Sunday, October 02, 2011

Stress Reliever?


My heels are ugly. I admit my feet are not the most pretty thing in the world... in fact, I really feel sorry for the poor people the two whole times I have gotten a pedicure in my life. They had a lot to scrub off! My hubby likes to joke that my heels make great scratching posts.

Also, apparently I run marathons in my sleep. My hubby has told me for a while that my legs 'go crazy' at night. I sleep well. So I just never gave it much thought.... until today.

During the night my foot caught the sheet. A few times. I thought it was strange but went back to sleep. So today I pulled the sheets to toss 'em and low and behold, THIS is what I found...

So, personally, I find this funny, since I really don't have trouble sleeping. I actually feel like I sleep GREAT! I rarely have trouble going to sleep. Yes, some of my life has been a bit stressful lately, but not to the extreme that I have trouble sleeping.

I tried NOT to laugh while reading about 'support groups' for restless leg syndrome (RLS)... one had the tag line 'support for friends or families of RLS patients'. Really? Is it that bad?? Maybe I am just not that bad yet.... but some interesting facts about it I did learn...

  • it occurs in middle aged and older adults
  • stress makes it worse
  • it occurs more often in patients with Peripheral neuropathy, parkinson's, pregnancy, chronic kidney disease, and iron defiency
  • form of RLS may be passed down in families. This may be a factor when symptoms start at a younger age.
  • can result in a decreased quality of sleep (insomnia). This lack of sleep can lead to daytime sleepiness, anxiety or depression, and confusion or slowed thought processes.
  • Usually occur at night when you lie down, or sometimes during the day when you sit for long periods of time

  • May be described as creeping, crawling, aching, pulling, searing, tingling, bubbling, or crawling

  • May last for 1 hour or longer

  • You will feel an irresistible urge to walk or move your legs, which almost always relieves the discomfort. (which I do when I work, from time to time I have to get up and wander though the hospital.)
  • There is 'no treatment' BUT they said warm baths, gentle stretching and MASSAGE can help with symptoms!! I wonder if I could get a WEEKLY massage thanks to my health insurance!! I may just have to check this out! Oh,yeah!!
  • I REALLY THOUGHT this paticular tidbit was interesting....
    If your sleep is severely disrupted, your health care provider may prescribe medications such as Sinemet (an anti-Parkinson's medication), gabapentin and pregabalin, or tranquilizers such as clonazepam. However, these medications may cause daytime sleepiness.
    My Dad has been on Sinemet for a few years now for the anti- Parkinson's benefits. So, makes me wonder if I am heading down the same route as my Dad.
Hey, at least I will be a happy forgetful person! Although, I may not know who I am married to.... but maybe I could still get my weekly massages!!


Grandma Z said...

Try lotion on the feet before bed. wear cotton socks to bed to prevent the lotion gettin on every thing. GZ

Sara said...

I can second the lotion; I use quite a bit during the winter. I'm the opposite...I hardly move at all. In fact, I wake up with my arm or butt asleep from not moving. Bella sleeps next to me during the night and doesn't move until J starts moving.

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