Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Some Random-ness: An Update

The kiddos seem to be doing okay. Z is the only one that has Stayed over with me. He loves to do it. Probably because of the lack of competition for computer time. Well, this weekend he had some homework time forced in. He had a report on Abe Lincoln to work on and some math difficulties that my friend helped him with. My friend loves math... me? Not so much. Z needs to work on multiplication tables.

Missing assignments: Both Brock and Reece are in need of some attention in the 'missing assignment' department. Thankfully the kids schools email us immediately when they have missing work. I love it. I talked to the kids as soon as I could to get them motivated to work on the work. I told them I will hold on to the PS3 for a few days if they can't get it together.

Cat love: Every other week, I head over to the house in the am and get the kids on the bus while Duner is on Day shift. The cat typically ignored me, but now she comes up to my feet and meows. Not so I pick her up, but just to pet her. Then I normally curl my hair since I have an hour between buses. This past week, everyday, the cat climbs up in the sink and lays down while I curl my hair. She NEVER did that before. Silly girl!

Friendly Visit! My friends, Juls and Ang, are planning a visit! I am so excited. I feel so incredibly blessed to have friends that are willing to drive 8 hrs ONE WAY to visit me!!
With everything going on in my life, I am finding out daily how many great friends I have. Friends that don't judge me. That care about me enough to say "Rachel, you are a mess. I know you can do this." or "you don't need to look to others for your self-worth and yes that is hard." And my favorite "I promise to NEVER give up on you!" Awe, shucks... AND some of my co-workers completely ROCK. I look so forward to spending 6 or 7 days a week with them. <3

Fitness: I am sooooo glad the weather is warmer than normal! It really makes me want to get out there and run/jog! I no longer have a gym membership so I have to do my fitness workouts at home. I am hoping to be able to join another gym soon. I would like to do another triathlon this year and will need the pool for swimming.

My Hospital, aka the new employer, took my picture this week for ANOTHER name badge. Apparently I will have two badges for my work. One for the 'contracted' employee (current position) and one for the 'Hospital' employee. When they take the picture they let you 'yay' or 'nay' the picture. I was shocked when I saw the picture. I looked so skinny. I didn't recognize it. I am so used to my original picture with 15- 20 lbs extra on it. Now, I am still considered 'borderline' overweight, believe it or not, according to the government BMI website. I would also love to lose 10 more lbs to get out of the 'fat girl' division in Triathlon! That would be sweet if I could do that by summer! I work with some great people that are into fitness, in fact, we have a team doing a heartwalk/ run on March 18th. I am seriously considering this event, not sure how much it will cost yet, and IF the budget will allow it.

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