Friday, February 25, 2005

Oh the Perils of a 7 year old

Life is unfair. Especially if you are Reece. He seems think the world has it out for him. Just last night he stomped up stairs yelling "Everyone always bosses me around!", after we told him he was distracting his brother who was trying to study his words.
Today his life sucks because Saturday morning he has to go to indoor Soccer. He loves outdoor soccer. He was fine with it before we got there last week. Now, it is just awful. He says there is too many people there.
I don't think he realizes just how many people are on outdoor soccer. For the last 30 minutes he was telling me how much he would be willing to to just to not have to go. (He still is as I type) Now he says he will brush his teeth everyday. Twice a day even.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Where does the time go?

Brock and Reece's school have been studying for a knowledge-a-thon. They sent home pledge sheets over the weekend. They do this every year to raise money for the PTA. Both kids have 50 questions. I am going to wager 5 cents for every question they get right. I think I could easily wager more for Brock, but not Reece. He is too dangerous. I could do a quarter for Brock. I probably will. He just doesn't care to do this. The answers go in and out just as fast; they just don't stay.
We tried uneventfully to do some potty training for Zeb. I bought him 6 new pairs of Spongebob underwear. He likes to go sit on the potty and pretend something has happened but thats it. Oh Well. We just will have to keep trying.
We were able to cash in on the gift certificate Duner got for working Valentines day. My mom watched the boys so we could go. She watched them all night. Which meant we were also able to watch a movie at the theater. It's been a while since we were able to to that. We saw Hitch. Good movie. It was cute. We saw a preview for Robots which the kids are already talking about wanting to go see.
We have decided to have a Birthday party for Brock on March 13th. He turns 10 on the 10th but his dad will be in Baton Rouge, LA for a Bowling competition so we are delaying it a bit. No surprise that Brock wants to go bowling. I don't know how many kids will show up but hopefully it will be fun for him. We only do parties every five years because of the expense. When it comes down to it after buying food, supplies, party favors, and the event they really add up. Well, I need to go get them ready for school.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ten Years of Wedded Bliss

I know I swore that Duner was going to HAVE to get me the 3 stone anniversary ring I have been wanting for 5 years, but when it comes down to it, it is just another day on the Calendar. On Valentines day we were officially married for 10 years. What did we do.... Hmmmm. I cleaned the bedrooms in the morning, changed the bed linens, brought laundry down, played with my 2 year old, (who by the way told me I was naughty when I picked up the toys), I took the kids to the dentist, and then out to eat (without the spouse). Why? Because he loves to work. Away from home. Actually it is not the work part so much as it is the money. He works part time at a restaurant. The owner begged him to work Monday night, with the holiday and our 10th anniversary, he must have felt guilty so he gave us a certificate for dinner for 2. So I can't complain. We tried to get one at a fancy expensive resturant in town but he didn't think it was a good idea. Wonder why.?
Well at least I now have 2 walls up in the basement toward our new and improved toyroom for the kids. I guess I can consider that my anniversary gift. Although I did get a nice box of dark Chocolates from Wilmars. I was never in the store before. It wasn't that impressive. I think I was spoiled with Godiva out at the mall. Don't get me wrong the chocolate is great! I just LOVE Godiva. Last year I got a free pound of chocolates for test driving a BMW. Gotta love that!
Must go get the kiddie's to bed , Again!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

The race is about to begin...

We Starting next week I will again be a Soccer mom. Reece starts indoor socccer at the YMCA. Every Saturday for the next 12 weeks we will be bringing him to soccer indoors then starts the outdoor season with the Appleton Soccer Club. Last year he was in Soccer and T-ball. With 2-3 games and 1 practice each week that was a bit much. This year he will only be in Soccer, which he likes more then baseball. Duner *aka Dad* doesn't like it but he feels board with baseball. My husband just loves baseball. He just doesn't understand it.
Speaking of Races, I just love the Amazing Race, but my husband thinks he would like to do it, too. I have thought about trying for it but the rules say you need to have an active passport and be able to fly at your own expense for an interview to LA. Then later for the 2nd interview , you need to be able to be in LA for up to 2 wks (which they pay for your hotel and flight) but you have to pay for your food. And that is all before you are even chosen! If you get picked, big IF!, you will then have to be off work 30-40 days for the show taping! I can see why it sucks to be kicked off one of the first!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Weekend warriors

