Friday, November 04, 2011

Chi Town Recap: Walks, Rides and Wines

Where did the week go? Wow!
So, after a crazy busy day at work I hit the road and in about 5 hours I was there! I actually got there early. Dez's place is directly across from a park that is on a river front. Her kitchen and living room windows actually face overlooking the river. Beautiful~ We enjoyed a slow cooked roast and some wine and got caught up on our lives the past two years.

I was asleep by 10:30 pm. (Thanks to the wine, it just puts me to sleep) We were watching a movie and I didn't make it to the end. She actually had to fill me in on the ending. lol.

Saturday Morning we decided we were going to Navy Pier. Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser was celebrating 'National Oatmeal Day' with Quaker and was going to be there that morning. We hopped on a train and road an hour into downtown. Grabbed a cab and arrived too late to see Bob, but it was neat to see the Pier.

We then decided to hit Ed Dubevic's Resturant. When I was in High School we used to head down to Chicago for a musical each year. Our options for lunch were Ed's or a 50's style Mc Donalds. We always chose McD's 'cause we wanted to make sure we had time to shop and get as much in as possible.

Our choir director used to tell us the wait staff were actors making ends meet between jobs. They are sassy and almost rude at times, but all in fun. In fact, I got yelled at for asking for a bag for my leftovers. I was expecting it. He LOUDLY said "SURE LADY, I WILL DROP EVERYTHING AND GET YOUR YOUR BAG, EVEN THOUGH THIS GUY WILL NOT GET HIS BEER RIGHT AWAY". Opps.

After Ed's we hit famous Michigan Ave and some clothing stores. Dez LOVES to shop. She has a good eye for fashion and especially purses. We found a purse store that she absolutely loved. She tried to hit a famous popcorn store called Garretts. We found two different stores, but both had lines that were OUT THE DOOR. Apparently it is good stuff. We didn't stay and wait in line, but that will have to be a priority next visit.

We had more good conversion and wine for the train ride back to her place and hung out. By 9:30 I was heading for bed.

Sunday morning was went for a nice 3 mile walk along the river and through some beautiful parks. I headed out by noon, but not before she showed me her new ride... oh yeah.... sah- weet!

Last year when she had her neck problems she was told she could not ride her triathlon bike, which she absolutely loved, so she bought one that made her doctors happy. She calls her 'Princess'. lol... (the dog is Harley, not the pink one in the basket, but the black and brown one at the bottom of the picture)
All told, it was a fun weekend and will have to do that again in the future!

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