Saturday, September 01, 2012

Life events are strange things..

Life events are strange things... with a blink of an eye they come and go. As I type I am watching a movie called Get Low, about an old recluse that wants to throw a funeral party before he dies so he can hear what people have to say about him.

After yet another emotional roller coaster for me this past month, a co-worker of mine put it best.
This is just a moment, it will past and be just a speck of your life story.
Interesting when you find out that she is going through an extremely rough time herself right now. She has been having to take furlough at work and her husband confessed he cheated on her in June. Twice.

She is the most bubbly, happy and funny person I work with. I had to ask her on a really bad day of mine what her secret is and that is what she told me.

I recently was seeing someone, but we decided to break up. We both need to work on ourselves. I knew it was the best. I still consider him a great friend. My manager from Cleveland just happened to stop by and we got to talking about it. She said "God puts everyone in your life for a purpose. Maybe that was his purpose. Now, it is time to move on." That helped.

I worked for 28 days in August. 3 days off. This weekend, I am lucky enough to get a 3 day weekend right away! And 5 more days during the month.

I am at such an important crossroads for me right now. I am looking at going back to school. I know it will be for business. I would like to work in Health Care administration.

One of my jobs is looking to make me full time. I may be quitting that one instead.

Job A (TH) is 32 hours a week.
Very flexible schedule. I come and go as I want.
My manager works and lives 4 hours away.
I have my own desk.
Less pay and benefits.
No college assistance.

Job B (TCH) is weekends only at 24 hours per week.
Must clock in and out at various times.
Will work 2 out of 3 weekends
Has better pay, benefits and college assistance.

If I would work 40 hours at Job A, then I STILL need to work job B at least one 12 hours shift a week. I will need to pay more for Health insurance, work more hours for less money and have only 1 or 2 days off a week.

If I quit job A: I would only have to work four 12-hour days. Have 3 off a week. I would have my 24 hour weekend roation but I could also pick up hours when I am off to make it 48 hours a week. I would earn at least 8 hours overtime. They are willing to cross train me for CNA and POC (point of care) lab tech. Which will give me more options to pick up hours available.

I currently have 2 dental insurances that are helping to pay for Reece's braces. We would lose about $700 on that benefit. The insurance companies work it so they pay one third up front then make monthly payments until paid. We will still have two other companies to help pay.

I have broken down all the facts and figures. Basically, I need to make a certain amount per hour to make it worth staying with Job A. I am trying to compose a tactful email, since we hardly see each other. She won't be down for two weeks now.

I checked with the government and THEY even say I make less than 50% of the population for my position.

Exciting, but crazy times right now. Oh, and I meet with my son's guidance counselor to discuss applying for college on the 12!

And this was my crazy craft day today... here is what I did today!

These are Flower barrettes I created and l also made a hanger to display them for easy access.

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