Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksmas or Chrisgiving 2011

Yep. I have mysteriously disappeared for a while... since we are staying in Kentucky for Christmas we combined the holidays for Thanksgiving and came up for a full week.

The kids and I have wandered up to the vast domain of Wisconsin. My homeland. Managed to take in some night life, some family life, a run, a funeral, and a holiday all in the same week. It has kinda been a busy week, but with EXTREMELY limited cell phone reception, it puts a damper on making plans.

I hate to miss calls. What is the point of telling someone to call you if you don't get their call? Sheesh. Somehow I did manage to get calls from the oldest kids school telling me to call them about my 'missing' student... now, either he didn't give them the memo I sent along, or they just miscommunicated... Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they told me to call them about him but I got put on hold so I didn't hang on...I am sure it will be fine.

A friend of mine since WAY back in the day (like early elementary school days) graciously opened her home and gave us free rein of the basement. The kids are set. A fire place, bathroom, fridge, TV and air mattresses.

The kiddos spent much of the week in typical form. On the electronics. *sigh* I managed to dress them up for the funeral, bring two of 'em to breakfast with the grandparents one morning and dragged them to the Thanksgiving meals at both grandparents homes but other than one friend they pretty much just wanted to play on the PS3 or computer.

On Wednesday we headed out for 80's night at a local establishment. It was fun. We met up with some friends and the hubbies. Also, stopped at another place to take in a local band that has a former classmate as a guitarist. He had a cordless bass and was walking the bar and still playing and talking... not sure how he did that. Or, maybe he figured by that hour most people were just to drunk to care... but it was fun too.

Today, being black Friday, I actually avoided the stores. I did stop at 2 of them after 1pm but other than that I just hunkered down at my friends home that we are staying at and chilled out. I didn't even look at the ad's this year!! (much) I tried to avoid them all together. I knew I wouldn't be able to spend much so I figured why bother.

I just finished making sure we have everything packed and will be heading to one last meal with my friends tonight before heading out of town for good. Probably stop by my Mom's one last time before the big ride home... Oh, joy... I just LOVE the long ride. Although, I must admit, it is better to drive it than to be a passenger!

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