Monday, August 29, 2011

Brock: In a Million Words or Less

So. Child number one.
He was at his baby shower. Like he was born two days before it. He was 4 weeks early. And the longest pregnancy I had.

Brock didn't talk until he was about 3 and a half. Now he tells us that was because he was too busy listening. ha.ha.

He was never "Mr. Social". He was more 'Mr. Awkward'. He preferred to hang out with the adults in Elementary school, instead of the kids. Maybe that paid off since his is one of the brain-i-est kids I know.

He loves science, biology, and all kinds of stuff that my brain doesn't understand. Go ahead and ask him about atoms! HE. loves. Atoms. Biology. Stuff.

Technology is not exactly his thing. Brock has now realized it helps if maybe he CHECKS his email from time to time. Instead of avoiding it 'cause it has too much spam' in it.

He does love his ipod and PS3, mainly Netflix reruns of anything science. Currently he LOVES a show called firefly and is making his way through the Stargate series.

Brock has also informed me that if he would decide to sell his kidney, he would get all the money for it. (??) When I said some people even sell their kids (of course with a smile) he said, "oh, they would send me back. I would annoy them til they bring me back." He must love us. Awe...

He too could care less about his phone. Must be in the genes.

He goes to a local gaming store every Friday night to play Dungeons and Dragons. He will search the house high and low to find change to buy a soda at game night. We have been trying to tell him that MINIMUM wage is WAY over $1 per hour, so maybe he would like to get. a. job. (hint. hint)

Brock wants to be a pharmacist. Reece wants to be a doctor (currently) he said to Brock "Hey, it would be just like it is now! I tell you what to do."

It's a good thing Brock doesn't anger easily.

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