Thursday, October 27, 2011

Road Trip! Girls Weekend Chi Town Preview

Tomorrow is another fun trip for me... life has been kinda stressful lately... kids are great but I am looking forward to a trip away to my good friend Dez. Back in 2006 Dez and I trained for our first Triathlon. She dropped 50 lbs training for it and did awesome! Since then, we did a half marathon together and one Olympic distance tri together and a few sprints.
Now the last time we raced together was 2009. She injured her back and has been struggling to move without pain. She has been trying different options to work her way around back surgery... poor thing.
I was venting some to her recently and she suggested we do a girls weekend. I. Am. So. Ready.
So after work tomorrow morning, I will drive to her place near Chi Town for a girls weekend!!
Just got the oil changed, tires rotated, and air filter changed! Now, just got some laundry, and a little packing and woooooo hooooo!!
Can't wait!

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