Friday, January 20, 2012

In Other News...

So besides the emotional junk here is the latest stuff going on in my life...

I now, well, as of Feb 13th, will have two jobs.

My current wonderful job as a Site Coordinator in an ER dept with the doctors and then soon to be Unit clerk in the same department on the weekends. It is a rotating schedule. I will work 2 twelve hour shifts between Friday's and Sundays. Either 7am or 11 am. No night shifts. Yay! I love sleep.

I also had an interview with Childrens Hospital here in Cincinnati. The sat me in a room and had me complete a test in Word and Excel. Great! I love word and Excel... um, the old versions, I guess.

Wow, I got a quick crash course in the newest version of Microsoft Word by guessing my answers. I think I recovered nicely enough with the new version of Microsoft Excel to actually pass!

Then I had an interview. This paticular day had been extra NASTY to my hair. HUGE gusting winds and a DOWN POUR in the morning always helps ones hair look nice. ha.ha. Overall, it went well. IF, they would decide to proceed with me I would have to interview with the dept manager. That position was 2 eight hour days on Wednesday and Thursdays. That means I would have to cram my 32 hours at my current job into 3+ days a week, AND if they do move me up to 40 hrs a week, I REALLY will be craming it all in. Basically, I am not to keen about working 56 hours in 5 days time... At least with the Unit Clerk position I can share my job with 7 other unit clerks for time off if I need it.

Also, on the kids front... as I was stopped at a light this week, I quickly took a peek at FB. I see a status from my 14 year old saying "School caught on Fire! No School!!"... I quickly called his cell phone to find him at home hanging out. Apparently, someone started a fire in the boys bathroom at school. No Mom, I asked him, he had nothing to do with it. Not even close to the bathroom...
Any how, some kids have all the luck. I never got sent home due to a fire. AND he had no homework, since they all had to leave their supplies in the rooms.

Okay, back to work!

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Grandma Z said...

I knew R had nothing to do w the fire. He is a good boy. I do wish he had put more on facebook. =< but he is just a kid. Love you all much