Sunday, September 24, 2006

That time of year!

I just love this time of year! The colors, the temp, the smells, especially at Warrens Cranberry festival! Everyone sells autumn and cabin decor, candles, oils that fill the air with country baked goodies. Each year I go I never know what to expect for the weather, but I can almost guarntee that it is not the same weather we have at home. We had rain one year that was on and off, but otherwise we had overcast or sunny weather. This year was sunny and warm. It was almost too warm for the longsleeve T-shirt I wore that day. My first buy was a huge sweater that I wasn't planning for. It was SO SOFT and only 10 bucks!!! How could I go wrong?

The girls I went with were from work. I wasn't planning on going but at the last minute we pulled together and went. I was hoping to buy som window clings that I bought last year for the old house. They made ANY window look and feel like a real stain glass window. I didn't have alot of money. I managed to spend enough money to come home with some change only. I wish I could have bought a lot more. They had a 50/50 raffle when we were there that we could have gotten into. The top winner won 1,500 cash, 2nd place won 500, I don't know the rest I lost track, I had started day dreaming about how nice it would have been to come with little money and end up with lots. I can't say I would come home with all the money, but I would come home with more.

At one point I had to chuckle, a husband and wife walked by me and the he said to her, "You know, the more you buy the more stuff you will have at home." I think he was along to limit her 'stuff'.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Birthday Boy!!!

Tomorrow will be Zebbie's 4th birthday!
So in remembrance of that day I took him to Toy'r'us and let him pick out his toy of choice.

Disney Cars Piston Cup Raceway.

I am not sure who likes it more?
Brock and Reece played with it more than Zeb.
It is really actually neat. You have your "Cars" from the movie. We were lucky enough that Dad Bought "The King" yesterday and Mcqueen came with the set today! We had to offical cars. The kids found some others from our stash that fit as well.
How it works is a motor at the start has to wheels that the cars fit through and propels them throught the race track and back. The kicker is it's only one lane at the start, so someone is always first, but they have a car come out of the side and crash with the other cars, and a yellow flag pops out too. So after a lap or two it goes away.

I had forgotten about the pictures we had from our weekend bowling and at the Zoo... So here they are.... Some are taken by Zeb himself... I will let you guess which ones...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ironman I am not..

I realize I have been a serious slacker as far as my blog goes.

I am trying to fix this problem now. Where does the time go?

Oh I know, it could be the fact that I am sitting here wishing I could go to bed since Monday thru Friday I have to wake up at 6am or earlier (if I have to work) to get the kids ready and on the bus. It picks them up at or just before 7am.

It could be the chaos of 3 different schools for 3 kids. Zeb in Pre K, Reece in 3rd grade and Brock in Jr High! All of which have different systems for doing things. All of which send home papers anytime they feel like it, unlike there previous school that sent things home in a friday folder, which I do miss.

It could also be buying a car one weekend in Alsip Illinois, off Ebay, and visiting my sister with the boys the next. Lots of Driving!

My sister had a nice blog about our visit. We went to the space place and watched the space shuttle atlantis take off. It was pretty cool. We also took the kids bowling. Not really much new there. I still suck, Zeb gave up on the 2nd time down the lane, Reece is SO DRAMATIC, and Brock is just lucky enough to have some of Duners Bowling genes. My sister wasn't bad either.

We made big signs for the Wisconsin Ironman Triathletes that we cheered on Sunday. It was a bearly balmy 59 degrees for a high and rainy and windy. How would you like to swim for 2 hrs, bike for 112 miles and run for 26 with conditions like that?
OUCH! Pain, serious PAIN! I talked to Dr Al today (Day 3 post Ironman), he has retired now from doing the Ironman. He will still continue with the Local Triathlons, but no more Ironmans. His wife is still doing them though. She finished in over 14 hrs, it took him over 16 hours. It was almost midnight when he finished. Start was 7am.

You know it is bad when you have to shift with your arms because your hands no longer work. You take an additional 10 minutes in the Port-o-potty because you can't lift your pants, you dread going down the hills because you can't stop your bike. That is some big mental strength to finish and sign up the next day.

Well I am being paged.... Next time...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ok Time out

Wow, is all I can say for the busy weekend we had.
Friday was the first day of school for the kids. We got them all handsome and walked them down to the bus. I wrote their bus numbers on their hands so they would not forget when it came time to go home.

We didn't get to meet them off the bus since we drove 4 hrs south to get a car we bought on Ebay. We really like the car, hate driving that much though. Yuck.

Anyway, when we got home we quickly got clothes, food and dogs ready to go up north to the cabin for the weekend. We also set out our other truck to sell on a local main highway. We made it up north and settled in and watched a movie. It was Flight Plan, good movie.

The next day Cory and Shannon popped up to join in the labor day weekend festivities. We had a horseshoe tournament on Saturday. We each brought food to share and signed up for the tournament. Shannon and I were on a team (I had never played before, BAD) and Duner and Cory were on a team. Last year they made it to round two and got knocked out. They were hoping to make it further. Shannon and I were losing at first but then we pulled out the lead. The game ended with a debatable score of 21-20 we lost. For those that don't know you play to 21. There was confusion at the end but we did really well considering It was my first time and she hadn't played for a while too.

We waited a while for the next round of games. Duner and Cory had to play the guys they lost to last year. They didn't like that but at one point they were ahead of them 20-6. But they pulled ahead to sqeak out a win. Cory and Duner were both understandably bummed out. They were SO CLOSE!