Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where did the time go? Opps.
So. I was excited to manage a whole 3 runs in one week!! It felt awesome to get back out at it!

Then I had one of those emotionally taxing weeks... where you use all your energy to breathe alone. Texting and talking to friends. Trying to not freak out, not. very. successfully. It was a very bad week. I hated to hear all about valentines day 'coming up' and all the 'sweethearts'. I was married 17 years ago on Valentines Day. Just not a good time right now, dealing with guilt of a failing marriage and the pity I have for him...

I managed to attend my first CoDA (co-dependents anonymous) meeting. They are much like AA meetings. I was the last person to walk in and quickly found a seat... wouldn't you know... right next to the meeting leader. Go figure.

I managed to break at least one of the 'rules' of the group, but since I was new, it was ok. I felt like a freak when I sat down and probably for most of the meeting, but after got to meet some pretty nice people. I soon felt like I fit in.

They have a 'big book' just like AA and 12 steps, traditions, promises, and prayers. Lots to take in.

I have a crazy busy week at work this week, since I am working 32 hours at the 'new' job for training AND trying to fit in 20 hours from my 'regular' job all in 5 days. Basically I am working from 7am to 6 pm everyday. Thankfully I love my job and my co-workers!

Well, I am beat! Now, time for bed!

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