We are hoping to sell our home in 2-3 years. We have decided to tackle a job about every weekend so we can have it in ship shape for selling. This weekends project will be fixing the low spot in the basement. We have a home that was built in 1915. When it was first built it had a water well in the basement to hold runoff rain water, I am told. Our basement is partically finished. The laundry room and bathroom are finished. We now want to make the 'Rec room' finished. That is why we need to fill in the low area (where the well used to be). Last night I cleaned up and repainted the wall. Today we will mix the cement and level off the area. I hope we have enough time to do this. Our kids are invited to a birthday party for a nephew of ours, we don't know if we are supposed to be there or not. I don't know what time. Hopefully we will be able to get that done, since next week we hope to get the walls up. And hopefully electrical wire in for outlets too.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Getting ready to go home.... (these pics are in reverse) Posted by Hello

I don't want to get wet Dad!!!! Posted by Hello

Dale Jrs Car at Daytona Raceway Posted by Hello

Here Zeb was talking with some people at the pool telling them all about how much he likes it. Posted by Hello

Reece feeding the dolophins... Posted by Hello

Wow, he sees me! Posted by Hello

Zebs favorite Posted by Hello

The kids favorite part.... Posted by Hello

Space man! Posted by Hello

Amish at Kennedy Space Center Posted by Hello

Back from Vacation

Hi All,
Boy did we have a great vacation!
Thursday we went to Kennedy Space Center. We saw lots of alligators and armodillos. It was very interesting, if you go you have to do the bus tour. When we went throught the checkpoint, we were in line behind some amish. How do they know about space exploration? It was neat. I even took a picture.
Friday we started out on the rainy side but we still went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. It was GREAT! I highly recommend the Island of Adventure if you have kids. I had to pull the kids out of Camp Jurassic. They were having so much fun. Camp Jurassic is like a playset at a really big play land made out of rock, cement and rope. There were dark caves, climbing ropes instead of stairs, water guns, water fountation (that if you didn't know they were there you could easily get wet.) Reece went on his first Roller coaster called the flying Unicorn, but since he thinks he will get laughed at for it he calls it the flying Dragon. We also went on Dr Suess Cat in the Hat, Carosel, 1 fish 2 fish, Jurassic Park water boat tour, Posiden's Fury, a very cool spiderman, and the kids went on a scrambler type ride.
Midway thru the day we stopped for a bite to eat. We bought 1 chicken tenders meal and 1 double cheeseburger meal and 2 sodas and it was plenty for 2 adults and 3 kids. That came to 22 dollars. I cant imagine how much money (and food) would go to waste if we ordered one meal for everyone. I wanted to go on a few more rides but my family was too chicken, and with a 2yr old in tow I didn't want to make everyone wait while I went on it myself. Which ended up ok afterall. Just after we left the park I found out that the Incredible Hulk ride got hung up upside down for 4 hours. Which would have been just my luck.
Saturday we went to Universal Studios and back to Islands of Adventure later on. We did Jimmy Neutron, Shrek 4D, Twister (which was a disappointment), Jaws, Men In Black, and a show about how they put on gross make up in horror movies, which was fantastically hilarious!
I wanted to do Earthquake but it was closed for maintnance til the Saturday after we get back.
We finished up later by going to Hard Rock Cafe for Souveniors, and of course Camp Jurassic in Islands of Adventure.
Sunday was Sea World. Very cool, the kids got to feed and pet Stingrays and Dolophins. We watched Shamu (safely out of the Soak Zone.) We saw the budweiser Clydesdales on a stroll with the carriage through the park. Duner had some free beer from Budweiser. I was little cold that day so we bought a sweatshirt for 20.00, which was pretty reasonable.
Monday we went to Daytona Beach Raceway. We took a tour and bought some shirts and soveniors really cheap. We also got to see Dale Jr's actual race car that he won the Daytona 500 with last year! Still had the dirt and confetti on it.
We finished the day by going to Cocoa Beach and walking on the beach, collecting shells and letting the kids freeze there butts off by running in to the ocean. Kind of puts that tsunami thing in perspective.
But all in all , Great trip. I don't care for the state of Florida, they have the longest street lights on earth and tollways every where. I doubt we will go there again anytime soon.