Sunday, November 06, 2011

Weekend Wrap up!

What a great feeling it is to get a bunch of stuff accomplished.

Yesterday I did nothing. Well. I got up at the crack of dawn to head to Morehead, Kentucky with Reece and 20 other kids for a 'Honor Orchestra' concert. It is about 130 miles away. I had to follow the bus on the way there since Reece wanted me to drive, but I didn't exactly know where we were going. I didn't mind, but I like to move faster than the bus did, and at 6:30 am it was tough hangin' back behind a slow bus.
We arrived around 9am, and the group got to business with a director for 2 hours of practice with Violins, Violas, Cellos and Bass's. I got to do what I wanted so I drove to Carter Caves and checked out the Natural Bridge there... who knew they have more than one in Kentucky! It was much smaller and easier to walk to but still cool! Then we met back for lunch at Taco Bell, and at 1pm it was again time to 'practice' until 5pm. Poor Reece. He HARDLY practices at home... I really don't know why we even pay rent for the Cello when he ALWAYS uses the one at school instead... Anyway, We had supper at a local Mc D's. It was supposed to be a Pizza joint but a group of teens wandered off and it took so long to find them that we didn't have time. Major bummer, but then on to the concert!!

(Reece is on the right side by the blue curtain)
The Concert began at 7:30pm that evening and Reece's group played two songs then special guests, the Quartet Cavani was quite captivating to watch. (click on this link to check out a preformance) They preformed two of the longest songs ever (and NEVER turned any music pages) and then they did two shorter songs with the high schoolers. By the time we got out of there and were heading home it was 9pm and we had over 2 hours to drive!! I ALMOST pulled over to nap on the way home I was so tired! Both Reece and I looked like Zombies when we got home and headed directly to bed!

Today, I woke up early thanks to the 'falling back', so I had extra time to get a run in this am! Felt great! I checked the temp... it said 40 degrees. I loaded up 2 shirts, a sweatshirt, mittens, warm 'Tri-Fox' cap, and long pants and headed out. I haven't ran in about 3 weeks, but it felt great. I didn't even bring ANY electronics. No ipod. No watch. No heart rate monitor. Just me. and the cool air. It was wonderful.

Today I unexpectedly had nothing going on, so I attacked a closet (Zeb's) or two (and Reece's), some unsightly walls fixed (spots the builder fixed) , hung a picture (I had since July to hang), brought in my Halloween decor, tossed the pumpkins, cut my entire families hair, straightened up the basement, and finally made it to the store for some much needed supplies!!

Ahhh... now, I can sit here with my feet up and relax... just chillin' and it is only 7pm...

but, the kids are begging me for the 'puter.... so we will see how long this lasts... lol...

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