a double shift at they Y tomorrow. FUN!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Yep, He is all Mine.

Yesterday was a long 7 mile run. We got 'er done, but when I returned home my oldest informed me that he thinks he broke his toe. Now, I have broken both of my pinky toes at various times since I was 18, but never on some stairs.

I swear chairs and tables jump in front of me...
...so I have rather large stumps.

So, I have some experience with broken toes. I told him they do NOTHING for your toes when you break them. (unless they are displaced, I am sure) I did get a fancy 'shoe' thing but since he has bigger feet then me, and the particular toe involved.... he was out of luck.

It didn't sound that way. When he showed me it was already black at the base of his toenail. I said " Congrats, Your about to lose your toenail". A wave of panic set over him...

When he was really little, being my first born, I wasn't perfect with cutting his finger and toenails without pain... so he tells me anyway. So, he gets really possessive of his nails.

"What? Will that hurt?"
I did my best to explain that but I can't remember losing a nail, but I am pretty sure I had some lost one when I was young. I didn't like to wear shoes in the summer, and I rode my bike a lot.... equals sore toes, and knees.
Anyway, I took a peak at it again today and now it was pretty swollen and even more black and blueish... Yep, I am pretty sure it is broken, but he can manage to get his HUGE shoes on, but gym class is going to be tricky... I may be checking into an gym class excuse for a week or two for him.

Tonight I told him to lay down with some ice and put his foot up. At least he can get some of the swelling down before school tomorrow.

He developed a system for attaching an ice pack to his foot to help get better.

He doesn't rest real well.

But Sunday night he somehow set his alarm clock for 12:35 am and kept hitting snooze til 3am, when he finally turned it off. Then I woke him up at 6am to get on the bus by 6:45am, which he missed...

If it weren't for bad luck he wouldn't have any luck at all...

It can only get better right?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


This Christmas was Reece's FIRST favorite one, (second was the pool table and air hockey last year he said). The boys, with help from Aunt Sara, got a Wii. Complete with Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Guitar Hero, Mario Karts and 3 controllers and a few other games... the boys have been having fun with it so far. I managed to hop on it today for 20 minutes and created a Wii Mii. (We-Me), My very own person. I LOVE how much it said I weigh!! I know that it wasn't right but it was a nice thought. I did some balance exercises and ski jumping (only 4 tries) the first one I bombed... but the next 3 were great. That was the longest I have been on it so far.

Well, We have had our first Wii injury. Ok, not bad, but enough that Zeb didn't want to play the rest of the night. He was playing baseball with the boys and after his swing his arm dropped right onto a table that was in the room, hitting his fingers. He is all good now... I am sure it won't be the last, but at least the kids are moving around, instead of staring at a screen only.

Speaking of Zeb... Today Reece was explaining how his zipper is broke. It is missing that piece used to pull the zipper up... After he explained how it keeps falling down, our 6 year old, Zeb enlightened us with his reasoning for the zipper falling....

" Maybe your balls are too big?" Zeb said.

I gasp at first, just because I didn't expect that, but I just had to laugh when Reece began to smile...

as if to believe that could be the reason... I wasn't about to hurt his fragile ego.

I guess you can just file that in the KIDS SAY THE DARNEST THINGS department...

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Still learnin'

They came!! My new running shoes came... I am so excited!! My Brooks Axiom 3's.

I ran 5 miles in the old ones on Thursday, it was ok, but I am REALLY lookin' forward to try out the new ones soon. I have to run 7 miles tomorrow, so hopefully I can break them in. I am going to have my old ones with me so I can switch off if I need to... I thought it was suppose to be only 3 miles but then I rechecked the calendar, and *gulp*, I was wrong...

The 5 miles went really well. I was glad to see my partner K, stickin' it out and doing the full five miles with me. We ran one mile on the dreadmill and then 11 laps on the track (which is one mile) then back to the dreadmill til we had our five miles in. It actually went really fast. Considering 2 months ago she couldn't even RUN 10 minutes!! She is doing AWESOME.

She even kept running as I pushed the buttons on her treadmill increasing the speed. She was so doubting herself, but in the end she ROCKED out the higher speed will minimal complaining.
: ) You did GREAT K!

I also learned some things today...
  • Our Carbon Monoxide detector goes Crazy when we have a power failure. Freaking out my kids.
  • 'Power Failure' can mean not a COMPLETE LOSS OF POWER. You may just have some dim or flickering lights but not enough power to work anything, such as a vacuum or computer.
  • Power can be out for almost 2 hours , for no apparent reason.
  • Even if you have a battery for a laptop, you do need electricity for wireless internet to work.
  • I really need to print out some of my phone numbers that I have on my computer, so when you don't have power and kids want to call some neighbors to see if they have power you have access to their phone number.
  • We Energies has a toll free number in the phone book... Thank God for that one... since I automatically pay our bill I never get a paper one, so I was desparately looking to see if I had a printed old bill to find the number.
  • I don't have any We Energies bills printed out.
Thankfully my power came back on about 2 hours later, but I missed out on a really cool work out that I was going to do today... bummer.
At least I got the Christmas tree taken down and some puzzle time in with the boys.
Zeb is a great puzzler!!