Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One down, TWO to go!!

So today was the big test and first interview.

The test went great, interview too. Facinating job. I would be trained on reading EKG's for it and would have to watch a 35 bed cardiac unit!!! Scary but fun! Bad part is it would be night shift, but only 2 twelve hour shifts. 7p to 7a. and every 3 rd weekend.

Tomorrow I meet with Nate and Stephanie from my department for our chat, ur, I mean interview. This position is primarily every weekend in some way, but NO NIGHTS. either 7a-7p or 11a-11p on a rotating basis.


Now I have an interview for next Tuesday with Childrens Hospital for a part time Admin Assistant job! So excited. I think the Childrens job is a 'no weekend' position. I think it was 15 -20 hrs a week which would be perfect!

Exciting stuff!

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Grandma Z said...

Waiting for your report on the jobs????