Saturday, October 08, 2011

Count down.

Seventeen years ago I had a friend from England. Katie.

We met in Elementary school. First grade I believe. We became very good friends and stayed friends even when she and her family had to return to the United Kingdom.

Many memories of sleeping over at her big house, dancing to Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney's song 'Say, Say, Say', Phil Collins and Weird Al songs... She had a 'snuggle' bear that she just loved. I loved listening to her family talk. I developed a love a of 'REAL hot tea' and Twix candy bars, which they always had on hand.

She returned to England with her family after the first year of Junior High. Thanks to her Dad's many frequent flyer miles was able to return every summer on her school break. Usually for about 3 weeks at a time. All of her friends took turns hosting her during her stay. We usually had one week with her.

The last time she was her was the Summer of 1993. We had her for 2 weeks. As luck would have it my high school sweetheart, P. also was living with me at my parents house. As I write this as a parent of a 16 year old, I am in awe that they let me do that... Anyway, she spent some time with him and he confessed to 'something' happening... I can't really remember the details, but it was the last time I saw her or really talked to her...

Now, fast forward to 15 years later and thanks to the magic of Facebook, I asked her brother about her and what-do-you-know, we became friends again. Now, she is in DC and I managed to get a ticket to see her for a VERY short visit, but I am very excited to put the past behind us and meet up with her again!

24 hours from now, I will be in route to reconciliation and I can't wait!!

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